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Married People Are Giving Singles Their Best Advice on Love & It’s Eye-Opening

Married People Are Giving Singles Their Best Advice on LoveMarried People Are Giving Singles Their Best Advice on Love & It’s Eye-Opening

Long-Term Relationships necessitate a lot of big and small decisions, but perhaps none is more significant than deciding to marry the person you’ve been with for a long time. Marriage isn’t for everyone, but for those considering it, it’s a good idea to learn as much as possible about what it’s like to be married “before”committing. And the best people to ask for marriage advice are those who are already married or have been married.

Several married people were recently asked on AskReddit for marriage advice, and the responses show that getting married is not a matter of judgment. It’s romantic to think that you and your partner will spend the rest of your lives together, but marriage is a long-term commitment that requires a lot of effort from both partners.

There is a slew of considerations you should conduct in your relationship before saying “I do” to the question of whether or not you and your partner are compatible on a soul level.

Married People Are Giving Singles Their Best Advice on Love & It’s Eye-Opening

The following is a list of 10 pieces of marriage advice and guidance who’ve done that. Please remember if you’re considering tying the knot.

1. Stay Alert for Red Flags

Signs of dishonesty or deceit are referred to as “red flags.” They can be challenging to spot at first, adding to their danger. However, they grow in size and become more challenging to deal with over time. When discussing toxic or abusive relationships, the term “red flags” is frequently used. Toxicity can affect any close relationship, whether it’s between friends, coworkers, relatives, or romantic partners.

A good time to pause and consider the dynamic you share with that person is when you encounter red relationship flags. Red flags may indicate narcissism, aggressiveness, victimization, or even abuse. You can avoid a toxic relationship if you know some common red flags.

A lot of the time, toxic behavior is subtle and escapist. It can take over our lives if we cannot resist it when we are vulnerable.

When you’re in love, it’s hard to see the flaws in your relationship objectively, but when it comes to marriage, you mustn’t go into it blindly, ignoring things that might cause problems in the future.

Make sure your significant other is financially responsible and self-disciplined. Keep an eye out for warning signs, as they will only become more evident over time.

2.  Love is a Choice

In the early stages of a relationship, courting and being courted are both exhilarating and pleasurable experiences. When we first meet someone new, we can’t stop thinking about them, and we want to spend as much time as possible with them and share new experiences with them. A simple text message can convey just as much emotion as a handwritten card or a bouquet.

However, emotions can come and go. That love can fade; it takes effort to keep it alive, and the decision to stay in love is a choice we all have to make isn’t talked about much.

The expectation that every day of married life will be filled with swoon-worthy sentimentality is unreal. Keep in mind that even on “bad days,” you have the option to choose to love your partner.

Most people base their relationships on how long they’ve been in love. It’s easy to fall in love, almost too easy, but it’s just as easy to lose that loving feeling.

3. Before You Commit, Discuss the Future

If you’re considering getting married, it’s a good idea to sit down with your future spouse and discuss your plans, such as where you want to live and how many children you want. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be if those two visions don’t match.

Before you get married, you should be genuine about any debts, credit cards, or overdrafts you may have. This is an important topic to bring up as soon even though you announce your engagement so that you can avoid going into debt to pay for your wedding.

Asking the big questions for the future too early is a problem. If you feel that it’s too soon or that you and your partner aren’t emotionally invested enough in the relationship, you should put it off. In the early stages of a relationship, you may scare the other person away if you begin addressing the “serious” future issues.

As long as they think all you want is a marriage partner – any partner rather than the right person to be happy with- they may not stick around long enough to discover how great you are.

4.  It’s Vital to Have Trust

Trust is the foundation of a healthy marriage; without it, it will not last. It’s better to fix any trust issues before getting married if you have any.

As a clinical psychologist and professor at Yeshiva University, Sabrina Romanoff, PsyD, explains that trust in a relationship means having a sense of security and loyalty toward your partner.

You can rely on someone because you know they won’t hurt or violate you if you put your trust in them.” Because trust enables you to be receptive and prone to the other person without having to defend yourself, Romanoff believes it is the fundamental basis of all relationships.

Building a foundation of trust is essential for long-term success in any relationship. When you trust your partner, you can rest assured that they have your back and is there to provide comfort, care, and support when needed. When you know you can rely on your partner, you feel more secure in your relationship.

Trusting your partner allows you to rest and recharge your nervous system. Your relationship can be a source of healing for both of you if you can build a strong foundation of trust, especially if this hasn’t always been the case in previous relationships with family or partners.

5. Discuss Your Goals for Your Marriage

The most romantic sensation in the world is probably falling in love. But what makes it even more precious is working hard to create a relationship with your sweetheart that will last a lifetime.

Do you want to know how to keep the fire burning in your relationship? Set goals; it’s that easy.

Relationship objectives are the things a couple desires to experience, accomplish, or learn. Relationship goals establish the groundwork for a better, healthier bond and provide every relationship with a target to strive for.

When a couple has a purpose of working toward, they have a reason to rely on one another. They’re a fantastic approach to strengthening your relationship. You’ll spend more time together, talk more, and create more intimate moments as you work toward your goals.

Your marriage will flourish if you set goals for it. An unpleasant outcome would be if you failed to offer your wedding the care and nurturing it requires, given the current divorce rate. It’s easy to forget to take care of your relationship when you’re too busy going about your everyday business. You can maintain your marriage at the top of your priority list by setting goals for it.

6. Mutual Respect Must Exist

Another element that every successful marriage has is? An understanding of mutual respect. Mutual respect is a reasonably straightforward idea. It implies that you show consideration and courtesy to your spouse or romantic partner. It’s improbable that your wedding will be able to endure in the long run if one of you doesn’t respect the other.

Respect is the existence of positive behaviors and the absence of negative behavior. It entails avoiding harsh and disrespectful behavior toward one another, such as refraining from calling your partner or spouse names and refraining from insulting or demeaning them.

