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Design and Renovate Kitchen To look Stylish and Modern

Ideas that Electrify Your Cooking Space

You have decided to try something new in home renovation, and your target is the kitchen. Kitchen renovation ideas are swirling around in your head fast enough to make anyone dizzy. And you have been looking at so many books with kitchen renovation trends, you can taste the ink through your fingers.

modern kitchen

But maybe you haven’t settled on a theme, or perhaps you don’t know where to start. And that is where a kitchen renovation planning tool can help. You can chart everything from your kitchen renovation options to the best kitchen gadgets to put in your newly minted space with the right plan.

Deciding on a Kitchen Renovation Layout

Redoing your kitchen has to start somewhere, and the only logical place is with the scope of the project. Are you gutting it and starting from scratch, or is it just a simple cabinetry overhaul? Will you change the fixtures or keep them? What about the hardware?

Knowing how much is to be done gives you a springboard to get the process going. Then comes picking your kitchen renovation design. What do you like, and what do you want to see five or even ten years from now? Does a quaint French countryside kitchen appeal to you, or maybe kitchen renovations modern homes have these days?

From the Ground Up

The best way to establish continuity is to begin with the lowest areas and work upward. That means it’s time for the kitchen renovation flooring conversation. Clearly, this room gets some traffic, but it also gets some spills, some stains, and some dropped items.

hardwood flooring

Picking the right floor is as much about design aesthetics as it is functionality. You want a floor that can handle the load. A few great flooring choices are:

  1. Hardwoods

The three primary hardwood styles are light, medium, and dark. Each has its positive and negative aspects.



  • This hardwood will not show scratches very easily. For homes with kids and pets, it can’t be beat
  • It makes the room feel bigger


  • Will show stains easily
  • Not great for smaller kitchens



  • Medium flooring fits anywhere, so it doesn’t disrupt the room aesthetics
  • Easy to seal and wash
  • Stressing increases its natural look


  • It is very bland. There is nothing added to the space with medium hardwood
  • Easily scratches and scuffs



  • Fits in larger rooms very nicely
  • Its deep, rich tone adds elegance to a space
  • Doesn’t lighten or warp in sunlight


  • Scratches are very easy to spot
  • Makes a room look smaller, so not great for smaller spaces
  1. Tile

Tile comes in a cadre of materials, each with its own luster and unique quality. The traditional porcelain tile is very popular because it can be fired in many colors, and it is relatively inexpensive compared to marble or travertine. Some tile options are:

  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Travertine
  • Slate
  • Limestone
  • Marble
  • Terra Cotta

Just to name a few

Then there are the other lesser-known possibilities like bamboo, cork, concrete, and painted wood. Of course, if you are intending to splurge more on cabinetry and countertops or kitchen renovation gadgets, something simple like a laminate will work just fine. The only significant drawback is it cannot be sanded down if scuffs appear.

The Midsection

Your combination of countertops and cabinets makes a statement. There are so many woods to choose from for cabinets, and plenty of natural stone options for counters, it is enough to make your head spin. So, instead of concentrating on things like materials, let us talk about color schemes.

If you want to upgrade your kitchen with a dark mystique, any cabinet can be stained to match what you see in your mind. Even a wood as light as maple can be turned ink black with the right stain. But countertops are a little trickier unless you go cheap and do it with Formica, which can also come in many darker shades.

For a lighter touch, white is a great way to go. White cabinets and white marble or concrete countertops look great together. But they will show stains if not tended to quickly. And with the white, backsplashes, your hardware, and even your appliances need to be consistent with the theme. Upside, they are the easier items to match.

Help from Above

Lighting makes the room. Without appropriate lighting, you cannot see the wonder of your new space. And the best lights are 4K. They are white, versus the standard yellow of most bulbs. They are LED, so they burn cool and last a long time. And they are not expensive, so use a few.

granite table

Can lights are still the heavy favorite, but hanging lights in specific spaces can be useful, too, if looking to accent a particular area. And installing lights in places like a pantry or inside your cabinets will definitely give your kitchen the modern feel you want.

A Few Tips for Your Modern Kitchen

You want some tips? We have the kitchen renovation tips you seek. And these will definitely help you punch up your modern kitchen to levels you might have previously overlooked.

  1. Trends over trendy

To adopt a trend is one thing, but to make a trendy kitchen is another, and always a terrible plan. Trends fade into obscurity so fast, most people don’t even realize they disappeared. And if your kitchen is trendy, now you are stuck with a dated space that is barely broken in.

Instead, look to some long-term trends. For decades, linoleum was the flooring of choice for kitchens. Now hardwoods have taken over. They are more attractive, add value to the home, and never go out of style. That is a long-term trend. Attach to those and leave the trendy stuff to the hipsters.

  1. Colors

What is your favorite color? How long has that been? Many modern cooking spaces have incorporated color in new and exciting ways into their themes. Vibrant colors that grab the attention. Significant transitions that capture the imagination.

If you want to add a wow factor to your cooking area, spin the color wheel. If you don’t like the outcome, spin it again. The biggest mistake many people make is not being bold enough.

  1. Splurge on details

Fixtures, hardware, and other simple things can enhance the room with subtlety. So, why not go a little nuts with them. A top-notch faucet system that matches the knobs and drawer pulls on your cabinets can give the room a continuity that is almost too low-key to recognize, but the mind will remember it.

  1. Things looking up

One of the kitchen renovation mistakes many people make is forgetting about the ceiling. It is still part of the room, and as such, should be addressed. For instance, if you have exposed rafters, maybe they can match the rest of the wood, especially if you have a butcher block countertop or island.

They can be used to accent the lighting system or a hanging point for a pot rack that fits into the aesthetic. With so many possibilities, it is not to be overlooked.

  1. Back in black

Most modern homes use decorative devices like steel, glass, and black tones to create a theme. With stainless appliances and a dark marble countertop, black cabinet underlay will give the standard sensation of modern design. The only problem is everyone is doing it.

If you want a modern look but also have some individuality, change it up. Keep the black backdrop but do it with white cabinets for a more monochrome look. Add some checked tiles and keep the stainless appliances, and you still get the modern style, minus the stigma of copying the status quo.

