If you say these to your partner, mean it, otherwise don’t

love-messages-for-a-partnerThe most beautiful feeling is to have a partner by your side. It is quite easy for a person to get into a relationship but at the same time, it is hard for one to maintain it to ensure a long-run relationship and love. We often do not pay attention to what we say and in the process hurt our partners, then fights begin and we get heartbroken. The key part of a long-lasting relationship is to make sure that we know what to say when to say and what not to say.

Therefore, here are the things that one must not say to their significant other so that one doesn’t hurt each other’s feelings. Like I said earlier we do not pay much attention to most of the things, it broadly consists of what we say, and usually whatever e say, we don’t mean, we just say it for the sake of our relationship or because you are too lazy to explain yourself or too lazy to fight. But remember this little laziness might cost you a lot and you might have to pay by losing your relationship and your companion. Therefore, here are the points that you must say to your partner but DON’T if you don’t mean it.

I am sorry

Come one, everyone does this; say sorry even when you don’t have any idea of what’s going on around? But you say sorry because your partner is real mad at you and you just want to end that argument over why your girl/boy states that you pay more attention to your phone than them. But you need to understand this is SERIOUS! You would say sorry, then you repeat the mistake months after and then the past repeats itself time and again.

Rather sit, talk, understand, clarify, and then resolve the issue (believe me, it works). Usually, men believe that girls love fighting and it is only men who say sorry but sorry is not a word the girls want to hear, they rather want you to understand the root cause of the fight and the argument. Once to interpret it correctly, the relationship becomes more mature, clear rather than useless complications aroused now and then.

I will call you back

I get irritated like anything when anyone on the call with me abruptly cuts the call by saying ‘I will call you back in some time’ and then they never call back. One can understand you might be busy but if you cannot call back just admit that you cannot because the other person is genuinely waiting for you to call back. Never say this if you know that you are busy and you would not be able to call back.

There are many alternatives to this. You can just admit that you are occupied and you cannot talk on call. Other than this, you can also say that you will converse on the message only as you are busy. BUT JUST DON’T SAY I WILL CALL BACK WHEN YOU KNOW YOU WON’T!

I will support you in your dreams

Couples claim this more often than they say I love you to each other but you say this and then call your partner 10 times while he/she is studying or working or their dream or you get angry when they don’t call/message you while they are busy in their jobs.

I will always be there for you

You would say this romantically and won’t pick up the phone even if your partner calls you 10 times in a row. We live in a practically impossible world where things happen sometimes against our wishes and we can’t always spare time for our partners due to several reasons; it may be the job, family or a sweet ‘me time’. Therefore, never claim to your partner that you will always be there for them, but be more practical and say, things those are practically possible for both of you like ‘I will try and be available for you in your hard time’

You look beautiful

We as individuals have an opinion on how partners would dress like, look like or be like, but we tend to not mention it because ‘he/she will feel bad’. We have an opinion not either or not your partner should gain/lose weight, dress in a certain way but despite all this, we always compliment even if they don’t look as imagine them. However, this is not good, your partner deserves to know what you think of them; physically and there is a certain to express it. You cannot go and categorically say ‘you are fat’, ‘you are ugly.

Now if you are thinking ‘then what should I say?’ Like I said earlier, there is always a solution to any problem. You can always say, ‘If you lose a little more weight then you will look amazing’, ‘This colour does not suit you’, ‘Your skin has gotten a bit dull, try and drink more water and your facial glow will return’, ‘Formals suit you more’, and things like that. Trust me, your true opinion would help your partner become an even better person and it would also improve your relationship.

The food you cooked is delicious

Believe it or not, we all have lied to your confederate when they cooked last on how the food tasted even if the food was not cooked well enough or contained less salt. But think once how will your partner learn if you would not give them your opinion? Don’t pretend that you extremely loved the food rather share your actual take on the food taste; whether the food was cooked properly, it contained the proper amount of spices and salt or not.

You drive well

That is the lamest one to guess. Mostly in guys’ case, they always say this to their girls whenever they drive. Even if their girls are the most unpredictable drivers, they would never raise a question on their driving skills. Like the above scenarios, how would they learn when you won’t yourself teach them? Teaching them driving even when they know is your responsibility and if you don’t, then you don’t a right to criticize it as well. Try to teach them so that they can also become independent and safe while driving at the same time.

A relationship is a blissful time of a person’s life; don’t destroy it because of these bootless reasons or issues.

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