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Before You Cohabit: Let’s Talk Logistics, Legalities, and Finances

3.3 million households in the UK consist of cohabiting couples based on the Office of National Statistics. Cohabitation is something that has been historically controversial especially because of religious reasons and societal expectations. Yet it is now one of the fastest growing household types as more couples are moving in together for different reasons like cutting costs or taking things “to the next step”. It goes without saying that moving in with a romantic partner is a big deal and should warrant consideration especially when you are not just factoring feelings into the mix. 

Cohabiting Logistics

A lot of couples who decide to move in together can get swept away with the high of taking their relationship to the next level. They end up forgetting that they need to approach this with both feet firmly planted on the ground. Logistics plays a huge part when it comes to deciding where the couple is going to live. Potential living situations can get pretty complicated when each person has their own flat or home. Not everyone is willing to give up the space that they have worked to maintain themselves so opening up your space can be a daunting undertaking. Not to mention that it is something that involves a significant amount of planning.

It’s a conversation that you and your significant other will have to tackle early on. It is best to figure out who is moving in with whom or if getting specialised housing is necessary. Think about how the move will affect your commutes to work and if you need to sell or donate any possessions to make space for joint belongings. Consider what to do about re-routing mail to your new place. Talking about these points and many more will help give both of you a stronger idea of the logistics involved with moving in together. Strong communication will also lessen the likelihood of a cohabitation breakdown as found by University College London.

Legal Ramifications

It seems that two-thirds of cohabiting couples in the UK erroneously believe in the existence of common-law marriage as found through a survey by Resolution. Despite having a lengthy or fruitful cohabitation, the couple does not have the same rights as a legally married couple would have. Each person must be aware of their rights before they enter into a cohabiting situation. This is particularly significant when one moves into the home of another. Even if the one who moved in helps to pay the mortgage, they will have no legal claim to it.

It is ideal to explore the legalities of your decision before you go through with it. For example, you can see if drawing up a cohabitation agreement before moving in is an option. Having a frank discussion about your legal expectations about sharing a mortgage or buying things for the shared home is crucial. If you are going to rent a property from a private landlord, it is vital to clarify whose name will be on the lease. Try to see if it is possible to jointly sign on a lease so you both share equal responsibility and thus share equal rights to the rental.

Never forget that the contract with the landlord will have legal ramifications if either of you breaches it or terminates it offhand because of a breakup. Let’s say you spend several unmarried decades with each other and one of you passes. Unless there is a document that says you stand to inherit, you will have no legal rights to it. It would be wise to consult with a solicitor before moving in together so you’ll know what you’re entitled to.

Financial Smarts

Disagreements about money are one of the common roots of breakups in couples both married and unmarried. You can even say that things are harder for unmarried couples precisely because they are mostly unprotected by the law. When you move in with someone, you ultimately agree to shoulder your partner emotionally, psychologically, and – yes – financially. That is, of course, unless you both have a drawn up contract that protects your individual financial interests.

Money matters often involve finding out who pays for what expense in the household. There are those that take a percentile approach toward dividing the bills. There are those that consider the earning power of each person. Only then do they pick which financial responsibilities are theirs. If your partner is going to open up an account under their name, you will have no claim to that and the same applies to them when it comes to your finances. It is of fundamental importance to clarify how the couple is to approach any financial responsibilities in the future.

Seeking a financial set-up that both individuals are comfortable with is the goal of talking about money. While aiming to split everything 50/50 might seem ideal, it does not leave much leeway. It’s not until the couple moves in together that they get a firm idea of how much their lover spends on hobbies and other unnecessary expenses. It is unreasonable to ask a significant other to pay for half when consumption and personal expenses are not evenly split. A good idea is to avoid dealing in absolutes when it comes to money figures. Also, don’t forget to be flexible.

