Things couples can do to bring spark in their relationship

Things couples can do to bring spark in their relationship

Our romantic movies have set this image that couples always celebrate a honeymoon period. There is some hypothetical picture that we have related to love life but that’s not true because, in real life, couples do fight, they do have some serious issues and there is nothing called “Perfect couple” and because of all these reasons people start losing the charm towards each other. They try avoiding conversations which leads to break up, even if they don’t want to.

So if you are missing that spark and charm, you can start with these baby steps by doing these things.

1. Read something naughty for each other:

Apart from sex, there are several things through which you can keep your love life alive. Take a day off and decorate your house. Light some candles (well not a normal candle) scented ones. Don’t let your reading session look like some boring school lectures. Add a pinch of romance to it after all, your partner going to be with you. If you are planning to do it in your bedroom, make sure to make a cozy bed so that at the end of the session you can have romantic feedback. You can also follow some theme for decorating your bedroom, say if its valentine’s day than make sure your curtains, bed sheet, and cushions should be in the red and white theme to create a romantic aura. Just for a night ditch your briefs and put on lace, sheer and mesh underwear or if you feel comfortable in G-strings or thongs to go ahead. But it should be red.

Similarly, if you are planning to have a book reading session in the living room, decorate it in the color of love, say, if your curtains are in red then your cushion should be white. You can play with different shades of red. If there is any particular color that your better half likes, go ahead with it. He or she will love it. Once everything is sorted and as soon as your partner enters the room, light the candles, close the curtains, play some jazz music (soothing music works wonders) or you can even play the music after the session gets over to have better results. Hope you haven’t forgotten the book.

While your partner is reading a book, you can tease her/ him with some naughty activities. Trust me, this reading session would be a fun activity to do.

2. Cook together in your favorite lingerie:

To add a spark in your love life how about cooking together but no more boring pants or t-shirt. Add some naughtiness to it. Wear your favorite men’s underwear and it could be anything G-strings, thongs, sheer, mesh or lace underwear, whichever is comfortable for you but it has to be red. The same goes for your better half.

Cooking each other’s favorite cuisine is like the cherry on the top and for adding a fun element while cooking, plays some music.

3. Candlelight dinner:

This might sound cliché, but trust me this works. You can take her on a candlelight dinner. Now you must be wondering what’s new in it. Here comes the twist. You both have to act like a stranger and have met through some dating app and it’s your first date. But wait, you have told her first so that she won’t get shocked.

For a romantic candlelight dinner choose a place that is completely new to her. Although she is already yours that doesn’t mean you going to wear an old shirt and old trousers which she has already seen. Don’t be a spoilsport and buy a new black shirt as it is awarded “the best date color”. After black, you can consider red also but no brown or orange. You can also pair a white shirt with black trousers (formal ones) and formal shoes. Surprise her by sending a red color dress with a small note that has a sweet message on it which says “Meet you at 7 pm at so and so place. See you soon.” Don’t sound desperate.

Arrive an hour before she comes and decorates every corner. Hope you have champagne; violin, flowers, and gift for the pretty lady Make sure every corner should be decorated with flowers and candle. Try to be natural and honest with her and don’t look at the phone in between your date and the most important which you need to take care of is your men’s underwear (it shouldn’t be boxers), hope you have that as well.

4. Go on an adventurous trip:

Due to this busy life, we as humans have stopped giving time to our special ones. Instead of spending time with each other we prefer sticking to our cell phones or either going for shopping. We believe that gifting to our loved ones is a sign that we love each other but we don’t realize that spending some quality time is more important than gifting. Our loved ones want our time, not that materialistic stuff which will expire after 2 months. Instead of sticking to your cubicle 24×7 take out some time for your beloved and go on a vacation. If you both love to climb mountains what’s better than trekking. Don’t plan too much just find a nice place, pack your bag and go. If you want to take 15 days off, go ahead man and don’t think what your boss going to say. You guys can even plan scuba diving, river rafting if water excites you the most.

5. Take a shower together:

Bathing alone could be boring to make it exciting how about having it with your partner. You might feel shy at once but once you get started it could be fun and it’s a sensual thing to do because having romance under the shower is different and making it on the bed are two different things.

Taking shower together pull you guys closer hence you guys can enjoy a high amount of intimacy as when you are under shower there is nothing hidden between both of you thus you discover each other entirely and it creates a bond of another level. Things get heated up as your partner starts scrubbing gently on your chest and down there. One can even explore the partner’s body in a much better way. Showering together acts like a stress-reliever so when you are done with a tiring day you can release it by taking a bath together. It makes you comfortable in your skin as well because nothing remains covered after this. You know your partner inside out. Also, It will make you less self-conscious about your body parts which are sort of heavy. Meanwhile, you guys can have a dirty talk. If you don’t like to stand under a shower for a long hour you both can enjoy a glass of wine by sitting together in the bathtub but before starting any such conversions make sure your door is locked properly.

6. Can have a movie lingerie night:

Watching a movie alone could be boring but if you watch a movie with your partner which you have already watched 10 times won’t feel boring. You guys can fix a day and the types of the genre both of you feel like watching. To make it more interesting keep a movie lingerie night as it would be a fun thing to do. You can call her out at your place when your parents are or you can visit her place. Instead of watching in a living room, target your bedroom (you know the reason). Before starting a show you are allowed to wear your pants and once it gets started, no pants no shirt and the same goes with her.