Although it may seem easy, treating your spouse or partner respectfully takes constant effort. Additionally, it entails that you do not mock, avoid, or neglect your partner. Mutual respect also entails considering your partner’s thoughts, desires, and values.

The best method to foster a culture of mutual respect is to show respect for one another regularly. Be friendly and courteous to everyone you come into contact with. Avoid using harsh or divisive words when discussing differing viewpoints.

7. Before Getting Married, Talk About Finances

Yes, it is frightening, and fear is a powerful demotivate. According to a recent survey by John Hancock’s twine (a collaborative saving and investing software), 57% of American couples admit they avoid talking about money with their partner daily or weekly.

According to Twine CEO Uri Pomerantz, this automatically prevents good dialogues about planning, cooperating, saving, and investing, essential factors for successful, long-lasting marriages. He told InCharge.org that there are no “accurate responses” to [a couple’s preferred paths]. “Conversations that take place while you work to find your answers are what matter most,” the writer says.

Even if it’s not always straightforward, you and your spouse must have a financial understanding of one another and are knowledgeable of one another’s spending patterns and economic history if you intend to be married.

8. Make Sure You Don’t Get Married Too Quickly

Marriage is one of those life decisions you should take your time with. It would help if you never settled when it comes to marriage and never settle for less than what you deserve. Take your time in a relationship, and don’t be afraid to break up with someone if you realize it’s not going to work out long-term.

Even for those who do not participate in the wedding, it is a joyful occasion. They symbolize the beginning of a new chapter in the life of the newlyweds and the promise of a lifetime of bliss. It doesn’t always work out that way, and some marriages even end in divorce. However, you don’t have to experience this, though.

To ensure that your marriage is solid, you may use a much-undervalued strategy: It requires both of you to be patient, and it just might be the thing that keeps your union from falling apart.

Marriage is not something you should cross off your life’s “to-do” list. It warrants more consideration than purchasing a home. Many unions have experienced luck. I know people who were happy until this day after getting married immediately after the meeting. But far too many people are not. But I advise you don’t get married too early.

9. Be Careful Not to Let Minor Disagreements Turn into Big Ones

Relationship arguments occur for various reasons, ranging from the petty and mundane (like who does the dishes) to more significant (like an affair) ones. There are several frequent stressors in relationships, including a lack of attraction or passion, emotional stonewalling, and a lack of commitment.

Relationships are also affected by stress in other areas of our lives: Experiencing confrontation with coworkers or family members, or coming home from work exhausted and frustrated, might spread the pressure on others. To improve your relationship, you must master conflict resolution skills in all areas of your life and don’t let minor issues turn into major conflicts.

So, if you and your partner are always fighting, it’s natural. However, you must be able to talk things out and come up with a solution each time you disagree. Otherwise, even the tiniest disagreements might lead to considerable rifts in your relationship in the future.

10. It’s Not Always Enough to Have Common Interests with Someone

More profound mismatches between partners can be masked by using their disparate interests—or a refusal to negotiate or support them—against one another. Partners can utilize their diverse interests and hobbies to distance themselves from one another if they are not physically or psychologically connected or if one or both struggle with intimacy.

If you and your date have tons of similar interests while you’re dating, it’s lovely. However, for a marriage to succeed, surface-level unities aren’t sufficient to make a marriage work. There must be more profound levels of compatibility that go beyond just sharing the same interests.

Unfortunately, there is no foolproof method to ensure that any specific marriage will last a lifetime; but, if you’re considering taking the plunge, hearing advice from people who have already been married is always a good idea if you want to assist your marriage get off to a good start.


When you’ve been in a relationship with someone for a long time, you and that person make a lot of decisions together, some of which are significant and some of which are tiny. However, the choice to get married is possibly the most life-altering decision that can be made in a relationship. It is possible that marriage is not the best choice for every couple, but for those couples who are interested in getting married, it is beneficial to have an awareness of what getting married is really about “before” going into it. Naturally, married people are the best source of advice when it comes to marriage, so seek out their counsel. After reading the above suggestions you’ll know what to do before making a marital commitment to a person.

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5 Christmas Gifts To Impress A New Partner

5 Christmas Gifts To Impress A New Partner Christmas is around the corner, and everyone has started to plan ahead with their Xmas Gift List!

Meanwhile, the Coca-Cola Christmas lorries are back in town and it seems to be the most wonderful time of the year again!

Even though it’s great to receive presents, I’m sure we can agree that a lot of them are just the same old as every other year. Either that, or we’ve already received the same or near-identical gift in the past!

Ultimately, the most difficult person to buy Christmas gifts for is your partner. It gets even harder if your partner is new and you still haven’t figured out their real likes and dislikes

So, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best Christmas gifts to impress your partner!

P.S. If you haven’t found yourself a partner just yet, you can always check out the best dating sites to get lucky sooner rather than later!

Date in a box

Evidently, this is an all-year-round gift as you will receive a new box every single month! So, we’ve shortlisted some of the best ones that will tick each box on your and your partner’s checklist:

1. Crated with Love → Various games and activities

  1. Beside the Seaside → A perfect staycation present for couples
  2. Crate Dates → Recipes or snacks to try out
  3. American Cocktail Club → For a cheaper night on the town
  4. Seductive Pleasure → Monthly delivery of new “toys” and treats

Couples board games

Without a doubt, Christmas just isn’t the same without board games. We’ve all got memories of Monopoly or Cluedo being played after Xmas Dinner, but our list of couples’ board games will take things to a whole new level!

  1. Mr. & Mrs. → For the retro quizzers
  2. Pandemic → A game more contagious than the virus itself
  3. Fifty Days of Play → Great if you’re looking to spice things up
  4. Fill Your Pants → If you’re looking to laugh your head off
  5. Twister → Classic but a safe bet

Weekend retreats

I don’t think anyone has ever complained about going away for the weekend, whether that’s a holiday, a relaxing day at a spa, or even a night out in the wild camping.

