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5 Christmas Gifts To Impress A New Partner

5 Christmas Gifts To Impress A New Partner Christmas is around the corner, and everyone has started to plan ahead with their Xmas Gift List!

Meanwhile, the Coca-Cola Christmas lorries are back in town and it seems to be the most wonderful time of the year again!

Even though it’s great to receive presents, I’m sure we can agree that a lot of them are just the same old as every other year. Either that, or we’ve already received the same or near-identical gift in the past!

Ultimately, the most difficult person to buy Christmas gifts for is your partner. It gets even harder if your partner is new and you still haven’t figured out their real likes and dislikes

So, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best Christmas gifts to impress your partner!

P.S. If you haven’t found yourself a partner just yet, you can always check out the best dating sites to get lucky sooner rather than later!

Date in a box

Evidently, this is an all-year-round gift as you will receive a new box every single month! So, we’ve shortlisted some of the best ones that will tick each box on your and your partner’s checklist:

1. Crated with Love → Various games and activities

  1. Beside the Seaside → A perfect staycation present for couples
  2. Crate Dates → Recipes or snacks to try out
  3. American Cocktail Club → For a cheaper night on the town
  4. Seductive Pleasure → Monthly delivery of new “toys” and treats

Couples board games

Without a doubt, Christmas just isn’t the same without board games. We’ve all got memories of Monopoly or Cluedo being played after Xmas Dinner, but our list of couples’ board games will take things to a whole new level!

  1. Mr. & Mrs. → For the retro quizzers
  2. Pandemic → A game more contagious than the virus itself
  3. Fifty Days of Play → Great if you’re looking to spice things up
  4. Fill Your Pants → If you’re looking to laugh your head off
  5. Twister → Classic but a safe bet

Weekend retreats

I don’t think anyone has ever complained about going away for the weekend, whether that’s a holiday, a relaxing day at a spa, or even a night out in the wild camping.

We’ve created the perfect list of weekend retreats, which will surely have you returning for more:

  1. Snowy weekend trip to Iceland to see the Northern Lights
  2. Voyaging the pink beaches of the Bahamas
  3. Set your camp ON the trees with Red Kite Tree Tents
  4. Light your campfire or relax inside the luxury of Soho Farmhouse in Oxford
  5. Put the routine aside and de-stress at the Spa Hotel at Ribby Hall Village

Memory photo frame

This is more for the couples that have been dating for a bit longer than a few months, and have created enough memories to frame them. A memory book may be a bit too big for new relationships, whereas a photo frame or even a digital photo frame will bring out your sensitive side:

  1. Veelu – Custom Spotify code music plaque with golden frame
  2. Pttozan – Wooden photo frame gift for couples (Wall Frame)
  3. Delitls – Hanging photo frame for wall decor
  4. Qianyue – Personalised photo gift with stand
  5. Ouchan – Light-up picture frame with carved wording

Champagne & Chocolates

We’ve gone with a safe bet for our last choice. Even though it’s a common suspect within the Christmas gifts, a special bottle of Champagne and chocolates will always keep a smile on a new or long-term partner.

Obviously, the options were limitless, so we cherry-picked the ones that will leave the biggest impression.

  1. Dom Perignon champagne & Belgian chocolate gift box
  2. Deluxe Moët & Chandon champagne Christmas gift box
  3. Veuve Clicquot brut champagne with personnalisation tin
  4. Taittinger Rose Christmas champagne and chocolate gift box
  5. Lanson champagne and a box of Guylian Belgian chocolates

Stocking fillers

As there is an abundance of presents to choose from, we also wanted to include the 3 best Out-Of-The-Box gift ideas, which if picked carefully, can add you some brownie points from your other half:

Buy a Star → Own a part of the universe

Hot Sauce → The official “Hot Ones” Sauces if you’re brave enough

Shadow-box → For collecting mementos, whether that’s wine, beer, or pics

So there you have it, our best 5 Christmas gifts (and an extra 3) to excite a new partner in 2021! By the time you’re reading this, you will definitely be able to make an impression, regardless of your budget or whether you met them online or in real life.

In either case, anyone who receives gifts for Christmas will be content with what they get. However, being able to find Xmas presents with an edge, will surely leave a longer-lasting impression.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas in advance and make sure to enjoy all the presents!