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Living Room Designs

Top 5 Rare Living Room Themes That You Will Love

There may come a time when you just suddenly get tired of your living room’s interior and would feel like you want to alter it into something more exciting. If you’re thinking of recreating and decorating your living room, trying out a different theme from most homes is a great idea for it to stand out. Since visitors would usually stay in the living room, you would want its design and ambiance to look both presentable and entertaining. To help you decide on which theme to do, here are the top 5 rare themes that would surely be loved.

 1. Hollywood Theme

Living Room Designs

Top 5 Rare Living Room Themes That You Will Love

If you’re fond of Hollywood movies and actors, then applying that Hollywood glam to your living room shall be a top choice. With this kind of theme, a classic atmosphere must be considered such as by first choosing a black sofa with red or gold throw pillows. Anything leather would be perfect as well.

You may also add other decors including a director’s chair, black and white pictures of yourself or of your favorite actor, and picture frames with film reel design for the border. To further embrace the Hollywood prestige, install yellow lights aside from the white ones or even put a red carpet for a more dramatic feel.

2. Jungle Theme

Having a jungle theme doesn’t mean a messy and a primitive living room. It can be interpreted as a tamed-like jungle where greens and animal prints would be used often for decoration. A black or white sofa is recommended while placing red, orange or green colored pillows. Growing some plants inside and putting on an animal print carpet or rug are also good ideas to feel the jungle or safari theme more.

The use of wood for all furniture would just be a right choice as well for this theme. This could also be applied for other ornaments such as lamps, side tables and picture frames. You may also put scented candles on the center table for a relaxing aura.

3. Beach Theme

A beach-inspired living room would only be really impressive with a sky wallpaper on the ceiling or on the walls and sands for the ground. But if you think those would be too much, then selecting light yet fun colors may be enough.

For the main component which is the sofa, a white, blue, orange or yellow one is fit for the theme. With a light colored sofa, you may then choose a bolder color for the pillows for contrast and vice versa. Placing wooden objects, seashell decorations and plants would also be contributing factors to the beach theme.

4. Circus Theme

If you’re young at heart or have kids at home who loves carnivals and such thrilling places, building a circus themed living room would be easy. You may get very creative for this theme such as by involving a lot of colors and patterns. But don’t go overboard because you won’t want your living room to look like an actual circus.

A highlight for this theme is to hang red and white stripe curtains on the windows or you could just paint those alternating colors on the walls. Your sofa, which is preferably made with a soft mattress, may be of any color since a circus is all about fun and color. But make sure that the sofa complements the color of the pillows. For the tables and picture frames, try finding a wooden majestic-like design similar to a royal one. You may also place a mirror on the wall to give a classy feel in the room.

5. Gothic Theme

Gothic can be turned chic and elegant instead of being scary and all dark for the living room’s setting. The color black would be used frequently but what makes this theme fashionable is the one color that would be used along with the black such as red, white, violet or whatnot.


To achieve this style, having a chandelier would be a great help or it shall be required. Keeping a mirror and picture frames with floral design or minimalistic borders are also suggested to add life.




Amid these design tips for a unique living room theme, what should also be highly considered is the comfort you and the visitors would feel while staying there. The admirable arrangement and art would be put to waste if they could not serve their purpose well. So decide on a theme that meets your personality while also offering a comfortable and interesting experience to everyone.


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Julieane Hernandez is a freelance writer and a hotel and restaurant management graduate turned designer. She’s an advanced tri-athlete during weekends. She’s been in the industry for about 6 years now and She’s learned so much from all the experiences she’s been through. Follow her on twitter and google+ .