Hottest Landscape Design Trends

The Hottest Landscape Design Trends to Have in Mind in 2017

Who doesn’t like to have a nice garden? It doesn’t matter if your garden is just a small patch of well-trimmed grass in front of your door or you have a vast yard full of old trees and delicate roses – if you have one, you want it to look good. Not only does gardening calm you, but a beautiful landscape significantly enhances the beauty and character of your lovely home. Regardless of the size of your front garden or your backyard, with a bit of effort and some inspiration, you can create a beautiful outdoor environment, which will clearly show your dedication to details and fit your landscaping budget.

Edible gardens

This is the perfect solution if you have a small garden and you’re looking to make the most of it. It’s great to go back to basics and turn to much simpler values in life, and in 2017 this landscape design trend will be all the rage. You can design your own dream garden which will be just as colorful as it will be useful. Edible gardens are visually appealing but at the same time provide you with healthy, natural food. Instead of turfgrass, which is truly a high-maintenance nuisance that needs weekly watering, mowing, and weeding, you can have your own herbs, fruit, and vegetables. You can choose to grow edible plants which will blend in with flowers and look great in your front yard. Basil, fennel, peppermint, sage, and artichoke are just some of the plants which will beautify your landscape and spice up your meals.

Retaining walls – nice and convenient

If you choose to have retaining walls in your backyard, you will combine beauty and convenience. Retaining walls are meant to hold back earth and improve drainage, but at the same time they add much needed texture and beauty to your landscape. If the terrain of your yard is sloped, retaining walls are the best solution for restraining the soil. They don’t just have to be convenient – carefully designed walls will make your yard look like something out of a fairy tale.

Water features

An interesting way to upgrade your landscape is to add the soothing and inviting sound of running water. Running water has always been considered relaxing, and small fountains, streams, and ponds are present in pretty much every Zen garden. Outdoor water features in your landscape will turn your ordinary garden into a miniature paradise and the sound of nature will be with you the moment you approach your doorstep. Depending on the size of your backyard, you can choose to have small waterfalls, fountains, or ponds. The best waterfalls are the ones which include natural rocks and which are surrounded by small trees and shrubs, but if your yard is not too spacious, a fountain is a great way to save space while keeping the sound of running water. Outdoor ponds are for those who have spacious yards, and if you want a touch of luxury, you should add some exotic plants, koi fish, and underwater lighting.

Romantic fireplaces and fire pits

Is there anyone who hasn’t dreamed about spending a cozy evening by the fire like in summer camps? Fireplaces and fire pits are becoming incredibly popular and people choose to have them for more than one reason. They are great for fun picnics with family and parties with friends, just as they are romantic in a bit chillier autumn nights. Still, safety should come first, and you should have a brick patio when lighting a fire, so if you don’t already have one, you should consider other options. Fire pits and fireplaces are rarely the focal point in the garden; instead they are more of a backdrop.

Go green

Eco-friendly ideas and solutions are always popular, and in 2017 we will be able to use a lot of great new innovations and go green more than ever before. When you plan on building an outdoor kitchen or a fireplace, choose natural stones such as elegant granite, limestone, slate, and stacked stone. These are natural stones which will make your yard look elegant and they’ll blend with the landscape perfectly. After a storm, what do you do with all the green waste – leaves, branches, and dead plants? Instead of just leaving them to rot and ignoring them until they decompose, you can call JNS Skip Bins and have professionals dispose of your green waste in a green way. By choosing to be environmentally friendly, you will cut down on pollution and allow your children to live a healthier world.

Lovely patio

Not everyone is blessed with plenty of rain and rich soil which is perfect for growing plants, herbs, and flowers in their backyard. If you live in an area that doesn’t get plenty of rain, you might want to reconsider plans which include ponds, flowers, and lush greenery. There are plenty of other options which will still make your yard look elegant and inviting. Wooden planks and stone squares can make up a lovely patio where you can sit with all of your friends and family, and it doesn’t require water at all. Small areas that have succulents or miniature cacti will not turn your water bill into a nightmare but they will make the space look better and more exotic.

You might be reluctant to change the way your yard looks, but keep in mind that most of these changes do not have to be expensive if you take your time and carefully lay out your plans. Talk to professionals and don’t hesitate to ask your friends and family for help and a piece of advice every now and then. After all, there are people who will be glad to share their knowledge and experience, and help you make your dreams of a lovely landscape come true.

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