Look To Your Future

Right now it would not be surprising if the couple feels like they are for keeps. Naturally, that’s how a majority of couples who have just brought up moving in together feel. The truth of the matter is there really is no telling what sort of future they will have individually and as a couple. That is why it is critical for each to cast a safety net for their own individual interests. Talking about legalities and finances may not be the most romantic topic to discuss but it is necessary in order to lay a strong foundation for the two people in that very relationship. If these are topics that you cannot broach to your partner at this time, it is important to ask yourself if this is a decision that you are still comfortable on making.


7 Tips for Writing a Meaningful Love Letter in a Long-Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships can be challenging, to say the least. We’re lucky in the twenty-first century to have many ways of communicating instantly over huge distances. We can stay in touch with loved ones via instant messaging, social media, email, and phone calls. But there’s just something romantic about receiving an actual letter. Here are seven tips for writing a meaningful love letter in a long-distance relationship.

Before you write…

As with just about any project, a love letter will always turn out better if you prepare a bit before you begin. Put some thought into this thing. You don’t want your recipient to look at it and think you copied the words off the internet, it should sound as if it was written just for them. This is why it’s so important that you calibrate your letter for the person you’re writing it to. It’s also nice to time your love letter as a surprise.

Maybe it will be a surprise regardless of when they receive it. But there’s something about receiving a letter on a day other than your birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day. Try not to worry too much about what specific medium or format you use. There is no perfect way to write or deliver a love letter. If you want to try and compose yours in poem form, go for it, but you don’t have to. You can handwrite your letter, type it out and print it, or even send it digitally. There is not perfect medium and they all have their pros and cons.

Different ways of writing a love letter

There’s no perfect way to write a love letter, in fact, there are many good ways. The way you choose will depend on you, your situation, and the person you’re writing to. When you’re in a long-distance relationship, a month by month plan might work.

Write a short letter every month and keep your loved one feeling less lonely and thinking about you. You could also send them love notes on postcards, giving them a peek at the kinds of things you’re seeing in your new location. You could try writing a few notes before you leave and have your loved one open them after you’re gone.

Explain why you’re writing

A good way to start off your letter is to say why you’re writing it. What inspired you? This section can be as brief or as long as you like. “Maybe you’ve been tossing these words around in your head for weeks and finally decided to put them down on paper. Or maybe you were just overcome with the idea recently. The purpose is to give your recipient an idea of what they’re about to get into,” suggests Marylin Collier, romance writer at Eliteassignmenthelp and Ukwritings.

What do you love about them?

What are the things you love about them? Do some brainstorming and list off all the things you can think of. Is it the things you have learned from them? Maybe it’s just the way they smile or how their hair looks first thing in the morning.

Think about some ways physically, sexually, emotionally, and mentally that they have improved your life. These could include things you have told them before, or things they might not even know you appreciate about them. Try and think up a few dozen first and then pick your favorite ones to write about.

Recall some memories

It’s time to brainstorm again, this time think of as many of your favorite memories with this person as you can. These can be anything from the moment you first met, to an anniversary celebration, to a funny memory that’s become an inside joke between the two of you. Once you’ve brainstormed a bunch, pick out your favorites and write about why they mean so much to you.

The more specific, the better

When it comes to describing how you feel, the more the details you include, the better. It can be an amazing experience for them to hear something for the first time, something you’ve been the first to mention, or phrased so uniquely. Every time they become aware of the trait, or whatever it is you mentioned, they will think back to you and your letter.

What does your loved one do that makes your heart skip a beat? Think hard about this one, because it might not come to you right away. But when it does, you’ll know, and it will probably be the highlight of your love letter.

Be sure to properly format and edit your letter

Take some time and edit and format your love letter before you send it out. Paying attention to these little details is important because it shows that you care. Here are some tools that can help you out:

Via Writing and Top essay writing services – These are both sites where you will find plenty of writing tips and examples of love letters. Sometimes the best way to learn is just by looking at another writer’s work.

Paper Fellows – Use this online editing tool, which has been recommended by UK Top Writers, to ensure your letter doesn’t have any typos or other errors. Don’t risk looking sloppy with your love letter, make sure it’s perfect.