We’ve created the perfect list of weekend retreats, which will surely have you returning for more:

  1. Snowy weekend trip to Iceland to see the Northern Lights
  2. Voyaging the pink beaches of the Bahamas
  3. Set your camp ON the trees with Red Kite Tree Tents
  4. Light your campfire or relax inside the luxury of Soho Farmhouse in Oxford
  5. Put the routine aside and de-stress at the Spa Hotel at Ribby Hall Village

Memory photo frame

This is more for the couples that have been dating for a bit longer than a few months, and have created enough memories to frame them. A memory book may be a bit too big for new relationships, whereas a photo frame or even a digital photo frame will bring out your sensitive side:

  1. Veelu – Custom Spotify code music plaque with golden frame
  2. Pttozan – Wooden photo frame gift for couples (Wall Frame)
  3. Delitls – Hanging photo frame for wall decor
  4. Qianyue – Personalised photo gift with stand
  5. Ouchan – Light-up picture frame with carved wording

Champagne & Chocolates

We’ve gone with a safe bet for our last choice. Even though it’s a common suspect within the Christmas gifts, a special bottle of Champagne and chocolates will always keep a smile on a new or long-term partner.

Obviously, the options were limitless, so we cherry-picked the ones that will leave the biggest impression.

  1. Dom Perignon champagne & Belgian chocolate gift box
  2. Deluxe Moët & Chandon champagne Christmas gift box
  3. Veuve Clicquot brut champagne with personnalisation tin
  4. Taittinger Rose Christmas champagne and chocolate gift box
  5. Lanson champagne and a box of Guylian Belgian chocolates

Stocking fillers

As there is an abundance of presents to choose from, we also wanted to include the 3 best Out-Of-The-Box gift ideas, which if picked carefully, can add you some brownie points from your other half:

Buy a Star → Own a part of the universe

Hot Sauce → The official “Hot Ones” Sauces if you’re brave enough

Shadow-box → For collecting mementos, whether that’s wine, beer, or pics

So there you have it, our best 5 Christmas gifts (and an extra 3) to excite a new partner in 2021! By the time you’re reading this, you will definitely be able to make an impression, regardless of your budget or whether you met them online or in real life.

In either case, anyone who receives gifts for Christmas will be content with what they get. However, being able to find Xmas presents with an edge, will surely leave a longer-lasting impression.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas in advance and make sure to enjoy all the presents!

Why Paid Sexting is Beneficial Rather Than Free Chat?

Why Paid Sexting is Beneficial Rather Than Free Chat?There are lots of different ways to make money but not all of them are easy. You can spend your youth in college to get an expensive degree to start you off on the right foot. You can also go right to work after high school and make your money off the sweat of your brow. While both of these methods are tried and true, there’s always the easier route. You can always make plenty of money with nothing but your own naked body. Thousands of people all around the world are constantly selling their own sex and making a very good living at it. It’s so common, in fact, that you can read an entire guide on how to sell nudes on LA Weekly. They give you a lot of different options and can set you off on a path that you’ll never regret being on. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is that the more you can offer the more money you’ll be able to make. If you can add sexting to your services then you’ll be able to support yourself for as long as you want to make your money with your body.

Every Desire is Worth Selling

It should come as no surprise that you’re going to come across a lot of different desires when you’re selling pics and sexting to people. If you can manage to satisfy all of those different needs, you’ll be treated to a large fan base and a constant stream of income.


This woman tends to all types of desires and she always has someone new looking for her. The more you can offer, the more you can sell and it’s really that simple. It helps if you’re in touch with your own desires and fetishes when you start it all off. That will get you further along than a person who’s never imagined anything beyond missionary sex in the dark. If you’re in touch with your own kinky side then you’ll be able to connect with another person’s kinks. It’s going to make them seek you out when they need someone who can give them what they need. It’s a very simple concept that means the difference between selling a successful paid sexting session and not being able to get anyone who wants to spend their time with you.

Learn How to Sext

No matter how hot your body happens to be, you have to able to satisfy more than someone’s visual sensibilities. You have to know how to sext and you have to be good at it. It might not be as easy as it seems to you. It’s a good idea to learn as much about it as you can before you start doing it. The Cut has the ultimate guide to sexting that’s a great idea to check out. It will give you the basics that you need to know in order to offer something that other people want to buy from you. Once again, though, it all comes down to your own kinks and desires. The more you’re in touch with them, the easier it will be for you to connect with another person. If you’re open about what you like then you’ll also be open to what other people like. They’ll feel comfortable with telling you what they like and they’ll be able to let it all out and have a good time with you. When you can combine that openness with a strong sexting ability then you’ll easily be one of the top sexting offerings that anyone can find.

Practice It to Enjoy the Best Sexting Experience 

No matter how good you think you’re getting at it, it’s always in your best interests to continue practicing as much as you possibly can. That’s where a site like Arousr comes into play. It’s a place where you can find people who love to sext and are more than willing to try something new. You can take new kinks for a spin and see how they work with other people. Once you’re able to use them to turn on the people here, you can bring them into your paid sexting sessions. It’s also great for learning new sexting tricks. You’ll be able to get a sense of what other people do to make people happy and it will make all the difference in your own sexting. Just remember that sending out nudes is only part of what you’re offering to people. You’re also offering your personality and all of your deep, secret desires. It will take both of those things to make every single sexting session as successful as it can possibly be. Try it all out and you’ll know that it’s the best way to make money.

What are the Top 5 Rules for Wearing Rings?

Rings can convey the message silently but impressively. For example, how can you know that a person is married or engaged? In the past and still in the North American regions, a ring in the thumb is a symbol of wealth and strength.

