Qualities to look for in your Partner

1. Maturity:

Qualities to look for in your Partner

Qualities to look for in your Partner

Marriage is NOT for boys BUT for men and women. MATURITY is one important quality you need to look for in your life partner. She/he should be mentally prepared to take on responsibilities of a family and should be capable of taking independent decisions at the time of crisis. Physical, emotional and intellectual maturity can be termed as ingredients that will lead to the stability of a relationship in the future. Maturity makes a person teachable. Only emotionally matured person can say I AM SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE, YOU ARE RIGHT, I AM WRONG…

2. Good Family Background:

This is of utmost importance and can’t be ignored, as marriage is not just the coming together of two individuals but two families. Religion, culture, traditions and values play an important role when it comes to marriage and living under the same roof. A rift can occur and scar the relationship forever if even one of the two families is too rigid or too broad-minded.

3. Financial Stability:

Your partner should have a stable income. What if one of you lose your job, or business due to some reason after marriage? So, it’s important that both of you are equally stable. You don’t have to feel uncomfortable discussing money matters ahead of time. A jobless and homeless man should never ever propose to a woman. To women, must you depend on your husband to buy a sanitary pad or a pack of Indomie noddle?

4. Emotional Compatibility and much more:

Be it, good personal hygiene, adjusting nature, physical and emotional compatibility, etc these are all important factors that determine the success of a marriage. Mutual trust and respect helps you share things openly, as a couple. Also, ease of communication leads to a long-lasting relationship, which in turn helps you to resolve the issues in a mature manner.

5. Moral Fairness:

Never be confused with jargons of BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN or GOD FEARING PERSON. Look beyond spending hours in the church and speaking in tongues and praying like Elijah. What is the true character? How is the person relating with other human beings? Never run after Pastors, priests, prophets to help you know your life partner. Ask questions to the person and carry out a background search and be convinced in your heart that he or she truly loves you. Never marry a person you are not in love with.

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