Academ Advisor – This is a great source for grammar tips, as well as somewhere you can have your work checked over for errors. Grammar can be tricky, so why not get some professional help?

Academized and Ox Essays – These online proofreading tools are a great way to make sure your letter is flawless and guarantee your peace of mind.

MyWritingWay – Check out this great resource when you’re writing your letter, it is perfect for generating catchy and lovely words.

BigAssignments and AustralianHelp – These formatting tools will help you format your love letter correctly and easily.


Love letters can be a great way to remind your loved one that, although you are many miles away, you still think about them and care about them. Writing these kinds of letters is a lost art, and most people have no idea where to even start. Follow these seven tips to write a meaningful love letter in a long-distance relationship.

How to Plan the Perfect Proposal

So you’re ready to take the next step, but have no idea where to start? Proposing is a daunting task that can be very scary. What ring do I pick out? Where do I take my partner? What do I say? Those are just some of the questions that are racing through your brain now that you’ve decided to get down on one knee. Even though it seems like there is a lot to do, it will be much simpler than you think! Just let your passion and love for your special someone guide you to make the right choices.

Engagement Ring

The engagement ring is the first place to start. There are no rules for proposing. You should spend what is in your budget and whatever will make your partner happy. But what ring do you choose? The first step is metals. Take a look at the jewelry your fiance-to-be loves to wear. Is it gold or silver? This is very crucial because most people will have a preference for one or the other. They will want to wear their engagement ring every day so it’s important to pick out a metal that goes with their normal jewelry. If there is more gold tones, then get a gold band. The same thing goes for silver!

pear shaped diamond engagement ring

The stones are the next big part of an engagement ring. There are quite a variety to choose from and this really depends on your significant other’s personal style. Diamonds are the classic choice which can come in many colors and sizes. No matter the color or size, the 4 things you need to know about diamonds are cut, color, clarity, and carat. The cut  affects the sparkle of the diamond so it’s the most important! Color only refers to white diamonds because they can range from a dull yellow to a brilliant white. A diamond’s clarity refers to the amount of tiny imperfections on its surface. This is not noticeable to the naked eye. Carat is the weight of a diamond. If a smaller diamond is cut well, then the carat will not matter as much!

Another option is unique stones like sapphires or opal. If your fiance-to-be has a unique style, then this may be a great idea! To get a feel for if they would be interested in a gemstone engagement ring or not, ask their opinion on Princess Kate’s ring or a friend’s. Your partner’s reactions to those will help you decide what to get. Many jewelers, including Blue Nile, offer an assortment of engagement rings from diamonds to gemstones, allowing you to find the ring of your fiance’s dreams.

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Online dating

Merits and Demerits Associated with Online Dating

Online dating is really an entertaining means to find out and get connected to people who you can never even think of communicating in the otherwise case. It’s a registered fact that online dating can bring such partners that are spectacular, gorgeous and well-natured but today’s world has brought about such swaps in online dating that its success rate has diminished, and the percentage of unsuccessful stories followed by crimes, sexual abuse and even deaths in many cases has grown alarmingly. The involvement of external elements like criminals, sexual abusers, cyber bullies, hikers and black sheep in the disguise of sophisticated human beings has deteriorated the genuine essence of online dating. In a nutshell, it can be concluded that the demerits of online dating are heavier than its positive outcomes.

Merits of Online Dating

The analysis of the pros and cons of online dating will enable a social media user to take decisive steps when it comes to joining online dating sites and apps. He/she can figure out to make a decision for his betterment and in case he becomes a member, he will definitely be prepared for the worst as well. Have a look at the few merits:

No More Wandering in Bars

One of the substantial benefits and a strong reason people look for online hook-ups is they get rid of visiting bars and other random locations in search of partners. Online dating sites are readily available to every social media user and in case they like someone; communication, exchange of photos, calls and other detailed information is possible too. The data provided by a match let the other decisions about patching up and having a date while on the contrary, offline dating consumes plenty of time without any guarantee of getting the desired partner.

