Tips for creating the perfect party makeup look

Tips for creating the perfect party makeup look

Kajal, powder, and lipstick, and we’re done! This is what makeup meant in people’s lives for ages in the past, and this is what was done mostly on special occasions. But nowadays, when we decide to put on a few cosmetics, we have a flood of products, brands, and experiments running through our heads, and we don’t end up with “some” of them. I went forward and found the 21 best makeup tricks and tips of all damn time, including when (and where) to embed concealer, how to, in the end, perfect your winged eyeliner (spoiler: it involves a spoon), and so much more. So grab your makeup bag and that one product (err, products?) you never learned how to use and keep scrolling.

1. Prep your skin

“Nothing too groundbreaking, but a tip people often forget is to let the moisturizer sit on your skin for at least 15 minutes prior to applying any makeup,” says Tonya. “This will make sure the product is totally absorbed, and once your skin is hydrated, makeup will apply a lot more evenly and soak into the skin, creating an airbrushed impact!”

If you’re willing to go a little further than (but maybe not as intensely as Cassie’s 4 a.m. routine on Euphoria, of course), Melissa suggests, “To make sure flawless, long-lasting makeup, it’s important to adequately prep your skin.” Start by cleansing your face using your favorite cleanser and rinsing with chilled water. While your face is damp, use a gentle exfoliate to buff away dead skin cells and impurities from the surface of your skin. This will help create a smooth base for your makeup application. Next, saturate a cotton pad with toner and press it against your face to help tighten, stabilize, and plump the skin. “Finally, moisturise your face, under-eye circles, and lips, and stay hydrated!”

2. Use a face mask.

Face masks are occlusive—meaning they cover the skin, delivering good ingredients to improve the appearance and/or quality of the skin. Apply a face mask only to clean, dry skin to avoid layering dirt and bacteria.

The benefits of a face mask depend on the ingredients they supply. Masks can deliver higher concentrations of ingredients to plump, hydrate, and stabilise the skin. For example, masks containing hyaluronic acid have the added benefit of attracting and binding moisture, while a clay mask can help tighten and clarify skin. Gel face masks may be infused with polyhydroxy acids, marine extracts, and antioxidants that rehydrate and help the skin recover. Aero Vera masks may contain hydroxyl acids, which aid in the removal of dead skin cells and the cleansing of pores. Read the ingredient labels and choose the best mask for your skin type and skin concern.

3. Apply foundation correctly.

Removing all traces of your makeup and washing your face every night is extremely key to maintaining a beautiful canvas for foundation. (You might even want to double cleanse if you wear heavier makeup.) If you clean thoroughly, there will be less need to clean thoroughly again in the morning. To hold lingering makeup traces, oil, or grime, softly swab your skin with a cotton pad soaked in cleansing water to kick-start your foundation routine with a clear, grease-free slate. Foundation gets a bad rap for looking dry and flaky, but 99 percent of the time, it’s in fact due to user error (sorry, user). Even the weightiest matte foundations can look mushy and natural—as long as you properly prep and hydrate your skin with a good moisturizer. After cleansing, massage a thin coat of moisturiser all over your face (avoiding the eyelids), letting the cream sink in for five to 10 minutes before applying your foundation. Don’t know which of the best facial moisturisers to go with? Try one of our favourites below.

Throw out that bottle of too-dark foundation that’s been sitting in your drawer since high school. Right now. Then buy a foundation that’s creamy, has medium coverage, and, in fact, matches your skin type and shade. Try one of these cult-favorite foundations: Now that it’s time to embed, add two pumps to your palm, then use a foundation brush to dab the foundation into your skin, starting at the centre of the face and blending outward. Don’t worry about making it look perfect just yet—that part will come next. Here’s where the other-skin magic comes in. Grab a damp makeup sponge (make sure you’ve already squeezed out any excess water into a paper towel) and slowly dab, dab, dab—never smudge or swipe—the side of the sponge over your face to seamlessly melt the foundation into your skin. Be sure to use the pointed tip of the sponge when blending out the foundation around your nose and eyes. You’ll get classic results from the beauty sponges ahead, including the cult-favorite Beauty Blender.

 4. Layer your brush.

To make your blush mix into your skin and stay put all day, always wash and moisturise your face first. Dry (or oily) skin doesn’t catch makeup as well, so keeping your skin healthy, exfoliated, clean, and soft allows makeup to mix in beautifully and last longer. To make your blush last even longer, begin with a makeup primer, which preps skin and gives a no-slip canvas to help makeup last all day. If you don’t desire to invest in one more beauty product, layer blush on top of foundation or a tinted moisturiser to even out your skin tone and help give the blush something to stick to.