There are some factors or simply say rules to be followed while choosing a ring that can fit with your personality. As the rings can deliver the message so, you have to be wiser while choosing a ring. In this article, you will know all the rules of wearing a ring.

Left vs. Right Hand – Which is better for Ring Finger?

Wedding Rings

Let’s start the ring-wearing guide from the hands. Which hand is better for wearing a ring?

Men in almost all cultures wear a ring in the fingers of their left hand. It is said that the right hand is for physical activity which the left hand belongs to mental actions so, wearing a ring in the left hand for men is more popular.

Women of all cultures except Chinese culture, wear the ring on the middle finger of the right hand. They consider that as the woman is in charge of the house so, the ring should be on her right hand.

Rules of Wearing Rings

classic wedding ringThere are mainly five rules to be followed while choosing or wearing a ring. Ring choice depends on the message that you want to deliver, the appearance of your hand, your confidence level after wearing it, and matching with the jewelry. Let’s talk about each rule in detail.

Rule # 1: Deliver the Message

classic wedding ringRings can convey the message strongly and silently. It can be representative that who are you? For example, a rich man will wear an expensive stone that will prove his wealth and power.

People may not speak to you but they notice the ring so, think twice about the message that your ring is delivering to the observers.

Rule # 2: Does it make you Confident?

How much you are confident with the message that your ring is delivering? If it is delivering the right message then you will be surely confident otherwise you may feel uncomfortable and shy after wearing it. If you want to remain confident after wearing the ring then make sure it matches your personality.

You might be a shy person and would not feel comfortable in public with your ring. To overcome it, first, start wearing a ring in your house and then nearby places. Now start wearing the ring with your trusted friends who will not taunt you or make you shy. Finally, wear it in public once you start feeling comfortable.

Rule # 3: Match with the Jewelry

Do you wear multiple rings? Do you have a chain around your neck? Do you wear a watch and use cuff studs? Then make sure that all the jewelry is balanced and matches with each other. Avoid using a bunch of rings. You can wear the ring in a chain instead if it is a matter of family or zodiac.

Rule # 4: Maintain with Hand

Are your hands larger or smaller? If you have larger hands then larger rings will suit you and if your hands are smaller then better to wear smaller rings. In the same way, if your fingers are slim then you should use compact rings that can easily fit.

Rule # 5: Best matching Metal

classic wedding ringChoosing the right metal can also highlight your personality in a better way. Some men like to wear gold and some like silver whereas numbers of people like to wear rings with stones. From a metal point of view, there are two suggestions or rules:

  • Wear Gold Ring – If you have warm skin color then gold will suit better in your fingers.
  • Wear Silver Ring – If your skin color is white then silver rings are better for you.

You can also try rings of different colors that have stones in them. There are several stones in different colors and shapes that can help you to stand out in the crowd. Instead of wearing a simple gold or silver ring, a ring with a stone will be more attractive.

Check out 7 Unique Wedding Ring Holders

Types of Rings based on Zodiac

There are a total of twelve signs in the zodiac circle. If you believe in the zodiac and the effects of stars’ movement on life then you will surely like to wear rings according to your zodiac sign.

You can consult with an astrologist and ask them for a good stone that matches your zodiac. With a few clicks, you can find your zodiac information on the internet and then browse our store to find the best zodiac ring that matches best.

Should you limit the Number of Rings?

classic wedding ringIt mainly depends on your physical appearance. But, expert still suggests to wearing maximum three rings per hand are enough. You should not go beyond the limit otherwise you might not look as attractive as you are willing to. You also have to make sure that all the rings match each other and with your personality.

Above were the rules as well as tips for wearing rings. We mainly talked about men in this article because the popular rings for women are wedding and engagement rings. Women mainly have no concern with the rings that show their wealth or power. They just like to wear engagement and wedding rings as a sign of their husband’s love.

Women mainly wear rings on the fourth finger of the left or right hand. While wearing stones, rings to show off power and wealth is mainly a part of men’s activities.

If you say these to your partner, mean it, otherwise don’t

love-messages-for-a-partnerThe most beautiful feeling is to have a partner by your side. It is quite easy for a person to get into a relationship but at the same time, it is hard for one to maintain it to ensure a long-run relationship and love. We often do not pay attention to what we say and in the process hurt our partners, then fights begin and we get heartbroken. The key part of a long-lasting relationship is to make sure that we know what to say when to say and what not to say.

Therefore, here are the things that one must not say to their significant other so that one doesn’t hurt each other’s feelings. Like I said earlier we do not pay much attention to most of the things, it broadly consists of what we say, and usually whatever e say, we don’t mean, we just say it for the sake of our relationship or because you are too lazy to explain yourself or too lazy to fight. But remember this little laziness might cost you a lot and you might have to pay by losing your relationship and your companion. Therefore, here are the points that you must say to your partner but DON’T if you don’t mean it.

I am sorry

Come one, everyone does this; say sorry even when you don’t have any idea of what’s going on around? But you say sorry because your partner is real mad at you and you just want to end that argument over why your girl/boy states that you pay more attention to your phone than them. But you need to understand this is SERIOUS! You would say sorry, then you repeat the mistake months after and then the past repeats itself time and again.

Rather sit, talk, understand, clarify, and then resolve the issue (believe me, it works). Usually, men believe that girls love fighting and it is only men who say sorry but sorry is not a word the girls want to hear, they rather want you to understand the root cause of the fight and the argument. Once to interpret it correctly, the relationship becomes more mature, clear rather than useless complications aroused now and then.

I will call you back

I get irritated like anything when anyone on the call with me abruptly cuts the call by saying ‘I will call you back in some time’ and then they never call back. One can understand you might be busy but if you cannot call back just admit that you cannot because the other person is genuinely waiting for you to call back. Never say this if you know that you are busy and you would not be able to call back.

