Signs You Are Ready to Move In with Your Partner1

Signs You Are Ready to Move In with Your Partner

As we age, a lot of us want to meet someone we can spend the rest of our time with, the One that gives us the chance to live that happy life we always wanted. A classic example of bad decisions is to decide to move in too fast. If you have to share a home, moving into it will need to be made a serious decision. Here are some reasons why you would want to do that and when:

It was their idea

Although we live in a society where in most countries women are equal to men in many ways, sharing a home is something that requires both sides working together to ensure everything is working well. Taking all of this into consideration and the fact that women are often more open about their feelings, chances are you will have a good reason to work on moving in together if reassurance is mutual. This can go both ways, especially since anyone can be elusive in relationships, if the partner is unsure of the other’s feelings it will be best to get to a consensus either way. The bottom line is you need to be sure that moving together is something that your partner wants as much as you do, ensuring you are on the same page when the job is done.

You feel like you’re almost living together

Do you happen to spend most of your nights together as it is? If that is the case do you each have a key to each other’s home? Do you have a toothbrush in their cabinet? If that is the case then you will make the transition fairly easily and without any issues. If you see your partner often and you know their habits inside out, then you will likely be comfortable with each other by that point. You cook together, clean together, go shopping together and all of this has been mercifully devoid of any drama? If that is the case then you already have what you need and all without any issues, so moving together will be much easier than you imagined.

You are on the same page relationship-wiseSigns You Are Ready to Move In with Your Partner2

This is one very important part of the relationship, as your partner will need to be on the same level when it comes down to marriage or living together, so you need to make sure you have the same ideas concerning it. A lot of people tend to think that living together means this will result in marriage. Until you have a serious conversation about your future you should never make assumptions.

You have fought and forgiven

There are very few relationships where nothing goes wrong and people don’t fight. Fighting is a test for the strength of a relationship. As you can learn a lot about someone by the way they argue and how they fight. Fighting fair or unfair, whether they avoid confrontation or seek it, whether they seek understanding and consensus or they simply want to dominate you in arguments. All of this will let you know what kind of person they are and whether or not you can work together to find solutions to your arguments.

You’ve talked about the money situation

For some people money is the root of all their problems, the source of their disagreements and it can turn out to be an uncomfortable and awkward subject. Living together means having the money talk for obvious reasons; regardless of whether or not want to deal with it. This is a part of life and it has to be a part of the practical decisions you make and how you will tackle the financial decisions after moving in together. Will you split your expenses evenly? Will you have a joint account? Will both of your names be present on the lease? Will you be splitting the rent and so forth, all of those are important questions that need to be answered.

Discussing your ideal relationship

Communication is a key to a good relationship, so you will need to talk about your expectations long before you move in. Before you decide to live together you will need to be aware of your plans for the near future or your relationship will quickly sour. Do you plan on spending all your evenings together, do any of you feel the need for alone time and so forth? You will need to know these things before moving in together or else you will quickly feel suffocated by the other’s presence and their possessiveness. Do keep in mind your partner is not exactly a mind reader, so communicate always, all the time to ensure your relationship works out well in the long run.

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