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Tips for Decorating Valentine’s Bedroom Decoration

The day of celebrating of love among couples and lovers in referred to as Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is celebrating on 14th of February every year. This day is named after 2 early Christian martyrs named Valentine. Almost every corner of the world is celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Many people do not believe in Valentine’s Day and believe that every day is the day of love as love does not require any specific and fixed time. But many people are not getting too much time to their loved ones in this busy, competitive and distrustful world. This is the main reason of going your relation in a rough patch. Almost many people are facing such problems. In such situations Valentine’s Day is the best solutions for giving much time to your loved ones and tries to reunite with your respective partners, forgetting everything else and putting your partner at the very center of your attention.

To overcome the competitive and busy schedule, we can dedicate at least one day to our loved ones and the day can be Valentine’s Day. If you want to celebrate and wish Valentine’s Day to your life partner and want to decorate a romantic bedroom and you are confused from where to start, you are at the right place I am going to describe some simple and easy tips for decorating a romantic bedroom.

Clean all the Clutter

First, you need to get rid all of your bedroom rubbish junk. Never use your bedroom as a place of artwork for your kids and also don’t create a bunch of laundry, newspapers, books and magazines. In such type of dirty and clutter environment, nobody can feel the romance. Follow these tips:

  • Floor Cleaning: Clean the bedroom floor and get everything up, store the thing that you need and trash out all other clutter and garbage.
  • Chest and Drawer: Clean the entire chest and drawer surface and leave the thing which is pretty and attractive.Valentines Bedroom Decoration2

Bed Decoration

Follow these amazing tips for decorating your double beds or any other bed.

  • Placement of Bed: Try to keep your bed away from the walls to prevent a lopsided room and to allow energy to flow freely. And useless you have no choice; do not place your double bed in the direct line of the bedroom door.
  • Above the Bed: Do not hang anything heavy above the bed, whether that’s lighting wind chimes or a ceiling fan. Heavy items above the bed will create an oppressive energy which will work its way into your life.
  • Bedding: After placing your bed it’s time to decorate a romantic bedroom as the bed is one of the pivotal points of the whole décor of the bedroom. Select bedding for lacing above the double beds mattress. Select Satin and Silk bed sheet which gives a relaxed, comfort and cozy feeling and thus romantic for the night.
  • Budget less Option: If you are not afforded the expensive silk and satin bedding then you need to select sateen bed sheet which also gives you too luxurious and cozy looks.
  • Color: Choosing a color for bedding is one of the most important considerations in the decoration of double beds. Choose the favorite color of your loved ones. Try to choose the red, black, white and green color which makes your valentine night the memorable one.
  • Extra Pillows: Add extra pillows and which are soft and fluffy. Pillow in heart shape is an excellent and perfect choice for the romantic bedroom.
  • Fresh Flowers: Add some fresh flowers above the bedding. Keeping a flower bouquet on either side give a more romantic and refreshing look to your romantic bedroom decoration.

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Flowers Adding and Giving Some Romantic Look to the Bedroom

Without flowers and rose, you rarely talk about celebrating love day. Hence while decorating the romantic room for valentine day, red rose leaves can be used to make the environment joyful and pleasant. Adding flowers gives an extra and romantic look to your bedroom on valentine day. Décor your bedroom with flowers that looks appealing and inviting. Try to choose red, pink and white flowers for room decoration.

Lights in Your Bedroom

Lighting is an effective way to spice up the romance. Soft lighting should be the way. You need to place the lamp with pretty shadow on either side of the double beds.  For creating more romantic environment replace the white bulb of your bedroom with some pink light. You can also use some candle in your room but try to keep it away from the curtain and some other items which can create extreme fire as a result.

Valentines Bedroom Decoration4Wall Decoration Tips

Decorate your bedroom wall with some romantic artwork for the valentine day.  Find out some of your beautiful picture with your loved one and stick it on the wall. Cut out the red paper heart and place it around the picture with glue. If you have a wedding album open it favorite page and place it on the desk stick to the wall.

Light Music in the Bedroom

Let the music play and keep it light and don’t play loud. Romantic music can get you in the romantic mood with your loved ones.

Scents and Spray

Try scented candles or try to spray your sheet with a linen spray. Flowers add a subtle fragrance, a welcome spot of color and touch of luxury. Add some chocolates and champagne for generating richer romantic feel.


Use some curtain around the bed and also on the bedroom window. Maximum girls love pink, purple color too much a hence combination of these colors can be used with white, green as the theme of the room.

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