There are many alternatives to this. You can just admit that you are occupied and you cannot talk on call. Other than this, you can also say that you will converse on the message only as you are busy. BUT JUST DON’T SAY I WILL CALL BACK WHEN YOU KNOW YOU WON’T!

I will support you in your dreams

Couples claim this more often than they say I love you to each other but you say this and then call your partner 10 times while he/she is studying or working or their dream or you get angry when they don’t call/message you while they are busy in their jobs.

I will always be there for you

You would say this romantically and won’t pick up the phone even if your partner calls you 10 times in a row. We live in a practically impossible world where things happen sometimes against our wishes and we can’t always spare time for our partners due to several reasons; it may be the job, family or a sweet ‘me time’. Therefore, never claim to your partner that you will always be there for them, but be more practical and say, things those are practically possible for both of you like ‘I will try and be available for you in your hard time’

You look beautiful

We as individuals have an opinion on how partners would dress like, look like or be like, but we tend to not mention it because ‘he/she will feel bad’. We have an opinion not either or not your partner should gain/lose weight, dress in a certain way but despite all this, we always compliment even if they don’t look as imagine them. However, this is not good, your partner deserves to know what you think of them; physically and there is a certain to express it. You cannot go and categorically say ‘you are fat’, ‘you are ugly.

Now if you are thinking ‘then what should I say?’ Like I said earlier, there is always a solution to any problem. You can always say, ‘If you lose a little more weight then you will look amazing’, ‘This colour does not suit you’, ‘Your skin has gotten a bit dull, try and drink more water and your facial glow will return’, ‘Formals suit you more’, and things like that. Trust me, your true opinion would help your partner become an even better person and it would also improve your relationship.

The food you cooked is delicious

Believe it or not, we all have lied to your confederate when they cooked last on how the food tasted even if the food was not cooked well enough or contained less salt. But think once how will your partner learn if you would not give them your opinion? Don’t pretend that you extremely loved the food rather share your actual take on the food taste; whether the food was cooked properly, it contained the proper amount of spices and salt or not.

You drive well

That is the lamest one to guess. Mostly in guys’ case, they always say this to their girls whenever they drive. Even if their girls are the most unpredictable drivers, they would never raise a question on their driving skills. Like the above scenarios, how would they learn when you won’t yourself teach them? Teaching them driving even when they know is your responsibility and if you don’t, then you don’t a right to criticize it as well. Try to teach them so that they can also become independent and safe while driving at the same time.

A relationship is a blissful time of a person’s life; don’t destroy it because of these bootless reasons or issues.

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Is It More Difficult to Get Married A Second Time Around?

second-marriages-pros-consDespite the fact that most people who divorce feel that they have “failed,” 75% remarry with the illusion that the second marriage will be more stable. The principle by which the second marriage is more stable means that you have to commit to having a long-term approach to the relationship, despite the ups and downs or challenges that come with hooking up with a new partner, probably with children involved. 

Second marriages can be complicated if there are varying dynamics involved as is the case with an escort relationship at Escortrankings.uk. Even though it consists of a relationship between two consenting adults, it is one that can become as complicated as a second marriage, especially, if the client keeps returning to the same person for companionship, a sensual experience, or just for a hookup. 

After The Separation

 Separations and divorces increasingly occur at younger ages, and many women are mothers of young children. In many instances, women are left with custody of the children. If they are housewives, once they are divorced, they live on alimony or child support or have to look for a job to take care of their financial needs. So it is very difficult to meet a new partner in that situation. 

Their world does not really change and they may have to find a new partner in the same network of contacts. If they work and are financially independent, children demand attention from them. Therefore, it is very difficult to dedicate time to work, children and themselves, much less a new partner. 

The First Marriage

A first marriage is usually idealized. We know absolutely nothing about that experience because it is something new that attracts us to the unknown, and although some may have lived with their partner in a solid relationship prior to getting married, the actual ceremony and living with each other afterward could be different. 

For some reason, many couples have confirmed that when you go through the marriage rite, it causes something to change between you. You could say that you started an idealised union, with great enthusiasm, expectation, dedication, and trust in the other and in the happy future that you hope to have together but something changed at some point in the relationship.

Knowing What You Want

However, in second marriages, most of the expectations change. You may have already gone through a hard and traumatic emotional breakup, even if you tried to end it in a friendly tone. That is why you should face the new relationship with maturity, realism and a lot of options, but fewer expectations. 

You know what you do not want this time. You know the red lines that you are not going to cross or let others cross. You know how far you are going to give in and what your priorities are. You know exactly what you want for your life and if you do not see these characteristics in the other person, even if you feel some kind of emotion, you may not go through with it so you don’t have another marital failure.

Know the Person

Knowing the person you are going to marry is important to make it work. Many times, people don’t take the time to know each other prior to getting married the first time. The search for the definitive partner can take place as long as you both are clear about “what you are looking for” and you are mature enough including recognising your qualities and your faults. 

It is false to think that you are perfect and that the fault is in your partner, although ultimately finding your better half is nothing more than a real lottery! Therefore, for that reason, the first time around does not have to work as you might have hoped if you are prepared to do what it takes to have a successful union. 

Second and Third

Second and even third marriages were once something movie stars did. Now, multiple marriages are very common these days. Marriage is like a love story for some people, especially those who like the idea of being married. In fact, many people who marry for the first time fall in love with the idea of marriage and not necessarily the partner they are going to get married to. If a first marriage does not work out for whatever reasons, you have the freedom to start over and improve your relationship learning from the first marriage. 

Fix the Mistakes

Everyone is looking for love; whether the first time, second time or third time with a compatible partner. By the time you leave the first relationship and get to the second, you will be more mature, of course, and able to make better choices and possibly get it right on the second try. 

You will be more experienced to do things better in every way. However, you still have to learn how to communicate properly and how to listen to each other. It may be time to confess your own mistakes in the first relationship so you can start a second one doing things differently. 

