Why You May Need a Third Party in Your Relationship Part 2

Why You May Need a Third Party in Your Relationship
Why You May Need a Third Party in Your Relationship Part 2

Though the introduction of a third party to your relationship may not be a bad idea, such people should be people of integrity. Like I said in my previous post, God would not come physically to help you out during trying periods, but would definitely not leave you helpless, especially if you show that you need His help. And let me say again, He would most times work through people-sending friends, pastor, counselor, to mention a few, to help you during such period. The question is, “would you be sensitive enough to recognize the help?”

So let’s continue the story… Click here for the Part One of the True Love Story


 Beautiful Tracy

Introducing Tracy to my parents and siblings is a decision I believe was a wise decision. I did it because I wanted to be as open as possible. Although I never really told them “how far”, they were eager to have her join the family as soon as possible. I won’t forget one of mum’s friends who asked Tracy, “Are you the one we’ve been waiting for…” the woman couldn’t even wait for me to introduce the shy babe to her…smiles.

As Tracy signaled me that she wanted to take her leave, I had to suspend every other thing to see her off. So we walked down the street holding each other’s hand passionately. Then it occurred to us again, that it’s been four (4) years we last saw, since after graduation from the University. We recalled some wonderful and pleasurable memories we had as undergraduates. It also dawned on me that as at this time, I had fixed my mind on her for over four years.

I have heard and seen people wait for four years; some even waited more, before getting a “YES” from a lady. At this point, I understood what it feels like to really have one’s mind fixed on a lady and be willing to wait as long as possible for that “YES”. It’s never an easy thing to do, but I did it.  The truth is, when you REALLY love someone, you wouldn’t mind going the extra-mile, to stretch yourself for that person just because you’re convinced that is the person you’ve so long waited for.

One of the key areas of life a person cannot afford to get it wrong is the choice of who to choose as your life partner; the choice of who to choose as a wife for a man, and the kind of man to marry as a lady. There are many people whose lives became miserable because they married the wrong person. It is not all about marrying; marrying RIGHT is the most important thing.  And just as marrying the wrong person has the capacity to reduce the quality of a man’s life, getting it right would on the other hand, improve the quality of a man’s life. My simple and sincere advice is, if you believe it is the right choice, then go all out after it and let nothing hinder you. But you have to be so SURE and convinced it is the right choice.

After graduation from the University, we headed for different directions, in search of the next phase of life. Although I was in touch with Tracy via calls, text messages, chats etc. we could not see each other until it was four years. It would have been longer, if not for my sister’s wedding.

My mum really liked Tracy and had saved her number, and would call her from time to time, to check on her. Also, from the first contact Tracy had with my sister they got along effortlessly. I was surprised when Tracy called and told me she liked my sister immediately she sighted her.

If I had known, I would have delayed the “reunion”. Don’t ask me why because I wouldn’t tell you now. But you’d have to wait till my next post. There I’d share with you the concluding part of my story.  This experience taught me a lot; it opened my eyes to so many things and has made me to become more mature emotionally. I hope you’ve been learning? See you soon!


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