Importance of Personal Hygiene and Grooming

Importance of Personal Hygiene and GroomingGood personal hygiene is important for many reasons, the two most important are health and social reasons. Basic personal hygiene includes keeping your hands, body, head, teeth, gums and clothes clean and tidy. This stops the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses and ensures that your health is not compromised. Regular teeth cleaning and teeth whitening are also important part of maintaining good personal hygiene.

There are many social benefits of maintaining good personal hygiene. This way you can care for the health of your loved ones and family members. Good personal hygiene also ensures that there is no bad odour coming from your side, which can save you from embarrassment. Read on to know how to maintain good hygiene and how to groom yourself in order to live a germ-free life.

What is Good Hygiene?

Good hygiene is an outcome of a good personal routine that involves regular teeth cleaning, the cleaning of hands, head, body, gums, and clothes.

How to Maintain Good Personal Hygiene?

Here’s everything you need to do maintain good personal hygiene every day

1.   Washing Your Hands

The first thing that you need to do is regularly wash your hands. Washing hands after meals and after close contact with some other person can ensure you don’t spread bacteria and germs.

  • Wash your hands before cooking food and eating food
  • Before and after close contact with someone
  • Before and after touching the animals
  • After coughing and sneezing
  • After visiting the toilet

2.   Dental Care

Caring for your dental hygiene every day is as important and eating your food. It is absolutely necessary to care for your teeth and gums every day. Good oral hygiene can translate into a healthy body and this is you should aim for

  • Make sure you brush and floss every day
  • Visit a dental expert every 3-5 months
  • Don’t ignore tooth pain, bleeding gums or any other dental problem

3.   Bathing

Showering every day is considered very healthy. It can also provide you with a great start to your day. Use lukewarm water and soap to rinse off any dirt on your hair and your body. Bathing daily can also save you from the embarrassing smell of sweaty clothes on those hot and humid sunny days.

4.   Wearing Hygienic Clothes

Wearing hygienic and germ-free clothing can ensure that you don’t carry any germs to your workplace or to any other family member. You can also disinfect your clothes while washing them. Neat and tidy clothes also make you look socially appealing and acceptable. Using a fragrance after wearing neat clothes can add to the beauty of your personal hygiene.

What Is Good Dental Hygiene?

Dental hygiene can ensure that your body is in good health from the inside. Your mouth is the gateway for respiration as well as food intake. This means that every breath you take and all the food you consume directly pass from your mouth. Science has proven that if a person does not maintain good oral hygiene than he/she will suffer from poor overall body health.

10 Tips for Maintaining Good Dental Hygiene

  1. Brush and floss twice daily
  2. Quit smoking as soon as possible
  3. Avoid sugar-sweetened drinks and foods
  4. Eat healthy foods that don’t stick to your teeth
  5. Visit your dental expert every month if you are a smoker
  6. Rinse your mouth once a day or thrice a week with a good mouthwash
  7. Rinse your mouth with water after consuming foods that cause staining
  8. Visit your dentist every 3-5 months if you are a non-smoker
  9. Protect your teeth with the help of a mouth guard while cycling or any other physical venture
  10. Avoid beverages that discolour your teeth or cause tooth-staining this will ensure long-lasting teeth whitening

Why Good Dental Hygiene is Important

The human body is very complex, all the system of our body are interconnected. Your dental hygiene directly contributes to your respiratory and digestive system. These are the reasons why taking good care of your dental hygiene is very important

Some other reasons include:

1.   For Healthy Gums

Genetics play a vital role in healthy gums, however, bad oral hygiene can destroy your gums. There are very easy methods to get healthy gums, regular brushing and flossing are very helpful in this aspect. Healthy gums can also ensure that you get the best personal hygiene and grooming along with natural teeth cleaning and teeth whitening.

2.   The Early Disease Detection

If oral disease is detected in the early phase than it can be easily dealt with. This way it does not cause any permanent damage. If you are a smoker you must visit a dentist every month. However, if you are a non-smoker then you should visit your dentist after every 3-4 months. Some common diseases that can be prevented by maintaining good dental hygiene include:

  • Gingivitis
  • Periodontitis
  • Teeth and Gum infection
  • Asthma & breathing problems
  • Stomach infections and acid reflux
  • Premature births
  • Respiratory problems
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Stroke and heart disease

3.   It Affects Your Overall Health

Many people think that the effects of bad oral hygiene are only limited to the mouth which is not true. Bad oral hygiene negatively affects your whole body as the mouth is the door to all your internal organs. Food, beverages and even the air you breath has to pass through this door before entering your body.

Bad oral hygiene will surely result in bad overall health and can even lead to severe teeth and gum diseases.

4.   Prevents Tooth Loss

Some years ago when dental procedures were not as advanced as today, the decayed and infected teeth had to be removed. This is not the case now as advanced dental equipment that includes digital toothbrushes, medicated toothpastes, patient-specific mouthwashes are now available for maintaining good dental hygiene. These advanced dental care remedies when used regularly can help prevent tooth loss.

5.   To Have A Whiter and Brighter Smile

Who doesn’t desire sparkling and beautiful white teeth? Achieving a beautiful smile is possible with good dental hygiene and personal grooming. Keeping your teeth plaque-free and rinsing your mouth with a good mouth wash can help ensure there are no stains left that can make you look bad.

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