If you don’t, then you might find yourself divorced again. 

Bear in mind, though, that every partner is going to have a different personality, but for the most part, your partner wants to be respected, treated with love and have good communication. These are three distinct things that make a relationship work. 

Take Your Time

Psychologists agree that a factor that can affect whether a second marriage works or not is the tendency to remarry very quickly, especially on the part of men. This “rush” to start a new relationship prevents people from grieving after the first breakup. It takes some time to overcome trauma and negative experiences from the past, all of which also affect the success of the new relationship. Therefore, if you are not ready for a new relationship, it could end in a divorce, whether it is a first, second, or third marriage. 

Gay dating site: how to make the best choice

Gay dating site- how to make the best choiseHow to make the best choice among gay dating sites description: Every person has a dream about a beautiful, passionate, supportive, and caring relationship. And the best way to get them is with the help of gay dating websites, successfully increasing chances to meet your chosen one.

Just like any new experience is a little different from the previous one, all gay dating is different. Everyone has the opportunity to easily find a person with whom they build fantastic, interesting, and extremely happy relationships. But fairy tales sometimes prefer to stay on the book pages, because anyone can run into a terrible partner who will leave only ruins after a break-up. In most cases, the problem is in too different expectations.

Despite the sympathy that can easily arise between them, opposite points and views make any relationships very unstable. Also, you can simply meet at the wrong time, in the wrong place, and under the wrong circumstances. Perhaps in this case it will be possible to try again, but it usually never works.

This is why dating websites are the best option for gay dating. Online dating has a huge number of advantages. Firstly, in offline dating, it is often not very clear where exactly you can find a homosexual partner. Gay clubs and bars can be an inconvenient place for many people, they worked 20 years ago, but the world has changed a lot since then. On the contrary, gay dating site has a wide audience, so you can choose a potential partner based on your personal criteria and requests.

In addition, gay dating sites provide an opportunity to easily incorporate online dating into your daily life, because not everyone has the time and desire to spend all free evenings at the bar, relying only on ghostly luck. On the website, you can constantly be in a search and still live in a daily routine without violating it. It saves time, emotions, and resources. Also before transferring your dating into an offline world, you can chat for a while, text a little, or use the video chat. This is very convenient for those who find it difficult to start dating because of social anxiety and fear of rejection.

When it comes to gay online dating, it is often not so clear how to choose the right gay dating site from the many options available. There are several things you should take into account because they can help you choose the most comfortable platform. Every dating site should have a number of basic features and include some aspects able to improve your search for true love.

  • User safety. The first thing to look out for when you sign up with a dating site is your own protection. After all, you always use either your email or some other social networks. On your profile, you share information about yourself, and on a gay dating site, there is an opportunity to meet people from whom you would like to hide your profile. In this case, the dating website should be able to protect all of your data from the inside, as well as give you the ability to block those users whom you want to block for one reason or another.
  • Convenient and user-friendly interface. Load the dating site’s home page into your browser, browse through the content, and consider whether the design is comfortable for you. This is extremely important because you will have to spend a sufficient amount of time using this service. The presence of uncomplicated and clear navigation is a massive advantage. Gay dating sites are created to help you find a life partner, so the service should be as pleasant and convenient as possible.
  • A large audience of the dating website. The number, and most importantly, the quality of users is of great importance, if not the main point. This is the part that directly affects how many potential partners you can find according to your requirements and criteria. A good gay dating site has a significant audience around it, which allows users to choose partners based on personal preferences, no matter how specific they are.
  • Profile with a lot of information and a variety of criteria. The more detailed and streamlined the construction of a profile is, the more opportunities the searching algorithms will have to select profiles that match the given criteria. A sufficient amount of detailed information in the profile is a necessity when we are talking about online dating. You expect to see a clear picture of your potential boyfriend right before your eyes. But at the same time, this information should not be empty and useless. Here you need to find the perfect balance that will help you find out all the information you need and not to dig up into something unnecessary.

Choosing the right dating site, especially for gay dating, can be difficult. It is important not to forget that dating should bring you a pleasant time and positive emotions, the opportunity to enjoy communication in search of your future love. A gay dating site serves as a kind of reference point, and your comfort and a chance of finding the perfect partner depend on its choice. Each person deserves love, care, and support, and dating other people allows you to get it. What you are looking for is very close, you just need to open your eyes and go in a search.

5 ways to make your wife happy with you

5 ways to make your wife happy with you


Photo by Git Stephen Gitau from Pexels

After being married for a couple years, many men report feeling a lack of passion in their relationship, that something is missing.

But besides knowing that something is off, men don’t know what the exact problem is nor what to do about it… 

In this article you will learn how to make your wife happy with you so that she wants to be dedicated to you, love you and infuse your marriage with passionate love!

Make your wife happy by following your purpose 

Every woman wants a man that is passionate about his mission in life.

Let me share with you a little known fact: your wife doesn’t want to be number one in your life, she wants your mission in life to be number one!

Here’s how David D. explains it:

A woman sometimes seems to want to be the most important thing in her man’s life. 

However, if she is the most important thing, then she feels her man has made her the number one priority and is not fully dedicated or directed to divine growth and service. 

She will feel her man’s dependence on her for his happiness, and this will make her feel smothered by his neediness and clinging. 

A woman really wants her man to be totally dedicated to his highest purpose—and also to love her fully. 

Although she would never admit it, she wants to feel that her man would be willing to sacrifice their relationship for the sake of his highest purpose.

The more purposeful you are in your life, the more your wife will desire you, but how can you find your purpose?

  1. Learn about great people and what they did and see if anything gets you especially excited
  2. Find a talent that you have that can make other people happier
  3. Find time every day to inspire people

And if none of these ideas spark passionate thoughts in your head, just start doing anything and ideas will start popping up in your head.