Diversity for Selection

Millions of users are on various online dating forums. Isn’t it a remarkable opportunity to select someone from such a huge number of daters? Indeed, this is an incredible fortuity to get in contact with anyone that you wish to be with you. Even in a single day, a user can communicate with more than a hundred people for dating. This diversity will be generous enough to bring a perfect match for any user.

Surprising First Date

The first date that happens to own to online match is really surprising and great in many ways. How beautiful and sensation it would be to date a person you just talked on the internet? For me, personally, it will be one of the greatest adventures I can ever do. The match you decided to date with can be beyond your expectation or might be below average in look, face, figure, and other physical attributes. Moreover, live dating proffers a dater to know about his/her match deeply because many people are not what they pretend to be on online sites.

Demerits of Online Dating:-

Not a Safe Option

The online daters are so ripped in the fantasy of meeting and dating a stranger they agree to hook up anyone. This is very shocking to me as I can’t afford to meet a person who I even know to some extent. The online dater, on either side, is not aware of who is sitting and talking to him/her. He might be a person to trap you, kidnap or use for an awful activity that becomes the biggest blunder of your life. The facts, statistics, and reports of various researchers, newspapers, magazines, and journals are enough to tell someone that online dating is not a safe way at all.

No Emotional Involvement

Have you gone into the heart of your match to check out love for you? You can never do so. This is, we believe, the answer to the question whether your partner is emotionally involved in you. The person might be playing with you, might want to meet just for fun and some excitement to bring some real business in his/her life or most probably he/she might be a regular hanky to waste others’ time. There is no scientific or proven formula to calculate emotional touch in either heart. So for me, this is the darkest side of online dating that I would always wish to keep at arms’ length.

It can be Expensive

Let me elaborate on the term “expensive” here. It’s not limited to financial expenses, but it might hurt you, it may put you into some serious nasty trouble, you might be trapped or even killed by the other party. A few days ago, I was reading a report on the danger of online dating apps; I was almost dead to see the increasing crime reports. The most impacted category on the online dating apps is teens and kids. These nascent brains are not powerful enough to take mature decisions. Reduce the expenses and save your lives, community and above all the humanity.

Author Bio:

Lina is Web Content Writer at BlurSPY. She’s relationship adviser. She spends most of her time browsing dating feature and applications through digital devices. Most recently her focus has shifted towards the Android spy app for the cell phone which is making waves in the technology world today.

How the Internet Has Changed Dating

How the Internet Has Changed Dating

Back in the days when verbal communication was the only way people could interact, things were harder than today. Dating couples had to wait until they met to communicate a message. Then came the letter posting era, telephone and fast forward to today when we have the internet.

It has changed every aspect of how people do things, especially socializing. People do not need to meet physically to start a relationship. There are many ways in which the internet makes dating possible, and this is what we are going to highlight here.Continue reading


Romancing Your Partner while Travelling

We know that people who go on vacations are more productive at work and more likely to get promoted, but are they also happier in their romantic relationships? A study review published in the Journal of Travel Research found that travel has several benefits for families, relationships, and individuals. Holidays are a reminder of the fact that although some things change when you have been married for many years, your enjoyment of each other and your love, can be stronger than ever if you just take the time to enjoy each other with no pressures of work or other commitments. If you and your partner could use a few days away, discovering new sights and learning more about each other, learning about just a few benefits of holidays may inspire you. Does booking a week away to one of the world’s most romantic cities appeal?

Building Beautiful Memories

When you think back on the highs and lows of your relationships, the best moments are probably centered on travel. As noted in a Study by Shaw, Havitz, and Delemere, holidays build tighter bonds because they provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and create memories that are cherished years later. As noted by one participant to their study, investing in a holiday makes sense because you are in essence buying into beautiful memories, not just material things that don’t mean as much when you look back on meaningful moments of your life.