  1. Taking tile to the next level

You know that tile is excellent for floors and sufficient for backsplashes, but have you ever considered a modern mosaic. Using tiles that go with your theme, you can punch up your wall behind the stove or sink in a simple yet decorative way in a variety of styles and sizes.

Conclusion: Creating your perfect, modern cooking space is not the trial by fire many people fear, but it is also not the simple slap-together notion some folks have either. It takes as much time and dedication as any other renovation. The real work comes into making it signature and significant, modern and stylish. To make it your own. Remember that, and you will be in good shape going into it. Have you had any experience in your own kitchen renovation adventure?

Author’s Bio:

Kevin is a content writer for about 3 years. He studied Design and Arts at College in Pennsylvania. A fan of home interior design and, he has taken it upon himself to spread his love for decorating homes by informing people on some of his ideas through his articles.

If you say these to your partner, mean it, otherwise don’t

love-messages-for-a-partnerThe most beautiful feeling is to have a partner by your side. It is quite easy for a person to get into a relationship but at the same time, it is hard for one to maintain it to ensure a long-run relationship and love. We often do not pay attention to what we say and in the process hurt our partners, then fights begin and we get heartbroken. The key part of a long-lasting relationship is to make sure that we know what to say when to say and what not to say.

Therefore, here are the things that one must not say to their significant other so that one doesn’t hurt each other’s feelings. Like I said earlier we do not pay much attention to most of the things, it broadly consists of what we say, and usually whatever e say, we don’t mean, we just say it for the sake of our relationship or because you are too lazy to explain yourself or too lazy to fight. But remember this little laziness might cost you a lot and you might have to pay by losing your relationship and your companion. Therefore, here are the points that you must say to your partner but DON’T if you don’t mean it.

I am sorry

Come one, everyone does this; say sorry even when you don’t have any idea of what’s going on around? But you say sorry because your partner is real mad at you and you just want to end that argument over why your girl/boy states that you pay more attention to your phone than them. But you need to understand this is SERIOUS! You would say sorry, then you repeat the mistake months after and then the past repeats itself time and again.

Rather sit, talk, understand, clarify, and then resolve the issue (believe me, it works). Usually, men believe that girls love fighting and it is only men who say sorry but sorry is not a word the girls want to hear, they rather want you to understand the root cause of the fight and the argument. Once to interpret it correctly, the relationship becomes more mature, clear rather than useless complications aroused now and then.

I will call you back

I get irritated like anything when anyone on the call with me abruptly cuts the call by saying ‘I will call you back in some time’ and then they never call back. One can understand you might be busy but if you cannot call back just admit that you cannot because the other person is genuinely waiting for you to call back. Never say this if you know that you are busy and you would not be able to call back.

There are many alternatives to this. You can just admit that you are occupied and you cannot talk on call. Other than this, you can also say that you will converse on the message only as you are busy. BUT JUST DON’T SAY I WILL CALL BACK WHEN YOU KNOW YOU WON’T!

I will support you in your dreams

Couples claim this more often than they say I love you to each other but you say this and then call your partner 10 times while he/she is studying or working or their dream or you get angry when they don’t call/message you while they are busy in their jobs.

I will always be there for you

You would say this romantically and won’t pick up the phone even if your partner calls you 10 times in a row. We live in a practically impossible world where things happen sometimes against our wishes and we can’t always spare time for our partners due to several reasons; it may be the job, family or a sweet ‘me time’. Therefore, never claim to your partner that you will always be there for them, but be more practical and say, things those are practically possible for both of you like ‘I will try and be available for you in your hard time’

You look beautiful

We as individuals have an opinion on how partners would dress like, look like or be like, but we tend to not mention it because ‘he/she will feel bad’. We have an opinion not either or not your partner should gain/lose weight, dress in a certain way but despite all this, we always compliment even if they don’t look as imagine them. However, this is not good, your partner deserves to know what you think of them; physically and there is a certain to express it. You cannot go and categorically say ‘you are fat’, ‘you are ugly.

Now if you are thinking ‘then what should I say?’ Like I said earlier, there is always a solution to any problem. You can always say, ‘If you lose a little more weight then you will look amazing’, ‘This colour does not suit you’, ‘Your skin has gotten a bit dull, try and drink more water and your facial glow will return’, ‘Formals suit you more’, and things like that. Trust me, your true opinion would help your partner become an even better person and it would also improve your relationship.

The food you cooked is delicious

Believe it or not, we all have lied to your confederate when they cooked last on how the food tasted even if the food was not cooked well enough or contained less salt. But think once how will your partner learn if you would not give them your opinion? Don’t pretend that you extremely loved the food rather share your actual take on the food taste; whether the food was cooked properly, it contained the proper amount of spices and salt or not.

You drive well

That is the lamest one to guess. Mostly in guys’ case, they always say this to their girls whenever they drive. Even if their girls are the most unpredictable drivers, they would never raise a question on their driving skills. Like the above scenarios, how would they learn when you won’t yourself teach them? Teaching them driving even when they know is your responsibility and if you don’t, then you don’t a right to criticize it as well. Try to teach them so that they can also become independent and safe while driving at the same time.

A relationship is a blissful time of a person’s life; don’t destroy it because of these bootless reasons or issues.

When it comes to writing, she believes that the simplest form of words can help build a better opinion in front of people. With this thought, Garima Aggarwal is an aspiring content writer working in the field for the last 2 years. Currently, she is working for TABSCAP. Being from the journalism background, she is passionate to write about topics related to lifestyle, health, and social media marketing.

Is It More Difficult to Get Married A Second Time Around?

second-marriages-pros-consDespite the fact that most people who divorce feel that they have “failed,” 75% remarry with the illusion that the second marriage will be more stable. The principle by which the second marriage is more stable means that you have to commit to having a long-term approach to the relationship, despite the ups and downs or challenges that come with hooking up with a new partner, probably with children involved. 

Second marriages can be complicated if there are varying dynamics involved as is the case with an escort relationship at Escortrankings.uk. Even though it consists of a relationship between two consenting adults, it is one that can become as complicated as a second marriage, especially, if the client keeps returning to the same person for companionship, a sensual experience, or just for a hookup. 

After The Separation

 Separations and divorces increasingly occur at younger ages, and many women are mothers of young children. In many instances, women are left with custody of the children. If they are housewives, once they are divorced, they live on alimony or child support or have to look for a job to take care of their financial needs. So it is very difficult to meet a new partner in that situation. 