Make your wife happy by working out

Most men stop going to the gym after being married for a number of years, but you can’t fall into thit trap because you know that your wife wants you to be ripped.

If you’re overweight, that’s OK. Just start by jogging every day and eating slightly less. 

Once you get past that, start doing basic calisthenic exercises or go to a gym so that you build up your upper body and get that sexy, masculine look.

But the key is to be consistent. Going every day no matter what creates transformation, not 5 times a month!

But once you are muscular, make sure to demonstrate your strength too! 

  1. Pick her up with one arm
  2. Pin her against the wall and kiss her
  3. Wrestle with her playfully 

Now that you’re on your purpose and building muscle, you’re ready for step 3… 

Make your wife happy by increasing your confidence

How to ugly guys get hot girlfriends?

How do short guys bang 9’s and 10’s?

How do broke guys get married to smoking hot chicks?

The answer is: confidence. 

Because ultimately, confidence is what attracts any girl.

If you want to rekindle that passionate love with your wife, you must increase your level of confidence (and competence) by consistently challenging your fears.

Here’s what I mean:

  1. Find an open mike club and crack some jokes
  2. Join public speaking clubs
  3. Try rejection therapy/ social freedom exercises 

Bottom line: any fear that is unnecessary, take daily action to eliminate it.

Learn how to turn her on

Knowing how to get your wife horny is another crucial step to maintaining a happy marriage. Thankfully it’s a lot simpler than most guys make it!

Here’s a couple of good steps to get her totally turned on and aroused:

  1. Text her sexual compliments
  2. Try the BDSM lifestyle 
  3. Make sure to caress her where she loves it
  4. Give her nice 30 second long wet kisses
  5. Watch the right movies together (for example, Blue is The Warmest Color)

But of course, each girl is different so instead of learning how women respond in general, ask your wife what she loves the most.

Show your wife surprise love

You really want her to be crazy in love with you? Show her passionate, unexpected love. Here are some examples:

If she’s in a bad mood, sweep in, pick her up and kiss her passionately for at least a 30 seconds and once you’re done, give her a big hug until she has a big smile.

If she’s mindlessly browning social media while lying down, jump on her, pin her down and get kinky! (Sometimes, no foreplay is better.)

If she’s bored as hell, take her out for the date of her life and develop an even closer emotional connection. Surprise dates can be the best dates!

One word of caution: everyone has their own love language so make sure to show your wife love the way she wants it.

Does she feel loved when you give her a big hug? Then give her more physical touch.

Does she feel loved when you tell her how much you love her? Then give her more words of affirmation.

Does she feel loved when you have an intimate date together? Then give her more quality time.

Find her love language and give her as much love as you have!


Don’t read this article and imagine that your marriage will now be perfect.

Every marriage will have it’s occasional hiccups, but that shouldn’t stop you from making it as good as you can!

So here’s what you need to do: continuously learn about relationships and what makes them work. 

  • Join online forums 
  • Read marriage books
  • Find a good course on making your wife happy
  • Get yourself a mentor or a role model so that you know exactly what you need to do in each situation 

But there’s one last crucial point you can’t miss: real transformations take time. 

I get it: reading this article took you 2 minutes. But if you want to see real world results, you need to be patient. 

And I mean really patient.

It may take months, it may take years, but as long as you take consistent action and focus on your goal, you will see results!

Good luck

Love Puzzle: How to Find Out If You are Compatible with Your Partner in the Initial Stages of Dating?

Dating can be stressful – you’re forced to interact with strangers, and you may often feel like you’re being interrogated or put on the spot. Even when you meet someone you like, how can you tell if your relationship is the real deal? Are you and your partner, really, compatible, or are you just wrapped up in the love bubble? Luckily, dating experts have come up with some sure-fire ways to gauge long term relationship compatibility. From simple things, like sharing a sense of humor or matching life goals, there are many ways to spot a relationship that is likely to last. Looking for lasting love while in the early stages of dating? Here’s our list of the top 6 compatibility traits!

You Laugh Together

Couple Laughing
Studies have shown that couples who share a similar sense of humor are more likely to exhibit long term compatibility than those who do not. Luckily, humor compatibility is something you can usually sense quite early on, while you’re still in the early stages of dating. If you’re wondering why dating is important, think of it like this – those first few dates are your chance to suss out how you feel with your partner. If you find yourself laughing together during these early encounters, this is probably a great sign for long term love. If you find that your jokes fall on stony silence (or your partner’s humor makes you cringe), imagine having to feel this way for the rest of your life. 

Relationship experts believe that couples who laugh together have a higher chance of weathering painful or stressful situations. Being able to laugh together, release tension, and support your ability to resolve conflict in healthy ways. This bodes well, both for those awkward early stages of dating and problems that arise down the road.  

You Have Similar Life Goals

Holding HandsIn the honeymoon stages of dating, it’s easy to disregard differences of taste and opinion – especially when you’re super attracted. However, when dating goes too fast, it can be difficult to work out whether you’re compatible or infatuated. Dating is like anything new – at first, you see your partner through rose-tinted glasses and find everything adorable. However, as time goes by, the cracks will start to show unless you and your partner share some fundamental compatibility traits. 

One marker of a truly promising relationship is if you and your partner share similar life goals and like to spend your time in similar ways. Although people may superficially get along great, most people have certain foundational goals and beliefs that shape who they and what they want out of life. Generally, successful couples are couples who have their priorities in the same place. Although everyone loves the fun, flirty stages of dating, if you’re serious about your partner, you might want to ask the big questions sooner than you think.

There’s Undeniable Attraction 

Even if your partner is not your usual physical type, if you’re genuinely compatible, you’ll feel physically attracted to them, nonetheless. The sexual attraction isn’t always instantaneous, but if your relationship goes the distance, there will usually be some spark there. If you’re in the first stages of dating in person, it’s easy to tell whether you and your partner have chemistry. However, with more and more people dating online, this changes things. 

