Playing Pokémon

Playing Pokémon Go helps to find a Poke-mate

With many Pokémon enthusiasts, a dating app was developed to find the dates or friends among the players on Pokémon Go. It all started with Rene Roosen, the co-founder of the dating app who wanted a partner while catching the Pokémon. So, he teamed with his friends Troy Osinoff and Pim de Witte to create the dating app called the PokeMatch.

What is Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game developed for both the Apple and Android users. It is a location based game played on the smartphones, where the players make use of the GPS tracking system and camera in their device to capture, train and battle Pokémon; which is a virtual character in the game. Because of the augmented reality, the virtual creatures appear on the screen in such a way that they seem to be in the real world just like the players. The game was released on July 2016 in many parts of the world and it is a free to play game, however in-apps are advertised for purchase to enhance the game. This was one of the most expected games among the public and short after the release of the game around seventy five million people across the world downloaded the app in their smartphone. Mixed reviews came from the reviewers were some of them criticized the technical issues of the game while many praised the incentive and the concept of the game. And some credited that the game promotes physical activity, some complain that it creates accidents and becomes a nuisance in certain locations.

Dating app based on gaming app

The PokeMatch is a free dating app which is available for both the Android and Apple users around the world. The users can choose their partner, according to their choice, either men, women or others and then swipe to the left side which allows them to browse among the registered users.

The main aim of this dating app is not to create hook-ups but to create meaningful dates.

The user must download the dating app in their smartphone and they have to use their Facebook login Application Program Interface (API). The app makes use of the user’s location to track the other users around their area. Since it is designed like the Pokémon Go gaming app, if the user wants to browse through the users they have to ‘Run’ by swiping left and if they have found their desired match they have to ‘Catch’ the match by swiping right. And if the chosen match also catches the user, then both of them can start chatting in a private stream.

Find your team

In the gaming app, once when the player reaches level 5 they have to choose a team so that they can visit the gym and represent the team in the gym battles. The teams are Instinct, Mystic and Valor and the teams are represented in different color like yellow, blue and red. If the user is not interested to meet men or women, they can still use the app to find a gaming companion. Since the app integrates with the team, the users can choose a team they wish to join and talk with the team members in the dating app without the love factor.

Meet your partner

To capture the Pokémon, the trainer needs more Poke Balls and eggs, which are found in a place called PokeStop. The PokeStop is located in the places near the user location like art installations, historic markers and monuments. And in this case the PokeStop will either be a coffee shop, restaurant, bar or a night club. So, if the match catches the user they can fix a meeting at the PokeStop and discuss about the tricks and tactics of playing the game and apart from talking about the game the couples can actually talk about their personal interest and extend the meeting into a romantic date. If luck favors, they will become the destined soul mate.

Always play with a partner and make your date interesting

The main aim of the dating app is to connect the single men and women to interact with each other and fall in love and start a meaningful relationship. And the users have the option to choose the desired partners from a wide range of options and select them according to the common interests and hobbies. Those people who feel shy not are not able to fall in love in the real world can find the love of their life in the virtual world. And within a few years the number of online dating apps has increased to a greater extent which offers attractive and secure options to find the date.

While dating apps help to interact with the partners in the virtual platform, people find it quite difficult to interact in the real world that is when they decide to meet on their first date the couple find it difficult to initiate a conversation.

In the case of a gaming app, the players forget about the real world and start playing with the virtual characters in the game. Because of their interest in the game, they fail to interact with their family or friends and restrict their communication and it also creates depression and stress among the players because they do not have any physical movement, but are filled only with the thoughts of the game. So, combining both the dating and gaming concept together a new dating app was developed which allows the users to play as well as date in the same platform.

An interactive app with gaming concept

The app is said to have twenty five million users in the United States and has created more than ten thousand matches within a few days of its release. The app was first launched for the Android users and after the massive response, the developers of the app planned to release the iOs version of the app.

The augmented reality concept is the gaming app created more hype and attracted many players to play the game. Using the popularity of the game, a dating app was exclusively developed for the players. The dating app helps to connect many people and interact with each other and build a friendly or romantic relationship. The dating app is designed in such a way that the users can select their desired dating partner or a companion to have a friendly chat.

With the help of the private streaming chat, the users can interact with their partners and get to know more about each other. And they can also go on a date in the name of playing the game and have a face to face interaction. In some cases, either one of the couples will be an expert in the game while the other is a newbie, in such cases sharing the experiences and the nuances of the game will be an icebreaker and help in taking the conversation to the next level.

If they are not interested in having a romantic relationship they can always meet up together in a friendly manner to discuss about the game. This makes the feel of playing the game more exciting and also builds a good relationship even among complete strangers.

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