The Effect of Holidays on Relationships

Research by Newman and Newman has found that spending more leisure time together is linked to a lower probability of divorce. Another study by Gilbert and Abdullah, undertaken on over 6,000 people, found that those who took at least four consecutive days off to travel, enjoyed greater wellbeing and happiness. A third study by Hoopes and Lounsbury found that going on holiday increased a couple’s satisfaction once they were back home. Some countries have taken notice of the psychological importance of vacations. Malaysia, for instance, introduced a Second Honeymoon Program in 2010, offering couples who were considering divorce an island getaway where they would enjoy counselling as well as enough time to enjoy the paradisiacal setting together. People argue less and enjoy greater intimacy when they are on their vacation, than in daily life.

Holidays Reduce Stress and Promote Peace in a Relationship

Many studies have shown that holidays are important, particularly when you have a high-stress lifestyle or when, as a couple, you have been through the stress of illness. A study conducted recently by the American Psychological Association found that vacations significantly lower stress levels because they take remove us from the activities and environments that cause worry and anxiety. Holidays ensure we have less headaches and backaches, which puts us into ‘the mood for love’. They also enable us to sleep better, so we feel more alert and are better able to give our full attention to our partner. Simply sleeping poorly or tossing and turning frequently at night can increase our stress levels, so a holiday is a good way to cut both stress and poor sleep hygiene in the bud.

Choosing a Romantic Getaway

Paradisiacal islands and mountainside resorts often spring to mind when we think of a romantic holiday, but if you are a city lover at heart, a buzzing city like New York, with its romantic nightclubs, rooftop terrace restaurants, and meaningful monuments (does the Empire State ring any bells?), has all the ingredients it takes to wine and dine your partner in style. Because New York is so expansive, it offers a plethora of romantic activities, including a picnic at Central Park, a visit to the Hayden Planetarium, or a visit to the Diamond District. Other cities on the top of the romance list include Paris, Sydney, and Venice. Whether you are catching a show at the Moulin Rouge in Paris, walking along the beach in Sydney, or taking a gondola ride in Venice, chances are, you will feel fortunate that you are enjoying all these sites with someone you love.

Making Time for a Nature Escape

If you do choose a city escape, try to find a beautiful green area or seaside part of the area you are visiting, to add a little dose of romance to what will undoubtedly already be an unforgettable trip. Researchers in Finland (Liisa Tyrvainen of the Finnish Forest Institute) recently measured people’s wellbeing in three different environments: busy city parks, urban streetscapes, and wild forests. In their study, participants were asked to take a 15-break in these areas. They found that those who had visited the city parks and forests, felt psychologically restored. These feelings were slightly heightened in a forest setting but interestingly, even being in an urban green area had powerful restorative effects. Another study by scientists at Stanford University, meanwhile, found that walking in a city park lifted the mood, working memory, and attention. Once again, it is evident that by working on our own stress levels, we can give our best self to our partner. Therefore, if you do opt for a city break, consider giving priority to cities with a beach, nearby forests, or numerous green areas in which to relax after a hectic day sightseeing.

If you would love to surprise your partner or spouse with a special gift, a holiday may just be one of the best investments you can make. As mentioned above, material things (a designer outfit, killer pair of shoes, or even an elegant piece of jewellery) don’t really form part of our memory when we recall special moments with our loved one. Holidays don’t have to be expensive, or involve a plane ride and fancy hotels. You don’t even have to leave your city or state to disconnect with your partner. Taking a quick city or nature  break for a weekend can help reduce stress and arguments, improve your mood, and make you more aware of/attentive to your loved one.

How to plan the first date at a restaurant for a perfect evening together?

There’s a time in everyone’s lives where they want to stop hanging out and begin going on dates. If that’s where you are, you need some fantastic first date ideas to woo the special someone on the first date. While people always dread the first date, research shows that most people decide the future of the romance on the very first evening.