Dating online is a great way to meet people outside your usual circle. It can also be a great way to start dating for introverts as it takes off some of the social pressure of going out in public with a stranger. You can arrange a date in the comfort of your own home, and you can spend time talking and getting to know your new partner. Dating online has also experienced a resurgence as new couples navigate dating and COVID. With couples unable to meet in person, single people have embraced the online dating world. If you’re wondering what dating sites are free, check out a list of the best online dating sites and pick one tailored to your relationship needs. 

You Feel Listened To

When you’re in the first stages of dating, one of the top dating tips for women often given out by relationship experts is to look for a partner who listens. This tip works both ways. Divorce counselors cite dismissive behavior, or stonewalling, as one of the number one contributing factors for divorce among long term couples. Stonewalling is when one partner blocks out or sneers at the other person’s attempts to communicate. A major complaint from partners who have been stonewalled is that they don’t feel listened to or judged in their relationship. Thankfully, it’s relatively easy to spot a good listener while in the early stages of dating! If you’re dating someone who makes you feel heard and accepted, then you’re likely on route to build a long-lasting relationship.

You Feel Comfortable With Your Partner 

Dating blogs will consistently tell you that, in good relationships, your partner will be your best friend. Furthermore, anyone in a happy relationship will tell you that they feel comfortable with their partner. Healthy couples often report feeling ‘at home’ with each other, and frequently state that they felt this way even from the beginning stages of dating. Sometimes, when dating, you’ll be overwhelmed by the feeling that you can say anything with your partner, and they won’t judge you. If they reciprocate these feelings, chances are you’ll both be in it for the long haul. Moving too fast in the early stages of dating can lead to heartbreak. However, when dating moves too fast, it is sometimes a sign of serious compatibility. If you feel like you can be yourself with your partner, try not to overthink things. The pace at which you move depends on your unique relationship.

You Show Up For Each Other 

Man and Woman Hugging Each Other
One of the most crucial dating tips for men and women is to find someone who will be there for them. Usually, in the honeymoon stages of dating someone, things are casual, and you don’t rely heavily on their support. What if things changed, though? Say a serious life event occurs out of the blue – would you turn to your partner for support, or would you be afraid to scare them off? If you answered the latter, you might want to reconsider your choice if your goal is lasting love. Your partner is your support network and should be there to hold your hand as you move into the later dating stages. 

Final Call: How did you know that your partner was the one? Are you single and looking for new ways to navigate the dating scene? What are some of your experiences dating? Share your comments with our readers!

Author’s bio:  

Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in relation and psychology area. Miranda is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general. She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking.


A Groom’s Guide to Looking Great: 4 Tips to Look Your Best

Your wedding is coming up and you don’t really know which steps to take to look your absolute best? Look no further because we’re here to help you out! Here is a super useful groom’s guide to looking great on your big day, so keep on reading, check it out, and get down to business right away!

First of all, make your skin look great

Improving your skincare routine is one of the most important tasks before the wedding, so make sure not to skip it under any circumstances. Needless to say, the first thing you should do is to embrace healthy eating habits. It means that you should stay away from unhealthy junk foods that can cause inflammation and wreak havoc on your skin. Sufficient water intake is also crucial, as well as updating your skincare routine. For example, dry and flaky skin looks very unflattering, so switch to a thicker moisturiser that’ll keep your skin hydrated all day long. On the other hand, if your skin is naturally oily, you should definitely opt for serums that can quickly absorb into the skin. However, if you can’t figure out what to do, ask a skincare specialist and you won’t make a mistake!

Work out regularly, without any exceptions

A lot of guys say that staying in shape is one of the most vital steps of wedding preparations, and you know what? We completely agree with this claim, which is why you should come up with a workout routine at least six months before the big day. It doesn’t matter what type of exercises you prefer, as long as you’re doing your best to stay fit and physically active. Of course, your workouts should be more intense if you want to lose some weight, so be sure to incorporate both cardio and strength workouts into your routine. Cycling is also a fantastic choice – especially if you have problems with your knees or joints, as this is a low-impact activity that won’t put additional pressure on those areas. Just find activities that suit your needs and current fitness levels in the best possible way and you’ll do a great job!

Figure out what you want to do with your hair

Even though many men don’t really pay attention to their hair, the truth is that your hairstyle will inevitably play a huge role in your final look. After all, it’s your wedding, so make sure to take care of every little detail that contributes to the overall look! First of all, you should schedule an appointment with your barber at least 2-3 days before the wedding, so that you get a fresh haircut a few days in advance. When it comes to styling your hair, there are several products you should take into consideration. The first one is hair wax which can keep the unruly hairs in place, which is essential on such an important occasion. If that’s what you need, buy the best hair wax that will give your hair structure while keeping it nourished at the same time. Besides wax, you can use some hairspray, too. It’ll give your hairstyle extra hold and help it stay intact all day and all night, so don’t skip it and you’ll see what we were talking about!

Tame your facial hair

Your grooming routine shouldn’t include your hair only – it should incorporate your facial hair as well! This means that you should take proper care of your beard, moustache, and even eyebrows, so that every single hair looks flawless and has its own place. Of course, you can do it all by yourself, but you know what? You should better leave it to the barber so that you can completely relax and reduce the risk of messing up or cutting yourself because you’re in a hurry. Trust us when we say that it’ll do the trick. Speaking of your eyebrows, you can always see an aesthetician for a wax or threading a few days before the wedding. Tidy brows truly make a huge difference, so you won’t go wrong if you decide to make it happen!


As you can tell, there are many steps every groom-to-be should take in order to look amazing at his own wedding. These four are the most essential ones out there, so be sure to bear them in mind if you want to look your best on the most important day of your life. If that’s your top priority, just stick to our tips and you’ll do a fantastic job, without a shadow of a doubt!


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