Their world does not really change and they may have to find a new partner in the same network of contacts. If they work and are financially independent, children demand attention from them. Therefore, it is very difficult to dedicate time to work, children and themselves, much less a new partner. 

The First Marriage

A first marriage is usually idealized. We know absolutely nothing about that experience because it is something new that attracts us to the unknown, and although some may have lived with their partner in a solid relationship prior to getting married, the actual ceremony and living with each other afterward could be different. 

For some reason, many couples have confirmed that when you go through the marriage rite, it causes something to change between you. You could say that you started an idealised union, with great enthusiasm, expectation, dedication, and trust in the other and in the happy future that you hope to have together but something changed at some point in the relationship.

Knowing What You Want

However, in second marriages, most of the expectations change. You may have already gone through a hard and traumatic emotional breakup, even if you tried to end it in a friendly tone. That is why you should face the new relationship with maturity, realism and a lot of options, but fewer expectations. 

You know what you do not want this time. You know the red lines that you are not going to cross or let others cross. You know how far you are going to give in and what your priorities are. You know exactly what you want for your life and if you do not see these characteristics in the other person, even if you feel some kind of emotion, you may not go through with it so you don’t have another marital failure.

Know the Person

Knowing the person you are going to marry is important to make it work. Many times, people don’t take the time to know each other prior to getting married the first time. The search for the definitive partner can take place as long as you both are clear about “what you are looking for” and you are mature enough including recognising your qualities and your faults. 

It is false to think that you are perfect and that the fault is in your partner, although ultimately finding your better half is nothing more than a real lottery! Therefore, for that reason, the first time around does not have to work as you might have hoped if you are prepared to do what it takes to have a successful union. 

Second and Third

Second and even third marriages were once something movie stars did. Now, multiple marriages are very common these days. Marriage is like a love story for some people, especially those who like the idea of being married. In fact, many people who marry for the first time fall in love with the idea of marriage and not necessarily the partner they are going to get married to. If a first marriage does not work out for whatever reasons, you have the freedom to start over and improve your relationship learning from the first marriage. 

Fix the Mistakes

Everyone is looking for love; whether the first time, second time or third time with a compatible partner. By the time you leave the first relationship and get to the second, you will be more mature, of course, and able to make better choices and possibly get it right on the second try. 

You will be more experienced to do things better in every way. However, you still have to learn how to communicate properly and how to listen to each other. It may be time to confess your own mistakes in the first relationship so you can start a second one doing things differently. 

If you don’t, then you might find yourself divorced again. 

Bear in mind, though, that every partner is going to have a different personality, but for the most part, your partner wants to be respected, treated with love and have good communication. These are three distinct things that make a relationship work. 

Take Your Time

Psychologists agree that a factor that can affect whether a second marriage works or not is the tendency to remarry very quickly, especially on the part of men. This “rush” to start a new relationship prevents people from grieving after the first breakup. It takes some time to overcome trauma and negative experiences from the past, all of which also affect the success of the new relationship. Therefore, if you are not ready for a new relationship, it could end in a divorce, whether it is a first, second, or third marriage. 

Gay dating site: how to make the best choice

Gay dating site- how to make the best choiseHow to make the best choice among gay dating sites description: Every person has a dream about a beautiful, passionate, supportive, and caring relationship. And the best way to get them is with the help of gay dating websites, successfully increasing chances to meet your chosen one.

Just like any new experience is a little different from the previous one, all gay dating is different. Everyone has the opportunity to easily find a person with whom they build fantastic, interesting, and extremely happy relationships. But fairy tales sometimes prefer to stay on the book pages, because anyone can run into a terrible partner who will leave only ruins after a break-up. In most cases, the problem is in too different expectations.

Despite the sympathy that can easily arise between them, opposite points and views make any relationships very unstable. Also, you can simply meet at the wrong time, in the wrong place, and under the wrong circumstances. Perhaps in this case it will be possible to try again, but it usually never works.

This is why dating websites are the best option for gay dating. Online dating has a huge number of advantages. Firstly, in offline dating, it is often not very clear where exactly you can find a homosexual partner. Gay clubs and bars can be an inconvenient place for many people, they worked 20 years ago, but the world has changed a lot since then. On the contrary, gay dating site has a wide audience, so you can choose a potential partner based on your personal criteria and requests.

In addition, gay dating sites provide an opportunity to easily incorporate online dating into your daily life, because not everyone has the time and desire to spend all free evenings at the bar, relying only on ghostly luck. On the website, you can constantly be in a search and still live in a daily routine without violating it. It saves time, emotions, and resources. Also before transferring your dating into an offline world, you can chat for a while, text a little, or use the video chat. This is very convenient for those who find it difficult to start dating because of social anxiety and fear of rejection.

When it comes to gay online dating, it is often not so clear how to choose the right gay dating site from the many options available. There are several things you should take into account because they can help you choose the most comfortable platform. Every dating site should have a number of basic features and include some aspects able to improve your search for true love.

  • User safety. The first thing to look out for when you sign up with a dating site is your own protection. After all, you always use either your email or some other social networks. On your profile, you share information about yourself, and on a gay dating site, there is an opportunity to meet people from whom you would like to hide your profile. In this case, the dating website should be able to protect all of your data from the inside, as well as give you the ability to block those users whom you want to block for one reason or another.
  • Convenient and user-friendly interface. Load the dating site’s home page into your browser, browse through the content, and consider whether the design is comfortable for you. This is extremely important because you will have to spend a sufficient amount of time using this service. The presence of uncomplicated and clear navigation is a massive advantage. Gay dating sites are created to help you find a life partner, so the service should be as pleasant and convenient as possible.
  • A large audience of the dating website. The number, and most importantly, the quality of users is of great importance, if not the main point. This is the part that directly affects how many potential partners you can find according to your requirements and criteria. A good gay dating site has a significant audience around it, which allows users to choose partners based on personal preferences, no matter how specific they are.
  • Profile with a lot of information and a variety of criteria. The more detailed and streamlined the construction of a profile is, the more opportunities the searching algorithms will have to select profiles that match the given criteria. A sufficient amount of detailed information in the profile is a necessity when we are talking about online dating. You expect to see a clear picture of your potential boyfriend right before your eyes. But at the same time, this information should not be empty and useless. Here you need to find the perfect balance that will help you find out all the information you need and not to dig up into something unnecessary.

