The Perfect 7 Steps Process For Choosing the Perfect Eyeglasses

Choosing the Perfect Eyeglasses

Choosing the Perfect Eyeglasses

Many people are scared of trying on glasses for fear of embarrassing themselves especially when other people are looking at them. The last thing we want is to make ourselves look like idiots in front of strangers and then label us as weird. Without further ado, here are seven steps to get those perfect eyeglasses (while avoiding headaches and shameful situations).

1. Ask an eye doctor for recommendations.

People’s eyes have different levels of visual clarity. Some are literary blind while others can only see far away. This is why it’s important to consult an ophthalmologist before actually buying a pair of glasses so that the ones bought would correct the defects in our eyes.

2. Get your prescription from an eye doctor.

Before actually beginning to shop for eye wear, ask for a prescription. Your eye doctor will give you a sheet of paper containing all the information needed to find the lenses you need to correct your eye’s visual perception. Lenses are unique to each individual since they are tailored to correct only one pair of eyes. If you the prescription that tells sellers which lens to place on your glasses, they will either trick you or put you in touch with an eye doctor again to get the prescription. So above all else, don’t lose this paper. It’s a hassle to do things again when you’ve already thought it was finished but wasn’t. Prevent wasting your time and just keep the paper near you. Pocket it or write down its details on your phone. That way, you won’t need to look far to find it.

3. Look for quality stores

This can be a bit difficult. Not every business is founded on the belief that customers should be helped out. Usually, most businesses skip that part and just get your money, sometimes making your problems even worse. Eyewear Philippines is just one of few exceptions. Finding others is possible but you have to get to more unreliable stores before finding the right ones.

4. Find the right color of glasses to match your style and personality

Whatever we wear, it has to improve our image, not deteriorate it. Much as a serious businessman wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a pair of pink glasses, the right color must fit the right glasses for the right individual. Looking at colors, you can ask yourself which ones attract you. Then again, you can let your clothes decide. Whatever pair of glasses goes well with what you’re wearing, by all means, buy them. At least it will complete your look the next time you decide to wear the same clothes.

5. Find the right shape

Determine your face shape. Look at mirrors. Try on all shapes of glasses. Which one suits your face more than the others? Pick the one that suits you most. If you are square-faced, wear round glasses and if you have a round face, wear square glasses.

6. Try them all

How would you know what fits you and what doesn’t? You can’t. You have to try each pair that you think might suit you. From there, pick the best one. Look at yourself from every angle, from every mirror, even in all kinds of clothes and see what works.

7. Put favorites on hold

Before you leave the store, first reserve the glasses that made you want to buy them. They may not be necessarily the best when there are dozens of offerings out there. So go hunt other stores and when there really isn’t any better offer, you’ll be glad you reserved the glasses before someone else beat you to the punch.

Finding the perfect eye glasses requires a lot of time but easy to do. If you can afford to goof off, try finding the perfect pair instead of wasting all that time. Go hunt the perfect pair. You’ll find them soon enough.

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