What are the Top 5 Rules for Wearing Rings?

Rings can convey the message silently but impressively. For example, how can you know that a person is married or engaged? In the past and still in the North American regions, a ring in the thumb is a symbol of wealth and strength.

There are some factors or simply say rules to be followed while choosing a ring that can fit with your personality. As the rings can deliver the message so, you have to be wiser while choosing a ring. In this article, you will know all the rules of wearing a ring.

Left vs. Right Hand – Which is better for Ring Finger?

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Let’s start the ring-wearing guide from the hands. Which hand is better for wearing a ring?

Men in almost all cultures wear a ring in the fingers of their left hand. It is said that the right hand is for physical activity which the left hand belongs to mental actions so, wearing a ring in the left hand for men is more popular.

Women of all cultures except Chinese culture, wear the ring on the middle finger of the right hand. They consider that as the woman is in charge of the house so, the ring should be on her right hand.

Rules of Wearing Rings

classic wedding ringThere are mainly five rules to be followed while choosing or wearing a ring. Ring choice depends on the message that you want to deliver, the appearance of your hand, your confidence level after wearing it, and matching with the jewelry. Let’s talk about each rule in detail.

Rule # 1: Deliver the Message

classic wedding ringRings can convey the message strongly and silently. It can be representative that who are you? For example, a rich man will wear an expensive stone that will prove his wealth and power.

People may not speak to you but they notice the ring so, think twice about the message that your ring is delivering to the observers.

Rule # 2: Does it make you Confident?

How much you are confident with the message that your ring is delivering? If it is delivering the right message then you will be surely confident otherwise you may feel uncomfortable and shy after wearing it. If you want to remain confident after wearing the ring then make sure it matches your personality.

You might be a shy person and would not feel comfortable in public with your ring. To overcome it, first, start wearing a ring in your house and then nearby places. Now start wearing the ring with your trusted friends who will not taunt you or make you shy. Finally, wear it in public once you start feeling comfortable.

Rule # 3: Match with the Jewelry

Do you wear multiple rings? Do you have a chain around your neck? Do you wear a watch and use cuff studs? Then make sure that all the jewelry is balanced and matches with each other. Avoid using a bunch of rings. You can wear the ring in a chain instead if it is a matter of family or zodiac.

Rule # 4: Maintain with Hand

Are your hands larger or smaller? If you have larger hands then larger rings will suit you and if your hands are smaller then better to wear smaller rings. In the same way, if your fingers are slim then you should use compact rings that can easily fit.

Rule # 5: Best matching Metal

classic wedding ringChoosing the right metal can also highlight your personality in a better way. Some men like to wear gold and some like silver whereas numbers of people like to wear rings with stones. From a metal point of view, there are two suggestions or rules:

  • Wear Gold Ring – If you have warm skin color then gold will suit better in your fingers.
  • Wear Silver Ring – If your skin color is white then silver rings are better for you.

You can also try rings of different colors that have stones in them. There are several stones in different colors and shapes that can help you to stand out in the crowd. Instead of wearing a simple gold or silver ring, a ring with a stone will be more attractive.

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Types of Rings based on Zodiac

There are a total of twelve signs in the zodiac circle. If you believe in the zodiac and the effects of stars’ movement on life then you will surely like to wear rings according to your zodiac sign.

You can consult with an astrologist and ask them for a good stone that matches your zodiac. With a few clicks, you can find your zodiac information on the internet and then browse our store to find the best zodiac ring that matches best.

Should you limit the Number of Rings?

classic wedding ringIt mainly depends on your physical appearance. But, expert still suggests to wearing maximum three rings per hand are enough. You should not go beyond the limit otherwise you might not look as attractive as you are willing to. You also have to make sure that all the rings match each other and with your personality.

Above were the rules as well as tips for wearing rings. We mainly talked about men in this article because the popular rings for women are wedding and engagement rings. Women mainly have no concern with the rings that show their wealth or power. They just like to wear engagement and wedding rings as a sign of their husband’s love.

Women mainly wear rings on the fourth finger of the left or right hand. While wearing stones, rings to show off power and wealth is mainly a part of men’s activities.

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