Blush isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of deal; you need to select the right shade to flatter your complexion. Something too black or too bright can actually age you instead of giving you that warm, youthful shine. The key is to select something that’s close to your natural flush, and the best way to figure out what that is is to pinch your cheeks. If you’re still not sure, here are a few tips for finding your good shade: If you have very pale, fair skin, opt for light pinks for a pretty flush of colour that won’t overpower your tone. Pale pink and lilac formulas give a sheer, clean colour that flatters your light complexion without looking garish. a safe bet? Cover girl: Checkers Bendable Powder Blush in Natural Rose

If you have light to medium skin, select a peachy pink shade to give your skin a pretty shine. Since this shade is universally flattering, if you’re in doubt, try it in your desired formula. We love NARS Blush in Orgasm and Maybelline Face Studio Master Glaze Blush Stick in Coral Sheen. For golden or olive skin tones, the hot undertones of the skin can stand up to brighter, punchier pinks. We like Revlon Cream Blush in Flushed for these medium skin tones.

5. Lipstick that lasts a long time

Even though few lipsticks contain ingredients that can absorb humidity from your lips, the majority of them do their utmost to make sure that your lips stay hydrated, and they are created in such a manner that the natural state of your lips remains intact. There are many lipsticks available today that include moisturising agents, such as vitamin E or aloe vera. One such limited-edition lipstick is the Lakmé Absolute Matte Last Lip Color With Argan Oil, which comes with a lightweight formula enriched with luxe argan oil. It helps feed your lips and keeps them from drying. All of the shades have a soft, velvety matte texture that sits comfortably on your lips while providing a bold, intense colour payoff.

You can define your lips and draw attention to their true shape with lipstick. It can even enhance the shape. Using lipstick to hide and overlie the lips can also make them appear thicker or thinner. The Lakmé Absolute Precision Lip Paint gives you completely defined lips every time you apply it. This lip paint lets you paint your lips like a specialist. Its unique pack comes with a specialist brush for superior definition and a lip pot with fast matte color. But what makes it so amazing is the ease with which you can get perfectly defined lips all the time. Just dip the specialist brush into the pot, define the border of your lips with ease, and fill it with a rich matte color. Voila! You get specially defined and bold matte lips that are guaranteed to get heads turning. It also features a lightweight formula that lasts every day and gives you a smooth, velvety finish you will fall in love with.

6. Mascara application

Take your time and make a suitable choice when purchasing mascara. Before arriving at a judgment, take a little time to determine the purpose of the mascara. They have specific features according to the length of the lashes. For mini eyelashes, choose lengthening mascara enriched with essential oils, and for scant lashes, select a capacity mascara to make them thick and bulky. You can choose between water-resistant and regular mascara. Even though it does not smudge and lasts a long time, using water-resistant mascara on a daily basis can harm your lashes. It is difficult to remove without the help of a makeup remover. Also, overusing it may result in weak, dry, and brittle lashes. If you sweat a lot and have a fear of smudging, you can use the waterproof variant. Otherwise, they should be utilised during special occasions and pool parties.

It is important to buy an eye curler in case you want an ideal finish. The eye curler adds more edge to your eyelashes, lifting them upwards to make them look longer. An eyelash curler can make a real difference. Every time, purchase a curler with a soft rubber pad that will not injure your lashes. A wide range of colours are available in mascaras. Usually, we buy either black or brown mascara. But exploring different shades can be fun. You can match your mascara to the occasion, from bold shades to soothing hues. All colours have their own definition of style.

7. How to Use an Eyeliner Pencil

An eyeliner pencil is a makeup product designed to line the eye. Eyeliner pencils look like colour pencils. You can discover many types of eyeliner pencils, including retractable eyeliner pencils and wood or plastic pencils you can sharpen. Pencil eyeliners are typically easier to embed than other kinds of eyeliners, so they are the best eyeliner for beginners. You can use eyeliner on your lower or upper lash line, or both. While black and brown eyeliners are the most common, the beauty product is also available in blue, pink, white, and other colors. Unlike most liquid eyeliners and gel liners, an eye pencil typically has a matte finish.

Putting makeup primer on your eyelids prior to applying pencil liner will make the liner last longer. Pull your upper eyelid taut to the side. Keeping the tip of the eyeliner pencil as near to your lash line as possible, draw a thin line going from the outer corner of your eye to the inner corner of your eye. Repeat this process multiple times if you desire a thick line. Keeping the tip of the eyeliner pencil as near to the lash line as possible, draw a thin line from the outer angle of the eye toward the inner angle of your eye. The direct line should expand just two-thirds of your mini lids to make your eyes look bigger—totally lining your mini lids can make your eyes appear smaller. Connect the lines of the eyeliner at the outer corner of the eye. Draw an upward angle from the outer angle of your eye to create a winged liner or cat-eye, using your mini lash line as a guide. Fill in the line very heavily to create a triangle shape, creating a cat’s eye. To make your eyeliner last longer, use an eyeliner brush or eye shadow brush to apply eye shadow that’s the same colour as your eyeliner.

8. Make it last.

If you have a long night of dancing ahead, Melissa has the ideal tip to keep your makeup looking fresh while you have fun. “Once your makeup is total, embed a thin veil of translucent setting powder onto a makeup puff and press it against your skin, making sure to cover the total perimeter of your face.” “This veil will lock your skin products into place for long-lasting coverage,” she says.

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