Choosing the right dating site, especially for gay dating, can be difficult. It is important not to forget that dating should bring you a pleasant time and positive emotions, the opportunity to enjoy communication in search of your future love. A gay dating site serves as a kind of reference point, and your comfort and a chance of finding the perfect partner depend on its choice. Each person deserves love, care, and support, and dating other people allows you to get it. What you are looking for is very close, you just need to open your eyes and go in a search.

5 ways to make your wife happy with you

5 ways to make your wife happy with you


Photo by Git Stephen Gitau from Pexels

After being married for a couple years, many men report feeling a lack of passion in their relationship, that something is missing.

But besides knowing that something is off, men don’t know what the exact problem is nor what to do about it… 

In this article you will learn how to make your wife happy with you so that she wants to be dedicated to you, love you and infuse your marriage with passionate love!

Make your wife happy by following your purpose 

Every woman wants a man that is passionate about his mission in life.

Let me share with you a little known fact: your wife doesn’t want to be number one in your life, she wants your mission in life to be number one!

Here’s how David D. explains it:

A woman sometimes seems to want to be the most important thing in her man’s life. 

However, if she is the most important thing, then she feels her man has made her the number one priority and is not fully dedicated or directed to divine growth and service. 

She will feel her man’s dependence on her for his happiness, and this will make her feel smothered by his neediness and clinging. 

A woman really wants her man to be totally dedicated to his highest purpose—and also to love her fully. 

Although she would never admit it, she wants to feel that her man would be willing to sacrifice their relationship for the sake of his highest purpose.

The more purposeful you are in your life, the more your wife will desire you, but how can you find your purpose?

  1. Learn about great people and what they did and see if anything gets you especially excited
  2. Find a talent that you have that can make other people happier
  3. Find time every day to inspire people

And if none of these ideas spark passionate thoughts in your head, just start doing anything and ideas will start popping up in your head.

Make your wife happy by working out

Most men stop going to the gym after being married for a number of years, but you can’t fall into thit trap because you know that your wife wants you to be ripped.

If you’re overweight, that’s OK. Just start by jogging every day and eating slightly less. 

Once you get past that, start doing basic calisthenic exercises or go to a gym so that you build up your upper body and get that sexy, masculine look.

But the key is to be consistent. Going every day no matter what creates transformation, not 5 times a month!

But once you are muscular, make sure to demonstrate your strength too! 

  1. Pick her up with one arm
  2. Pin her against the wall and kiss her
  3. Wrestle with her playfully 

Now that you’re on your purpose and building muscle, you’re ready for step 3… 

Make your wife happy by increasing your confidence

How to ugly guys get hot girlfriends?

How do short guys bang 9’s and 10’s?

How do broke guys get married to smoking hot chicks?

The answer is: confidence. 

Because ultimately, confidence is what attracts any girl.

If you want to rekindle that passionate love with your wife, you must increase your level of confidence (and competence) by consistently challenging your fears.

Here’s what I mean:

  1. Find an open mike club and crack some jokes
  2. Join public speaking clubs
  3. Try rejection therapy/ social freedom exercises 

Bottom line: any fear that is unnecessary, take daily action to eliminate it.

Learn how to turn her on

Knowing how to get your wife horny is another crucial step to maintaining a happy marriage. Thankfully it’s a lot simpler than most guys make it!

Here’s a couple of good steps to get her totally turned on and aroused:

  1. Text her sexual compliments
  2. Try the BDSM lifestyle 
  3. Make sure to caress her where she loves it
  4. Give her nice 30 second long wet kisses
  5. Watch the right movies together (for example, Blue is The Warmest Color)

But of course, each girl is different so instead of learning how women respond in general, ask your wife what she loves the most.

Show your wife surprise love

You really want her to be crazy in love with you? Show her passionate, unexpected love. Here are some examples:

If she’s in a bad mood, sweep in, pick her up and kiss her passionately for at least a 30 seconds and once you’re done, give her a big hug until she has a big smile.

If she’s mindlessly browning social media while lying down, jump on her, pin her down and get kinky! (Sometimes, no foreplay is better.)

If she’s bored as hell, take her out for the date of her life and develop an even closer emotional connection. Surprise dates can be the best dates!

One word of caution: everyone has their own love language so make sure to show your wife love the way she wants it.

Does she feel loved when you give her a big hug? Then give her more physical touch.

Does she feel loved when you tell her how much you love her? Then give her more words of affirmation.

Does she feel loved when you have an intimate date together? Then give her more quality time.

Find her love language and give her as much love as you have!


Don’t read this article and imagine that your marriage will now be perfect.

Every marriage will have it’s occasional hiccups, but that shouldn’t stop you from making it as good as you can!

So here’s what you need to do: continuously learn about relationships and what makes them work. 

  • Join online forums 
  • Read marriage books
  • Find a good course on making your wife happy
  • Get yourself a mentor or a role model so that you know exactly what you need to do in each situation 

But there’s one last crucial point you can’t miss: real transformations take time. 

I get it: reading this article took you 2 minutes. But if you want to see real world results, you need to be patient. 

And I mean really patient.

It may take months, it may take years, but as long as you take consistent action and focus on your goal, you will see results!

Good luck

Love Puzzle: How to Find Out If You are Compatible with Your Partner in the Initial Stages of Dating?

Dating can be stressful – you’re forced to interact with strangers, and you may often feel like you’re being interrogated or put on the spot. Even when you meet someone you like, how can you tell if your relationship is the real deal? Are you and your partner, really, compatible, or are you just wrapped up in the love bubble? Luckily, dating experts have come up with some sure-fire ways to gauge long term relationship compatibility. From simple things, like sharing a sense of humor or matching life goals, there are many ways to spot a relationship that is likely to last. Looking for lasting love while in the early stages of dating? Here’s our list of the top 6 compatibility traits!

You Laugh Together

Couple Laughing
Studies have shown that couples who share a similar sense of humor are more likely to exhibit long term compatibility than those who do not. Luckily, humor compatibility is something you can usually sense quite early on, while you’re still in the early stages of dating. If you’re wondering why dating is important, think of it like this – those first few dates are your chance to suss out how you feel with your partner. If you find yourself laughing together during these early encounters, this is probably a great sign for long term love. If you find that your jokes fall on stony silence (or your partner’s humor makes you cringe), imagine having to feel this way for the rest of your life. 