Here’s your cheat sheet to an excellent first date –

Always have a plan

First, you need to have a plan. There is nothing worse than sitting on the couch with your date wondering what to do for the evening. If you have been friends, that’s great news because that will give you an idea about what he or she might want to do the first evening together. The first meeting between just the two of you can be awkward, which is why it is necessary to meet outside, at a neutral place like a restaurant.

Check out food preferences

Second, find out what your date likes to eat. Is he or she a vegetarian? Does he or she love a juicy steak? Do you want your date to be casual and a “burger and fries” joint? Or, do you want to do something special like a romantic dinner? It is essential to plan this part because both of you can prepare accordingly. If it is a visit to a classy wine and dine restaurant, you should dress respectably. Frayed jeans and a casual t-shirt might not be that welcome at an upscale place. So, research the restaurant, check the menu and withdraw cash from the ATM just in case there’s an emergency.

Research the place’s menu

Third, research the restaurant’s menu. If your date is vegan, you must ensure that the place you picked specializes in vegan food as well. In most of the regular sites, the vegetarian options are limited, and they usually do not have vegan alternatives to their regular items. If you are not sure about a particular diet, he or she is on like a keto diet, or an ovo-lacto vegetarian diet, make sure the place serves something up to his or her expectations. Restaurants that do not have their menu online, usually answer questions regarding their menu options over the phone.

Check the quality of service

Fourth, check the reviews and ratings of the restaurant. Sometimes, a place might serve all the food you can think of, but many of the items on the menu can be of subpar quality. That is completely unfortunate, but it is true. There is nothing worse than sitting on either side of a gorgeous tabbouleh salad and not being able to dig into it! Then check if you will need reservations. Do not get your hopes up without knowing how long the average seating time is, or how long ago you have to book for a fine dining experience.

Great food is the best social and romantic glue. There is nothing like bonding over common food interests with a new person. On a first date, always try to be sensitive, appreciative and supportive. Having an impressive spread in front of you with a delicious bottle of wine is all you will need to spill your heart and listen as your date reciprocates.

7 Valid Reasons To Walk Away From A Long-Term Relationship

Breaking up with the person you love hurts like hell, especially if you’ve been together for a couple of years.

You’ve built your world around each other. You’ve made a lot of good and memories over the years and shared unforgettable experiences. You’ve faced many trials together and surpassed them out of love. It’s such a waste to end such a long and meaningful relationship and start over again.

But there are battles you cannot win over no matter how much you love the person. It’s when the relationship becomes toxic and draining to the point it’s not worth fighting for anymore.

Let’s not talk about the petty arguments about laziness, or small incompatibilities like introverted and extroverted personalities – you can work them out. But there are some circumstances which are extremely difficult or even impossible to resolve. These events tell you that it’s the end of the road. You have no choice but to give it up because you’ll destroy each other eventually if you choose to stay.

You may assume your long-time partner is the one. But if you’re still unmarried and you spot these red flags, it would be better rethink your relationship before the problem becomes unbearably damaging during your marriage.

Continue reading

Happy & Healthy Marriage Advice Every Couple Should Use

Tying the knot is easy, it’s staying married that is the tricky part.

In order to be successful, you and your spouse must learn to compromise, respect each other, and communicate. Don’t let yourself forget how important your partner is to you.

If you want to have a happy, successful married life, then read on and learn the 10 best tips for a healthy marriage that every couple should be following.

  1. Always Put in the Effort

Getting married shouldn’t mean that end of dating – each other, obviously!

Putting in the effort to schedule a fun, sexy, or romantic date night is all about making your partner feeling loved, adored, and desired. These are important aspects of any healthy marriage.

Studies reveal other benefits of date night as well, such as heightened sexual and emotional intimacy, boredom prevention, and deeper communication.

  1. Build Lasting Trust

Trust is one of the most important parts of any healthy marriage.

Your partner should be the person you can tell your deepest secrets to without every worrying that they will judge you or share your stories with anyone else. Trust also means living with confidence that your spouse would never do anything to betray you nor you them.

