The Essentials Checklist for Newly Married Homeowners

The Essentials Checklist for Newly Married Homeowners

The Essentials Checklist for Newly Married Homeowners

Life does not end right after the wedding. In fact, it’s when the marriage life begins. Moving to a new home with your partner sounds exciting and fun. At the same time though, this chapter opens up to a whole new array of responsibilities and worries. Don’t fret too quickly as you are not alone to fulfill these. In this article, we will list down five essentials that newly married homeowners should keep in mind.

1. Set Up Electricity Line

A home may not be functional without electricity. At least this is considering that we live in a modern day’s world. When moving to a new home, do not forget to check your electricity connection and billing. This should be under your name and not anybody else’s. Otherwise, you might be connected to illegal electricity lines. Also check indoor and outdoor electric cables and make sure they are all safe and organized.

2. Check Water Pipes

Peek under the basins. Water faucets must be clean and unclogged. The water pipes must not be rusty and dirty, whether the house is new or abandoned for quite a long time. Newly wed homeowners must also check the water pumps and the disaster recovery solutions to keep water running. There must be no leaks in machineries to prevent high costs and conserve water diligently. A wise move is to ask around and survey about plumbing before finally settling in.

3. Move Important Appliances In

For most couples, watching TV or movies is one of the common bonding activities together. The television set must be an essential part of the home. You can have more units depending on the necessity. The washing machine, refrigerator, oven, water heater, clothes dryer, and food processors are some of the other examples.

Apart from those, there are appliances that you might not want to share. For instance, sharing an only computer or only one telephone may be the cause of a dispute. In this case, buying another one of the same appliance would be most ideal.

4. Kill and Prevent Bugs

Bugs and pesky insects are troublesome in any home. They are the least a newlywed couple wants to distract them in their honeymoon stage. To be sure, knowing ways on how to kill these unfriendly tiny organisms is to set up ways on baiting them. For example, a good way for termite control is to install baiting and monitoring stations to have them hooked and never come back.

5. Be Accountable

There should be a separate list of chores for the wife and the husband to avoid disputes. For sure, there are a lot of things to do and manage in a new home. As well, misunderstandings might arise when these chores are not designated and delegated properly. It is very important to be held accountable to certain tasks as this will impact every decision to be made at home. Familiarize yourself with each other’s moods. As people say, you don’t really know the person you are marrying into unless you stay with the person under one roof. Establish commitments and be accountable for them.


When moving to your home as newly married homeowners, there are a countless number of tips that are essential to living together peacefully. These five things are only basic. Keep in mind that changing of door locks should be the first thing to do when you get inside the house. Also be reminded to taxes to file for real estate and consistently check for house maintenance to prevent high costs to pay later on.

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