Relationship experts believe that couples who laugh together have a higher chance of weathering painful or stressful situations. Being able to laugh together, release tension, and support your ability to resolve conflict in healthy ways. This bodes well, both for those awkward early stages of dating and problems that arise down the road.  

You Have Similar Life Goals

Holding HandsIn the honeymoon stages of dating, it’s easy to disregard differences of taste and opinion – especially when you’re super attracted. However, when dating goes too fast, it can be difficult to work out whether you’re compatible or infatuated. Dating is like anything new – at first, you see your partner through rose-tinted glasses and find everything adorable. However, as time goes by, the cracks will start to show unless you and your partner share some fundamental compatibility traits. 

One marker of a truly promising relationship is if you and your partner share similar life goals and like to spend your time in similar ways. Although people may superficially get along great, most people have certain foundational goals and beliefs that shape who they and what they want out of life. Generally, successful couples are couples who have their priorities in the same place. Although everyone loves the fun, flirty stages of dating, if you’re serious about your partner, you might want to ask the big questions sooner than you think.

There’s Undeniable Attraction 

Even if your partner is not your usual physical type, if you’re genuinely compatible, you’ll feel physically attracted to them, nonetheless. The sexual attraction isn’t always instantaneous, but if your relationship goes the distance, there will usually be some spark there. If you’re in the first stages of dating in person, it’s easy to tell whether you and your partner have chemistry. However, with more and more people dating online, this changes things. 

Dating online is a great way to meet people outside your usual circle. It can also be a great way to start dating for introverts as it takes off some of the social pressure of going out in public with a stranger. You can arrange a date in the comfort of your own home, and you can spend time talking and getting to know your new partner. Dating online has also experienced a resurgence as new couples navigate dating and COVID. With couples unable to meet in person, single people have embraced the online dating world. If you’re wondering what dating sites are free, check out a list of the best online dating sites and pick one tailored to your relationship needs. 

You Feel Listened To

When you’re in the first stages of dating, one of the top dating tips for women often given out by relationship experts is to look for a partner who listens. This tip works both ways. Divorce counselors cite dismissive behavior, or stonewalling, as one of the number one contributing factors for divorce among long term couples. Stonewalling is when one partner blocks out or sneers at the other person’s attempts to communicate. A major complaint from partners who have been stonewalled is that they don’t feel listened to or judged in their relationship. Thankfully, it’s relatively easy to spot a good listener while in the early stages of dating! If you’re dating someone who makes you feel heard and accepted, then you’re likely on route to build a long-lasting relationship.

You Feel Comfortable With Your Partner 

Dating blogs will consistently tell you that, in good relationships, your partner will be your best friend. Furthermore, anyone in a happy relationship will tell you that they feel comfortable with their partner. Healthy couples often report feeling ‘at home’ with each other, and frequently state that they felt this way even from the beginning stages of dating. Sometimes, when dating, you’ll be overwhelmed by the feeling that you can say anything with your partner, and they won’t judge you. If they reciprocate these feelings, chances are you’ll both be in it for the long haul. Moving too fast in the early stages of dating can lead to heartbreak. However, when dating moves too fast, it is sometimes a sign of serious compatibility. If you feel like you can be yourself with your partner, try not to overthink things. The pace at which you move depends on your unique relationship.

You Show Up For Each Other 

Man and Woman Hugging Each Other
One of the most crucial dating tips for men and women is to find someone who will be there for them. Usually, in the honeymoon stages of dating someone, things are casual, and you don’t rely heavily on their support. What if things changed, though? Say a serious life event occurs out of the blue – would you turn to your partner for support, or would you be afraid to scare them off? If you answered the latter, you might want to reconsider your choice if your goal is lasting love. Your partner is your support network and should be there to hold your hand as you move into the later dating stages. 

Final Call: How did you know that your partner was the one? Are you single and looking for new ways to navigate the dating scene? What are some of your experiences dating? Share your comments with our readers!

Author’s bio:  

Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in relation and psychology area. Miranda is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general. She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking.

Home Decor

6 Home Decors For A Couple Living Together

Who doesn’t need a revitalization into their home? Like anything else in our life, to see their old home in a new dress and bringing in new ideas seems to be very typical. It is the core factor affecting all or most of the physical and psychological behavior carried out on or by all of us.

Once the house is very beautifully decorated, the endeavor to deliver success and happiness would indeed be a successful thing. It may have a substantial effect on the way we believe. Once we’re filled with beautiful stuff, our imaginative mindset is, especially for couples who are starting to build a life together.

With that being said, here are some very imaginative, 21st century home decor ideas here for you:

Couple Bobbleheads

First on our list is an unusual yet sits in the top tier of personalized items. If you want a thoughtful and sweet remembrance for your anniversary, consider presenting this as a gift.

Bobbleheads are mini figures usually made to depict famous TV characters, superheroes, celebrities, athletes and other popular personalities. Now, even an ordinary individual can have a miniature of himself and his partner. To make everything sound more interesting, it’s incredibly easy to find and they are surprisingly affordable. Check Cheap Bobbleheads website to for more details.

Fotofalls Floor Standing Photo

Existence can be registered and recorded from the first smiles to the first moves, to the first dates. Photography captures personal communication, which would otherwise forever be lost. This steel plated wire with a weighted metal base is one of the things that you need to have in a home as it will preserve new and old memories with your loved ones. This can hold up your photo together as much as you can. It won’t take a lot of space as you can easily put it in the corner of the house. All the photos will put together in one place in a decorative way. Furthermore, you can also put some memo’s or love letters for your loved one in a cheesy and extra way.

Sofa or Couch Storage

Whether you’re trying to conserve space in a one-bed flat or would like to store all of the stuff which comes with a family somewhere, selecting a storage sofa is an intelligent way that can save room plus maximizing the usage of it. Storage will make the smallest of areas fun to stay in, from somewhere else to fill the cushions and throws in the summer, to cut out the need for other bulkier pieces.