  1. Play Like Friends

In a study about what makes a marriage last, treating a spouse like a best friend rated as one of the biggest indicators of success. Research also indicates that couples who laugh together regularly are more likely to stay together than those who do not.

Your best friend is the first person you think to call when something exciting happens. They are the person you want to go to concerts with, the person you trust, and the person who can always make you laugh. So, why shouldn’t this person be your spouse?

  1. Don’t Expect Perfection

Part of having a healthy married life is about having realistic expectations about your partner and loving them for who they are, not who you wish they would become.

People naturally mature as they grow older. They grow and change in various ways. Perhaps they even quit bad habits such as smoking or staying up all hours of the night. Your spouse may change their opinion about getting a pet, decide they actually do want kids, or may even change careers after marriage.

But, those are their own decisions. While you have every right to weigh in, offer you opinion, and give support as a spouse – thinking that you can be the cause of change in your partner is a fruitless challenge that will only leave you shaking your head.

  1. Maintain Your Sex Life

Sex is arguably the biggest way in which couples bond both emotionally and physically. The oxytocin released during intercourse is largely responsible for stress-reduction, mood elevation, and is the biggest predictor in heightened emotional intimacy in married couples.

An active sex life also promotes bonding, and is scientifically shown to deepen trust.

Plus, it’s fun.

  1. Pursue Separate Interests

Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you always have the same interests. It is just as important to pursue separate interests as is it to share hobbies and goals.

Maintaining solo hobbies and social lives will help each spouse hang onto their sense of self outside the relationship. In turn, this confidence will strengthen the marriage bond.

  1. Do New Things Together

According to twentieth century philosopher Rudolf Steiner, people change their opinions and interests every seven years. So, if the changing of body and mind is inevitable, do your utmost to ensure you and your spouse are changing and growing in the same direction.

One way you can do this is by sharing new things together. Take up a class, instrument, language, or start a new hobby like exercising or photography. By taking up these challenges together, you’ll be able to deepen the connection in your married life.

  1. Be Partners

Your spouse is not simply the person you married, they are your partner. By marrying them it means that you have entered into a partnership, so always treat it like one. Decisions are made together, issues are talked about respectfully, and each spouse’s feelings, thoughts, and opinions are to be treated with care.

Just like in a business, you and your spouse are working toward the same goal together in order to profit your relationship.

  1. Learn to Compromise

This step may be difficult for those who are used to getting what they want. But, being in a marriage means melding two different lives together. As with any couple, this is bound to cause you two to butt heads every once in a while. This is where the art of compromise comes in.

Marrying the love of your life means everything isn’t always about you anymore. You are building a family together as partners, not enemies. Learn to pick your battles. Decide what is important to you and what isn’t worth your instance.

  1. Don’t Go to Bed Angry

This age-old advice had been around for decades for a reason. Going to bed angry is a hurtful thing to do to both partners. You’ll end up losing sleep, hurting your spouse for your lack of communication and understanding, and be hurting your brain in the process. Literally.

Studies prove that by going to bed angry, you are actually encouraging your brain to hold onto negative emotions that will be harder to get rid of then if you had simply called a truce before bed.

Sure, there are some issues that could be put on hold until morning, but you should always strive to kiss and make up before bedtime.

Being married is a rewarding adventure, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t bumps along the way. By following these 10 tips, you’ll be setting yourself up for a healthy marriage for years to come.

Why Are Women Hiring More and More West London Escorts?

West London Escorts


With Lily Allen having recently admitted to hiring female escorts while on tour, the industry has once again become a hot topic. Specifically, many are questioning why women appear to be hiring more West London Escorts than ever before.

Though typically associated with male clients, the number of women requesting the services of female escorts has grown exponentially.  The question being – why?


Filling a Void

When questioned about her own choices, Lily Allen told interviewers from The Project that for her, it wasn’t simply about sexual gratification.

“It’s more about a period of time when I was feeling incredibly lonely, and sort of at my wits’ end, and I was looking for anything — looking for an outlet. So it’s not really, like, a salacious sex story,” she said.

