Work-life balance: The 5 elements of a winning week

Balancing your work and personal life is no easy task. Most people end up burnt out and working all the time with no life, or they end up forgetting about work completely. To achieve the perfect balance, you’ll need the help of the five elements described below. With them, you’re bound to be happier, more energized, and highly motivated to succeed. After all, the key to good organization and balance is being ready for anything and keeping yourself rested for all the good things to come.

1. Take a breather

Not everyone can be perfect all the time and it’s important not to forget that. After all, you’re only human. It’s okay to feel down, unmotivated, and sluggish from time to time. Pushing through will only make those feelings come back stronger. Make yourself a cup of tea, grab a good book, and relax. It will do wonders for restoring your energy and keeping you on the right track.

Being kind to yourself is the key to successfully managing your work and personal life. This is because you can achieve virtually nothing for other people if you haven’t done anything for yourself first. Spend a bit of time in your own company, and the rest will come easily.

2. Be optimistic

Even though this may sound like stupid advice, it actually helps. Balancing a busy schedule is impossible if you don’t have a positive attitude. Thinking how you won’t be able to do it is just setting yourself up to fail. That’s why you should always encourage yourself and be optimistic about your goals. The finish line will seem much closer, you’ll feel more motivated and happier, and you’ll be at the top of your game.

This goes for both your work and personal life, as the little goals you can achieve daily are numerous. A good idea is to track your progress by writing down what you have to do. This way, you’ll be able to cross out every completed item and feel proud of yourself for successfully balancing your life.

3. Prep your meals

Prepping meals will save you some time and make sure you’re never hungry or eating unhealthy. Shopping for groceries once a week and preparing your meals in advance means you won’t have to spend time on cooking or money on takeout. You can always bring your lunch to work and keep being healthy without the hassle.

What’s more, prepping meals allows you more free time when work’s done, leaving you more relaxed and less stressed about what else needs to be done. Every week will be a winner when you realize you’ve been treating your body right and excelling at your work obligations.

4. Pencil in exercise

If you want your week to be an absolute success, you can’t forget about exercise. Pencil it in so it’s easier to stick to the routine, and work out a couple of times a week for optimal results. This will help you release tension and get rid of stress while also keeping you healthy and in shape. Additionally, it will also keep burnout at bay.

Don’t forget to come up with the ideal post-workout smoothie, though. So as to let your muscles rest properly, you’ll have to fuel them with all the right things. A mixture of veggies, nuts, and a spoonful of whey protein concentrate for flavour is bound to do the trick. The smoothie will be the last thing you need to kick stress and achieve greatness, so don’t skip it.

5. Leave time for your friends

Even though you’re a busy and ambitious person, it’s important not to forget about those who are with you every step of the way. Spending a little quality time with friends will go a long way in keeping you motivated, de-stressed, and happy. What’s more, it’s bound to maintain the bonds between you.

Go for a cup of coffee to catch up after work, or leave Saturday’s open for brunch. Even just talking on the phone and hearing their voice can be enough to brighten your day and help you stay focused. As far as work relationships are concerned, you can always spend your lunch break with your favourite colleague and have a little breather before you jump back in.

6. Take a nap

There’s nothing more rewarding than napping after a long workday. After all, you just spent the whole day running errands, keeping up with your schedule, and nailing your work tasks. On top of that, you probably got up extremely early to look your best and maybe even attend an early meeting. All of this makes for a very active work day which means your body is probably aching for some rest. No matter how healthy you are, everyone has a breaking point. It’s important to rest before you reach yours.

Taking a nap helps your body process all the stress and activities of the day. Sleeping is when we heal and gather strength for the rest of the day. A nap can also be beneficial for your mind as it will allow it to filter information and absorb the most important parts of your day. You won’t overwork it, and you’ll be able to keep working at a steady pace. Even a half hour nap can bring you closer to your winning week, so take advantage of any gap in the schedule that you might have.


As you can see, having a killer week isn’t an impossible task. Sure, it can be hard and you’ll probably want to give up at some point, but don’t let your hard work go to waste. At the end of the week, you’ll get to look back on your progress and marvel at how far you’ve come. The sense of accomplishment and the pride you’ll feel will more than compensate for every hard step of the way. We’re confident these elements will help you reach your goals and make you the best person you can be.

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