There is nothing quite relaxing like curling up with a book on the sofa, watching your favorite Netflix series together, or just chit-chatting with each other, so why not combine all of these? You can enjoy having a conversation with the love of your life while maximizing the space that your home has. You can put all your favorite books or your lover’s favorite PlayStation CDs inside a sofa even without sacrificing the beauty of it and can store your custom wedding bobbleheads.

In the end, the best thing about a storage sofa is that you must close the compartment to keep any clutter away from visitors’ or guests’ eyes. This means that when the doorbell rings, you don’t have to feel embarrassed because, in seconds, you can tuck everything away neatly.

Hexagon Mirror Wall

Tired of having a plain wall or having repainting the walls because of its dirt? Worry no more! A hexagon mirror wall is a must. It offers well decorative with its hexagon design plus you can check and have a beautiful mirror photo together. The decorative mirror stickers can be quickly placed and removed as they can’t be used for decoration as actual mirrors. Advisable for all kinds of DIY projects, handicrafts, home improvement, furniture design, this adhesive mirror sheet collection is just what you need to create the illusion of a broader internal environment!

These tiles do not represent the picture accurately and are not meant to replace the actual glass mirrors. With all these mirror stickers for walls, which are safer than classic mirrors, enjoy a secured environment for you and your future kids.

Indoor Plants

Aside from this, a furniture creates an environmental and relaxing environment at home! An indoor plant is a must-have. It absorbs carbon dioxide and keeps oxygen flowing, cleans the air by eliminating toxins, helps to prevent disease, calm nerves and reduce anxiety, establishes a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere, while still eventually helping you to work more effectively by improving concentration, enhanced interest, cognitive flexibility, higher productivity, and improved overall well-being.

The air-purifying and filtering properties of indoor plants eventually cultivate a safer, happier atmosphere for work and living. This may seem much further-fetched that greenery would have such a beneficial impact on everything as easy and essential in our everyday lives, but the results and smiles speak for themselves. Having witnessed the joy of either a living tree like a vast Bamboo Palm will help encourage friends heading into some kind of main room it occupies, or the quiet sleep of a Snake Plant, Peace Lily, or a Spider Plant in a bedroom. The benefits of indoor plants are of vital importance for better indoor environments. The importance of a safe working and living environment is so essential, even NASA has carried out a study on clean air and even how certain indoor plants can work together to achieve this.

Classy Lampshades

Be extra romantic at night with lampshades! This will help you enjoy sleeping together with a tiny amount of light coming from it. First of all, it serves as a “shield” between both the light bulb and you, shielding your eyes. This controls and positions the light as a light source or for viewing, depending on your preferences. By adding color and style to your base, it’s also a decorative element to consider when designing your interior. Whether you’re trying to do something which could even modify the mood of your surrounding areas rapidly and effortlessly, then maybe you can choose a clip-on lamp shade. No one expects to spend that much time fitting a tone in a busy world like today. Thus, you have to reach out and find lamp shades for your home and never overlook their purpose.

It is important to choose the correct lamp shades for your home that offer the appropriate perspective and properly light the room. There are plenty of types and designs out there to suit every need no matter what you’re looking for. Some of them can be personalized to match your exact taste too. You will feel confident above anything else and be able to afford whatever you decide.


A Groom’s Guide to Looking Great: 4 Tips to Look Your Best

Your wedding is coming up and you don’t really know which steps to take to look your absolute best? Look no further because we’re here to help you out! Here is a super useful groom’s guide to looking great on your big day, so keep on reading, check it out, and get down to business right away!

First of all, make your skin look great

Improving your skincare routine is one of the most important tasks before the wedding, so make sure not to skip it under any circumstances. Needless to say, the first thing you should do is to embrace healthy eating habits. It means that you should stay away from unhealthy junk foods that can cause inflammation and wreak havoc on your skin. Sufficient water intake is also crucial, as well as updating your skincare routine. For example, dry and flaky skin looks very unflattering, so switch to a thicker moisturiser that’ll keep your skin hydrated all day long. On the other hand, if your skin is naturally oily, you should definitely opt for serums that can quickly absorb into the skin. However, if you can’t figure out what to do, ask a skincare specialist and you won’t make a mistake!

Work out regularly, without any exceptions

A lot of guys say that staying in shape is one of the most vital steps of wedding preparations, and you know what? We completely agree with this claim, which is why you should come up with a workout routine at least six months before the big day. It doesn’t matter what type of exercises you prefer, as long as you’re doing your best to stay fit and physically active. Of course, your workouts should be more intense if you want to lose some weight, so be sure to incorporate both cardio and strength workouts into your routine. Cycling is also a fantastic choice – especially if you have problems with your knees or joints, as this is a low-impact activity that won’t put additional pressure on those areas. Just find activities that suit your needs and current fitness levels in the best possible way and you’ll do a great job!

Figure out what you want to do with your hair

Even though many men don’t really pay attention to their hair, the truth is that your hairstyle will inevitably play a huge role in your final look. After all, it’s your wedding, so make sure to take care of every little detail that contributes to the overall look! First of all, you should schedule an appointment with your barber at least 2-3 days before the wedding, so that you get a fresh haircut a few days in advance. When it comes to styling your hair, there are several products you should take into consideration. The first one is hair wax which can keep the unruly hairs in place, which is essential on such an important occasion. If that’s what you need, buy the best hair wax that will give your hair structure while keeping it nourished at the same time. Besides wax, you can use some hairspray, too. It’ll give your hairstyle extra hold and help it stay intact all day and all night, so don’t skip it and you’ll see what we were talking about!

Tame your facial hair

Your grooming routine shouldn’t include your hair only – it should incorporate your facial hair as well! This means that you should take proper care of your beard, moustache, and even eyebrows, so that every single hair looks flawless and has its own place. Of course, you can do it all by yourself, but you know what? You should better leave it to the barber so that you can completely relax and reduce the risk of messing up or cutting yourself because you’re in a hurry. Trust us when we say that it’ll do the trick. Speaking of your eyebrows, you can always see an aesthetician for a wax or threading a few days before the wedding. Tidy brows truly make a huge difference, so you won’t go wrong if you decide to make it happen!


As you can tell, there are many steps every groom-to-be should take in order to look amazing at his own wedding. These four are the most essential ones out there, so be sure to bear them in mind if you want to look your best on the most important day of your life. If that’s your top priority, just stick to our tips and you’ll do a fantastic job, without a shadow of a doubt!