“It’s more about [being in] hotel rooms like the one we are sitting in, and being on my own and being very far away from my kids and my husband.”

Contrary to popular belief, this is anything but an unfamiliar story. In fact, the vast majority of West London escorts routinely encounter clients who are simply looking to fill some kind of void. For some, it’s a case of boredom during business trips becoming unbearable. For others, the idea of having a beautiful and intelligent local woman show you around her city is the ultimate appeal.

It’s natural to assume that the services provided by escorts centre on sexual acts alone. In reality, the huge proportion of those who call upon the services of escorts aren’t interested in sex at all. Sex may happen, at some point, but it isn’t the priority.

Instead, many clients are simply looking for companionship and temporary friendship for a set period of time. Can you form an emotional bond in such a short time? Most scientists and social psychologists agree that it’s possible, and can even be expedited by things like doing something adventurous together or physical touch.

The kind of permissive, fun and frivolous friendships that you can’t necessarily form in day-to-day life are somehow more possible with someone you’ll only know for a few hours. Hence, it’s hardly surprising to hear of more women than ever before requesting the services of escorts in West London.



Of course, the vast majority of escorts attend engagements under the assumption sexual favours will be requested. In most cases, this turns out to be quite accurate. But once again, it isn’t only male clients in the capital who are hiring escorts to show them a good time. More women than ever before are doing just this.

As far as those providing such services are concerned, this is equally unsurprising. Attitudes towards sex in general have never been more liberal in the UK. Once repressed, women are now being actively encouraged to explore their sexuality and embrace who they really are. As we often don’t know who we really are until we put ourselves to the test, this is exactly what women across the capital are doing. Not to mention, the rest of the country as a whole.

Experimentation isn’t just for young people, either. Women in their thirties, forties and beyond are now embracing sexual experimentation as well, feeling perhaps that they’ve missed out on something in a former, more prudish time in their life.

For women who have been partnered or married for a long time, divorce or separation can be an incredibly liberating time of life. New-found freedom turns into the opportunity to try new things, and increasingly this means exploring their sexuality and throwing caution to the wind. Before they know it, women who might never have imagined themselves paying for companionship or sex or both suddenly decide they’re unbothered by the prospect.

If a person – male or female – suspects they may have bisexual or homosexual tendencies, it can be difficult to find a safe and confidential outlet. You want to explore your sexuality, but not only are you unsure as to where your tendencies lie, you don’t want to go through the process of dating through conventional channels.

It’s far easier to hire an escort, live out your wildest fantasies and see if you enjoy it. If you do, fantastic. If you don’t, the whole thing remains 100% confidential and you can walk away without a shred of guilt. Experts agree that exploring our sexuality is both healthy and important – why not do it through the safest and most reassuring channel possible?


Changing Attitudes

On the whole, one of the biggest reasons why escort services are in growing demand in general is changing attitudes. Slowly but surely, societies begin to accept that the provision of escort services is neither ‘evil’ nor ‘immoral’. Far from a taboo subject the public is afraid to discuss, escort services are almost becoming mainstream in some parts of the UK.

Added to which, the more liberal attitudes to escort services in Europe – famously mainstream and accessible in countries like The Netherlands and Germany – have helped move the conversation about using escorts forward. Holidaymakers coming home from short breaks to Amsterdam or Berlin can doubtlessly attest to this.

The ubiquity of the internet and online services have also helped increase the visibility of escorts in the UK. This has served to reform the ‘grubby’ back-alley view of the men and women providing this service, professionalising their appearance and helping to make the idea more palatable to a wider customer base – including women.

The result of all of this is a significant and on-going acceleration in demand – both from male and female clients alike. And of course, the fact that a better quality of services have become so readily available over the internet is also contributing to the cause – sex or companionship is only ever a few clicks away.

So while some may have lashed out at Lily Allen’s choices while on tour, others have commended her open-mindedness and honesty. Millions of women worldwide are hiring escorts on a regular basis, but only a handful have the courage to admit it.

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