Things to keep in mind on a first date

Things to keep in mind on a first date

You met a girl of your dreams on Tinder or through your friend and feel like taking her to a date, well sounds good but what are your plans? Are you taking her to a candlelight dinner or on a coffee date?

Clueless? confused.

No worries, I am here to help you out. All you need to do is follow these basic steps and you are good to go.

 1. Watch your breath.

Every first in life are very important just like your first date hence you can’t take a risk to look bad or smell bad. Good breath is very important because the first impression is the last. Although there are several ways through which you can work on your oral hygiene since your date is on the same day which means you don’t have enough time for long procedures that’s why we have come up with quick solutions such as brushing your teeth and tongue before u leave your house for the venue where the date is going to be held. Oxygenated mouthwash is again a quick solution to this problem. Keep some mint chewing. secondly do not take alcohol before date night, no more junk food and drink as much as water you can to keep yourself hydrated and your mouth away from foul smell.

2. Grooming

Grooming is not only good for your special night but is also important for maintaining a good lifestyle. This helps you to look neat, clean and organized.

Start shaving your chest. Women have no issue with hairy hands and legs but hairy chest ” sorry, not working”. If waxing is not your cup of tea go for hair removal creams for men and razor. Don’t forget to book a salon for manicure and pedicure session. Clean nails show what hygiene means to you. also, they look good.

3. Wear comfortable men’s lingerie.

Now, this is the most important point which every man should keep in mind.

Uncomfortable men’s underwear can ruin your image as well as your night because if you keep on dancing on your chair, keep on pulling down your men’s lingerie from groin area things won’t work out the way you want them so its very essential to slip into lingerie which is fashionable yet comfortable such as men’s boxer briefs, jockstraps, pouch enhancing underwear and thongs(only if you feel great in them).

You may consider wearing men’s boxer brief as they are snugly fitted and gives a clean look while you are wearing skinny trousers. Men’s lace and sheer lingerie can be considered too.

4. Buy her a gift

“Women hate surprises” never believe in this, these are just rumours which have been spread by some tom dick harry so if you want, that she should take positive impression after leaving that place make sure you surprise her with a sweet gift. It’s not essential that it must be a Gucci or Prada bag, something small yet useful is equally appreciated. Don’t you dare to buy chocolates or teddy bear.

 5. Gift her some compliments

Regardless of gender, everyone loves to get admired because when you compliment her this shows that you are interested in her though that doesn’t mean you should keep on complimenting her after every 5 mints. Tell her how beautiful that colour looks on her, tell her she is born with pretty features and the way she smells, talk is just amazing. Follow her on social media.

Sometimes you need to act as beauty with brains

6. Smell good.

No likes to stay in a company of a man who smells like that of onion. well, we do understand that sweating is a natural process you can’t control but what you can do is use ways to tackle it. Use some perfume or essential oil to smell great. Apply on your neck(as it’s your erogenous zone), wrist, in between the elbow.

Look good and smell good is equally important for a successful date.

 7. Put your best foot forward

Once done with a manicure, pedicure its time to put on your best clothes. If you are planning for a suit go ahead with black and white classic combination but not tie. You are not going for a client meeting. Muted colours such as navy, grey, white and black sound good because then the focus of the audience will be entirely upon you. Not only it’s important for your shirts but it applies to your denim as well. Opt for a cashmere sweater and a denim jacket when the meeting is outdoor rather than Hoodie.

Besides clothing, you need to work on the accessories as well as shoes. Wear a watch, it doesn’t have to be super expensive. It should look good that’s all. If you are planning for a cool look good for sporty version and if planning for the sophisticated theme, switch to metallic strap watch and if you don’t have one, borrow from your best friend.” A friend in need is a friend indeed”, remember.

Avoid sunglasses and Hats.

Next up we have shoes. Pair them according to the outfit, for casual look sports shoes or snickers works best and for your sophisticated look, formal shoes look best. A big no to open-toe shoes.

Colours that you should avoid is orange and brown and colours such as black and blue are made for you.

 8. Don’t try to be someone else.

When we try to act like someone, become like someone gradually you start losing your identity and believe me women love to date an honest man. you are proud of their identity and don’t try to change for themselves.

If you like to play basketball and hating baseball even if she likes to play it’s fine, admit it. She likes coffee and you love to grab a cup of milk, no big deal admit it. Its good is single rather dating someone with a fake identity. Hope you are not planning to do that while on the date.

9. Its good to be known as “well-behaved man”.

As soon as she arrives to pull the chair for her. take your conversation slowly, listen to her rather bragging about yourself. don’t use your phone while she is talking because that shows as if she is not important for you. Talk to her and make eye contact. Maintaining eye contact shows that you are a confident man. Avoid changing your positions every few seconds and while deciding a menu ask her what she would like to have and in the end (if you guys liked each other) as her politely “Would you like to have another date?”

Making your first date special is not rocket science. All you have to do is take it gently, honestly and most essential, keep it simple.

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