7 Unique Wedding Ring Holders to Show off Your Ring Bling

Check out these creative wedding ring holders.

Unique wedding themes are the trends nowadays. Gone are the old traditional wedding themes where everything has always been what it was. There are some traditions we don’t break away from like the bride’s white dress which was initiated by Queen Victoria in her wedding with Prince Albert or the classic wedding rings. However, due to the rise of social media platforms, newlyweds can now share their most memorable moments to the whole world, giving a spotlight to even the tiniest wedding detail, not just the dress.

One of the raves nowadays is the photo of the soon-to-be-husband-and-wife’s wedding rings. In fact, it is so trendy that the #weddingring has more than a million posts on Instagram. With all of the photos, you might want yours to stand out and the best way to do it is to present your wedding rings in an eye-catching ring holder.

The thing is, wedding preparation can be a tedious job and some might overlook the little details like your ring holder which will be in your wedding photo album. Good thing we’ve compiled seven unique wedding ring holders that will surely go with your theme, get your social media followers and friends’ attention and will still catch your breath even decades later when you look at your photos.

Rustic Wedding Holder From Tree Branch or Stump

wedding ring

Image source: rustic4weddings.com

This wedding ring holder is perfect for a wedding with a rustic woodland theme. This ring holder can be bought for a cheap price and what’s even more exciting is that it is easy to make in your own backyard. Just grab a branch thick enough to fit perfectly on your ring bearer’s hands, and saw a piece with a thickness of about 2 inches. Monogram your initials on the flat side using a wood engraving tool to personalize it. You may also tie a twine around your wooden ring holder for decoration.

Sea Shell Wedding Ring Holder

wedding box seashell

Image source: bhldn.com

Beach wedding is a sure-fire way to achieve a romantic wedding ceremony during the summer season. To match the theme, create your own wedding ring holder out of a seashell. Just grab a seashell from your local craft store and decorate it with sea stones, artificial pearls, sea glasses, or sand. You may also use an empty starfish or a conch shell and fill them with sand or pearls. The possibilities for this project are endless!

Geometric Terrarium Ring Holder

wedding ring holder

wedding ring holderwedding ring holderImage source: pinterest.com

Add a whimsical touch to your garden wedding with this geometric terrarium which you can buy at your local craft stores or online. Succulents are also popular these days for wedding decorations and even wedding bouquets. Put tiny succulents inside your geometric terrarium and place your rings on top. You may also put moss, white sand, or flowers of your own choice to decorate your terrarium wedding holder.

Bird’s Nest Wedding Holder

nest wedding ring holder

Image source: weddbook.com

This bird’s nest wedding ring holder is both romantic and symbolic because your wedding means that you are starting your own family. If you have a nest in your backyard, you can just clean it, make sure that you’re not harming any creature and then decorate it. If you don’t have this option, you can always make one using dry twigs and small vines. Of course, you can also buy one from Etsy shops.  This wedding ring holder is perfect for a woodland wedding.

Embroidery Hoop and Lace

Traditional wedding ring holder

Image source: etsy.com

Bring out your crafty side by using an embroidery hoop and some lace as your wedding ring holder or pillow. If you want a more personalized holder, monogram your initials at the middle of the hoop just above where you will attach the rings. You may use a canvas or tulle fabric for this project. If you don’t have any knowledge in embroidery at all, you can also just grab half a yard of lace and secure it in the embroidery hoop. However, you choose to decorate your embroidery hoop ring holder, it will surely fit well in a Bohemian-themed wedding.

Lego Figures

Lego wedding ring holders

Image source: pinterest.com

Did you know that a Lego figure’s hands are perfect for holding your wedding rings? Just because a wedding has a solemn atmosphere doesn’t mean that you can’t bring out you and your partner’s playful side. Use two Lego action figures that represent you and your partner to hold your rings. You can choose Batman and Robin, Harley Quinn and Joker, or anybody from the Lego collection! Your cheeky little ring bearer will also appreciate his role even more.

Secret Book Case

Book wedding ring holder

Image source: weddingbee.com

This one is for the bookworm couple who want their ring holder to reflect their personality. Just glue the pages of the book secure. Trace a template of the shape you want the casing to be. It could be the shape of a heart or a box but you have to make sure that the rings will fit inside. Using an Exacto knife, cut away the pages until your case is deep enough for the rings to fit. Sand down the walls of the case to make them smooth then apply mod podge.

With these seven unique wedding ring holder ideas, you’ll be sure to start a trend among your friends but most importantly, the little details of your wedding where you out your personality in will make it stand out among other wedding ceremonies out there. Also, don’t forget to communicate with your partner about your wedding preparation decisions because the wedding will be about the two of you.

Wedding preparations can be stressful but if done right, the results will never be forgotten. To get all the tiniest details in accordance to how you imagined your wedding to be, make sure to make all your demands and requests clear with your wedding planner. There are some companies that can help you in planning your wedding in Malta, and it could cost you to pay for their services; however, getting help will make the experience delightful and will not take away the excitement for you. Lastly, just cherish the moments even during the preparation because a wedding is such a happy occasion that you will be celebrating with your family and friends.

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