Be ready with a popcorn tub and a blanket. Switch off all the lights and keep your phone on silent mode. Instead of watching some horror movies go for some rom-com or romantic movie. You can wear thongs if you are comfortable with them. If not that then lace, sheer, mesh sounds great.

7. Workout together:

Working out alone could make you disinterested after some time. To stay motivated you can listen to music or enjoy whatever you do but after a certain point, you will feel like staying away from the place after all no one is there to have a word with you and smile at you as you enter the gym. So that’s why one should exercise with their partner.

Studies have shown that exercising with your partner increases the level of happiness in your relationship. It’s the physiological arousal, rather than the novelty or challenge of the activity that drives romantic attraction. Even if you guys go for a walk or run together, the quality of your relationship will increase positively. Another reason for working out together is, your efficiency chart will rise can. Do you know that to improve the speed of your workout, the partner’s presence is more than enough? Sweaty hands, a racing pulse, shortness of breath are some examples of physiological arousal. Also when your partner cares about the fitness of their own and their partner’s its very sweet and helps you to achieve fitness goals.

8. Switch off your mobile phone:

It’s good to be tech-savvy as that’ the way you come to know what’s going on in the market but you should be sensible enough to know where you should use it and where you switch it off. If you are with your loved ones stay away with it. Switch it off for a while and spend your time with them. Enjoy their lame jokes, even if your partner wants to play some random game go for it, this will make her happy and happiness of your partner is very precious for you. Enjoy a glass of wine with them.

If she loves nature a lot, sit with her in a garden and enjoy the sound of birds, if she loves watering plants, do it. For sometime forget which phone launched in the market? Is iPhone shares going up or going down? Trust me you will feel happy and relaxed.

9. Be an old school:

Remember when your parents were young  they use to write a love letter for each other because phones were not there when they were teenagers. After posting a letter they use to wait for weeks to get the answers to all their questions. That wait, patience was the sign of love. Will he say yes or no? That feeling of curiosity was different and only your parents can understand that.

There is nothing wrong with being an old school or pretend like one for a day when it’s about bringing the spark back in your love life. Write a note for your lady saying ” you are precious for me” and stick it somewhere from where she can read it. You can also stick it to the table kept next to her bed. You can write a note saying ” I love you” and paste it on the fridge and so on. You can also cook breakfast for her before going to the office. This might sound kiddish but you can write a love letter to her and deliver at her place. Use a love letter as a way of conveying something that you are unable to speak for ages. Give it a try.

You can also take the help of your grandmother (they are the coolest) or mother.

10. Stargazing:

When was the last time you did star gazing? When was the last time when you counted how many stars are there in the sky?

The best part of stargazing is that it’s relaxing and budget-friendly and it’s so simple that anyone can do it. Whether it’s a stupid conversation or telling stories of your childhood days “how you and your grandfather use to chit chat under a sky full of stars and what types of stories your grandparents use to tell you while you were a kid”, you can talk about them and your partner won’t even judge you because even she must be having such stories.

To get the best out of it lie down on the ground of your garden. For the people you are staying in a high rise building, sit in the balcony with a cup of hot chocolate or hot beverage ( depends on you) and take a nice cozy blanket and then go ahead. Apart from this, evening walks and cycling are a great way to have the best time with each other.

11. Make a small garden together:

Creating a garden is helpful for the environment and your love life as well. During summers, you can plant some trees, can put some plants in a cute vase whereas in winters, plant small herbs. you can even place some chairs so they, whenever you feel like sitting, can sit there together and enjoy a glass of wine.

12. Go on a wine date together:

Wine date is the best idea when it’s about igniting love in a relationship. Start by taking a day off, switch it off your cell phone and go to a wine festival. Do not worry if you have missed it as you can create one at home itself, all you need some scented candles, a bottle of wine, some jazz music and men’s lingerie( you will come to know later). Make sure to follow the correct way of drinking it so that you can enjoy it in a better way.

Experts know how to enjoy it whereas beginners require some kind of help. Ask experts which type of cuisine you should have with your wine. Once you bought it pour some amount of wine in a glass and experience the aroma by swirling it for a while in your glass because it enhances wine’s contact with air as it intensifies the aroma. Once you start swirling you will experience the fruity smell, flowery smell and lots more Remember to hold the glass by the base and not from the sides and take a sip of it, hold it for few seconds in your mouth and then swallow it. You will have the best experience, try it.

Wine is not like your whiskey, vodka or beer. Wine is a royal and classic drink that should be treated and drank in a style that’s the reason one should enjoy it in men’s erotic underwear with a relaxed and romantic mood.

No one asks for a diamond ring or a bungalow, everyone wishes for a time of their loved ones because it’s the most precious thing one can ever gift to another person. Due to this fast running life, people don’t get time for each other hence it affects the relationship. Well, there is no harm being ambitious but it’s wrong to ignore those who were with you when you were nothing. Don’t forget that these people accepted you the way you are. So always care for them no matter how busy you are, take some time for them.

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