Six Outrageous Myths Related to Online Slots

The iGaming industry has been around for a while and this universe comes with its supposed facts that are related to the game of slots on the various sites.

Funny enough, these supposed truths eventually end up as crazy myths which are outrageous, to say the least. Find a few of these crazy myths related to online slots at online casinos like below:

1. Online slots have a programming of hot streaks and cold streaks.

Now! This is a big lie. The fact is that there are periods when an online slot hardly makes any payouts. There is also a period when cashouts become very regular for a long time and this is called a hot streak.

This is obviously not due to any inherent programming in the system which works in favor of the casino. It is just a random occurrence as opposed to what is expected to transpire. Cold streaks and hot streaks do not exist.

2. A slot with no recent payout is due for a cashout

The payouts being done at an online slot cannot be determined as its operation is random.

The likelihood of winning and losing whilst playing online slots is random. Therefore, the possibility of the next spin translating to a big win is not reliant on how recent the slot has paid out.

3. Hitting a jackpot after a slot recently made a payment on a previous jackpot is as good as impossible.

This is one assertion that could easily pass for the truth amongst gamblers. However, like the previous ones, it is false. A jackpot is totally random and can materialize at any point in time. This is a fact as every spin which is made is ultimately random.

4. Bonus usage reduces your winning chances.

This is the last crazy myth on our list. This is a totally false assertion. Taking advantage of available bonuses doesn’t alter your chances of winning from a negative standpoint and vice versa.

This is due to the fact that the random number generator inherent in the system doesn’t know if you’re using a bonus or not for your game play. Therefore, you have equal chances, regardless of if you use a bonus or not. Do take a look to see if there is a wagering requirement attached though. Unsure what is 50x wagering? Wagering means that you must wager 50 x the amount of the bonus in order to be able to collect the bonus and any other winnings as real money.

5. New slots are just for variety purposes.

It appears there is some truth to this assertion. However, another major truth is that majority of the players who engage in online slots are usually fickle minded, and have this habit of going on a search for a new slot when they find themselves on some kind of losing streak.

Regardless, the idea of having an alternative is not bad, and online casinos will be very happy to provide you with one to fall back on when you feel you are no longer making any headway in the so-called old slots. This way, the online slots player ends up happy and satisfied while the online casinos continue to rake in significant revenue to boost the business.

6. Players who stake big always win the progressive jackpot

This is another partially true assertion and it originated when notable giants like Microgaming and Playtech were the dominators of the online gambling market.

Their machines usually came with a condition that allowed players who have the highest betting rates to win the largest jackpot. Therefore, this started becoming a norm, but it’s not so in recent times.

Nowadays, there is the existence of a universal rule which states thus: You’ll have the same chances of winning the jackpot alongside other players regardless of the bet you place. This rule is applicable to all slots and has thrown the aforementioned logic out of the window almost completely.

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