Are You Helping Environment Check Your Brand?

Today every other person is talking about vegan or cruelty-free products but do you know what exactly it is about? Well, cruelty-free is a word which is used for those products and its ingredients and formulations that are not tested on animals at any stage at the time of product development and manufacturing. Everyone is aware of a fact that cosmetics do use this process but have you ever thought about your household cleaning products? Are they tested or not? Well yes, they are. It’s absolutely fine if you were not aware of this fact but now when you are and would like to switch to such products and also are eager to know how to identify them look for these points.

1. Look for the”FAIR TRADE”markandlabels

If your underwear brand labels ” fair trade ” that means your company make the clothing without disrespecting the right of farmers and production workers.Though few companies take the advantage of production workers during the process of harvesting as well as while trading off their products to the companies and also while you are signing up for the job which you might not realise.

2. Go for tags in case you are unable to spot labels.

If you want to look whether the product which you are about the pick is tested on animals or not do check the labels if it doesn’t have one go ahead with tags. if it doesn’t have one that’s doesn’t mean it’s not the ethical one, might be because it directly works with makers and could be an artisan brand. Even if you have any sort of queries don’t feel shy in asking questions to the business owner.

3. Bunny logo on packaging

The bunny logo is one of the easiest ways to know whether the product is cruelty-free or not. You may easily find it on the back of products or labels. But this method comes with limitations as well such as companies have to pay license and then use one of three certified bunny logos which represents the company as cruelty-free and is capable of meeting all the standard yet they might not be able to afford to pay and use the logo on their packaging.

4. List down all the brands which are considered under this list.

Another way of looking at whether your brand is not harming your pet is by doing a little bit of online research. This is even good for companies as they don’t have to pay a handsome amount to be on the list. Though they still need to meet all of the cruelty-free standards to be on the list it still cheaper than purchasing a bunny logo for yourself.

Though it sounds as ” one of the perfect ones” but still it comes with few limitations such as brutality free confirmations have various principles so you should discover an association that you concur with and you’ll regularly locate that every savagery free rundown will highlight various brands from each other.

5. Take advice from Cruelty-Free Expert or Blogger.

Another way of finding the product which is not harsh on animals is by consulting a beauty expert or a blogger as they do most of the work of emailing companies and cross-referencing cruelty-free lists. You can either follow them, tweet them or directly message them and then share your cruelty-free list and then you both can have a small conversation with them.

But before you go ahead with this option make sure you are trusting the right person as making a blog is not a big thing these days

Cruelty-free underwear brands

1. Body

Boody is an eco-conscious label that craft comfortable underwear from organic bamboo and Oeko-tex 100 for men as well for women just to have a non-toxic chemical process. Boody holds worldwide responsible accredited production certificate i.e. it independently audits factories just to be sure that they are safe, treat workers with respect and no infringements on labour rights such as child labour and environmental regulations.

Boody offers all styles of underwear such as classic bikini, boyleg briefs, Brazilian bikini, midi brief, mens g-string and hipster bikini and its maximum styles are available in three colours, black, white and nude. Whereas they do have boxers, trunks and briefs for men ranging from size small to Xlarge

Mens underwear comes in three styles: men’s boxers, trunk and mens brief. Men’s size range from Small to Xlarge. Its standard shipping charges within Australia is $8.95 and free shipping on orders over $60. They ship worldwide.

2.    WAMA Underwear

After Boody, WAMA is another leading underwear brand which manufacturer comfy hemp undies for men as well as for women with a blend of 53% hemp, 44% organic cotton and 3% spandex for stretch. WAMA is also an official PETA-Vegan approved brand, which we guess is music for all animal lovers. This brand offers styles such as hipster or bikini to women ranging from sizes XS-2XL whereas for men they have styles such as mens boxer brief and trunks ranging from S-3XL. Their price range starts from $20 for women’s underwear and $24 for men’s.

3.    Everlane

Everlane is a popular American ethical fashion label which is known for its commitment towards “Radical transparency” during the supply chain. They believe in manufacturing comfortable lingerie for both the genders at an affordable price in high-quality ‘Supima’ cotton. For women, they have underwear styles such as bikini, hipster, thongs and high rise hipster ranging between XXS-XL and for men they have underwear styles such as boxer brief ranging between sizes XS-XL. Well, lingerie for women has been ranged from $12 (AUD 15.45) and men’s at $18 (AUD 23.18). Everlane ship worldwide.

4. Thunderpants

Thunderpants is a New Zealand based lingerie brand which is a family-owned and was operated company that has been producing underwear for women, men and children since 1995! This ethical and cruelty-free brand uses certified organic cotton for designing their lingerie as they care for your bums as well as this planet. For women out there they have lingerie styles such as hipster, original (full-brief style), and boyleg boxer which is available in different colours and cool prints in almost all the sizes hence you don’t have to be worried in that case as their size chart ranges between XS-XXL. For male populace, they have two styles original and boxer which are available in various colours and fun prints and their size ranges from S-XL.

Well, prices for women’s lingerie start at NZ $28 ($20.54). Men’s undies start at $32 (USD$23.48). If you are a New Zealand citizen so you will receive the parcel at a flat rate of $6 and they are open for worldwide shipping as well.

5.    TomboyX

TomboyX’s cool, funky designs are what makes it popular among men as well as women made. This lingerie brand is using eco-conscious manufacturing processes. Their lingerie is crafted in cotton or eco-friendlier fabric such as micro modal. They do have plus size underwear. Whether you are female or male you can grab styles such as bikini, briefs and boyshorts. Their prices start at USD 18 (AUD $23). Shopping from any corner of the world is possible as they are open for international shipping.

Cruelty-free cosmetics.

  1. Bare Minerals

Bare minerals is a cruelty-free make up brand which doesn’t contain any preservatives, oils, fragrances or damaging chemicals. This brand has just launched Gen nude collection which includes nude lip shades including liquid lipsticks and lip liners for every skin tones from fair to dark just to make the brand more inclusive. They also promise clean beauty.

  1. Illamasqua

Illamasqua is leading cruelty-free cosmetic brand which includes lipstick to liquid liners. The best part of this brand is it belives in transparency hence you will be able to know everything about them from sources to the process of manufacturing and how are their products tested. Every month they come up Instagram worthy buys in which lot most of the bloggers, celebrities, make up artist, beauty editors take part to encourage more people about cruelty-free products.

  1. The Fenty Effect

Rihanna’s Fenty Effect came up with an incredible 40 foundation shades and you will be surprised to know that the whole range is cruelty-free. One of his twitter fan before the launch asked her whether her brand is going to be cruelty-free well Riri came up with a badass reply ‘you calling me an animal?’. Enough said Riri.

  1. The Urban Decay

The Urban Decay have come up with an iconic naked Palette which is capable of breaking the internet every time it gets launched. Besides that, they even have glitter-filled moondust eyeshadows. You will be amazed to know that even their brushes are not tested on poor animals.

gift ring

Design Your Own Ring with Some Useful Tips

Design your own ring for an unique personal style of ring. Any rings can be designed customarily by yourself to be original rings. Dazzle your schoolmates with your own personal unique design of class ring. Make your love fall in love with you all over again by surprising him or her with your vintage personal design of antique  engagement ring or ring. You can also make your best friend or friends be touched by giving them rings that you designed personally for them as birthday gifts or just friendship gifts. Whatever the occasion is, custom designed rings would never be out of fashion.

How to design your own ring

design ringWith the advanced of technology, it is now easy to design your own ring. A lot of software is now available to make your unique design of ring look real in 3D. In fact, many websites about jewelry now provides such software online so that you do not need to purchase or download and install the software. You can have fun designing your own personalized rings online on those websites. Or, you can draw your unique designs of rings on paper. Draw one inch wide and 3.5 inches long of a rectangle. This rectangle is a ring when it is cut and flattened.

When designing your own ring, it is important to draw the gemstones and patterns. Consider the types of gemstones you would like to be embedded on the rings. There is a lot of gemstones to choose such as diamond, ruby, pearl, jade, etc to decorate the rings in order to make the rings more luxurious. You can design your own ring by your own personalized motifs and patterns. Plenty possibilities of motifs and patterns make it easier to customized your own rings. Make a lot of ring designs to provide a lot of choices. It is best to make the various designs of ring in different times to avoid drawing similar patterns or motifs. Pick one design of your own that you think is the best looking to be made into real ring.

Start by imagining the two parts of a ring – the stone and the establishment – and began to draw or write the details. Determine what equipment you want in your ring and you’re well on your way to the ring are considered. However, if you design your own ring, it should fit your style and your personality. You also need to ensure that it meets your pocket. A unique style is one that fills all of these rings and the match with your partner. To design your own ring, you might consider going for diamonds if your budget allows, also, or choose a cheap ring.


The first step is to decide what kind of rocks are in the ring, how many there are, and their relative size. Then you must choose the right diamond to fit your settings. Common diamond cut shapes are: round, pear, emerald, princess, marquise, oval, radiant, heart and Asscher.

You will probably need time just to learn all the attributes of the diamond shapes of various sizes. Of course you can always choose to buy the upgrade online and then take it to your local jeweler for a diamond made. Diamonds are the most common, but the engagement ring you may have other gems. Rubies, pearls, emeralds, sapphires and can add special meaning.

Some questions to consider when choosing a stone: Are you a loner or a single central stone surrounded by small stones? If the problem is cost, which is more important: the size of the stones being or quality? Do you want a diamond, a combination of diamonds and other precious stones, diamonds or not? How can they be regulated? It looks to sketch how the stones would be configured and labeling, by type.


You can choose from several types of metal and quality for your ring. Each has unique features and appearance. White or yellow gold (14 karat or 18) are common choices, such as platinum and silver. Titanium is also a viable option. If you are unfamiliar with the differences in appearance and quality, take a trip to the mall or the nearest jewelry store. Note the end of each and how it captures the light.

Another feature to consider is the size and shape creation. It should reflect the bride’s personal style. Also consider the size of the hand and balance. A large ring can overwhelm small hands. In contrast, large hands may reduce a small ring.

Ensuring the quality of

It helps to know something about the quality before ordering a custom ringtone (or other piece of jewelry, for that matter). Familiarize yourself with the 4 C’s of diamond quality: carat, color, clarity and cut. Rates should depend on the quality of each attribute. Unless you know the jewelry store, do not take the words on it. Independent laboratory, such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA, gia.edu), individual grade diamonds. You must be in writing and furnished with a certificate detailing the unique characteristics and quality assessment. Most online retailers provide a list of online services and supplies custom diamond certificate scan results, so you know exactly what you get.

Making the best ring after you design your own ring

draw designAfter you pick the best ring design of your own, you can bring the ring alive by taking the design to a jeweler, jewelry artist, or jewelry store. It is better to do research first after you design your own ring to get the best jeweler to make your ring. Great design of ring would be a waste if it is not made by a great jeweler. Most jewelry stores usually have their own jewelers. But not every jeweler has the same high level of jewelry skills. Some of them are only great at craftsmanship of the jewelry. But some others also have artistic sense in them to make the jewelry more beautiful.

In choosing the best jeweler to make your rings, it is best to get to know the jeweler first. You can ask to see their done work to determine their skill. The best way to do this is by coming to jewelry galleries or jewelry stores where their creation of jewelry is displayed. If you are pleased if the jeweler’s work, hire him or her to bring your design alive. You can get a personalized unique ring if you design your own ring.

Where to shop

Now you know what you want, where do you buy? Chances are that a local jewelry store can make custom ringtones. But space is not just your choice. Many online jewelry stores offering washing machines and ships worldwide. Some simply assemble and deliver the ring to a variety of settings and stones inventoried. Others take a more personal by making sketches or prints of the photographs or detailed descriptions of what you have in mind. They then make a ring with the approved design. Look for the “custom engagement ring” or “design your own ring” to find online sellers.

That’s it. How to design your own ring of your dreams!

Customize the design wherever possible. You can imagine the innovative message or symbol, and get those engraved on your ring.

Combining your favorite color or birth is also a good idea when you are out of design your own ring. Consult a friend or jewelry is known for some advice in this regard.

Your amazing designer! You are not bound by what others think you will like it. So go ahead and feel free to design your own ring. No one else to please but you. It symbolizes the union of two bodies and two souls. It binds the couple with the power of love and solidarity. An alliance of the cries of the finger, “this is mine”, or “beautiful woman was his beloved wife.”