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Prostate – Symptoms, treatment and herbal remedies

Friends today, a reader has asked for advice about the operation of his father’s prostate disease, for herbal remedies and also what is the disease.
Let’s discuss –

  • Problems related to prostate are commonly found in men who have been over 50 years old.
  • Until recently, it was the only remedy to completely remove the prostate gland by the operation and there were some problems with it too. Such as problems in relinquishment of urine, control of urination was exhausted, or routine became disorganized.
  • Nowadays, this disease is removed by Trans Urethral Resection (TUR).

Why does this disease happen?

  • The base of the prostate bladder is a grinding column in which there is a hole. Eurethra (the tube from which urine exits) passes through this hole.
  • Usually the size of the granite is equal to a golf ball. But if there is this disease, its size can also be equal to apples. As a result, the diameter of the hole is reduced. Due to this, the pressure on the urethra increases and urinary evacuation is interrupted.

Symptoms of Prostate

Early symptoms are found primarily – to go back to urine repeatedly, not to be completely empty of urinary bladder, irritation after some urinary renunciation, and urinary evacuation tendency increases over time. Every 20-30 minutes has to go repeatedly to relieve urine. After some time the amount of urine decreases and the urinary tract becomes completely disrupted. It is necessary to get treatment immediately.

What herbal remedies can do in its initial stage?

  • Lycopene and antioxidants are found in tomato, which prevents cancer from flourishing. By eating two tomatoes per day, the risk of prostate cancer decreases to 50%. Eat tomatoes at least twice a week.
  • Caffine is found in tea and coffee. The caffeine hardens the upper part of the stomach and increases the problem of prostate’s patient. Therefore, do not use things containing kefins.

Pumpkin / grapes contain an important element called gink, which rests in this disease. Take out the pumpkin seeds and compress it. Then grind it into a mixer and make powder. Take this powder in the amount of 25-30 grams daily. After some time taking the water with the prostate sycadar pee comes openly.

  • Grind the linseed powder into the mixer and make powder. Drink this powder of 20-25 gms in water and drink it twice a day.
  • Most of my patients have described it as a rest.

If the condition of the disease has increased, then what is the treatment?

There is an operation called TUR Operation.

TUR Operation

  • In this the device named Rectoscope is transported to the bladder. This operation is performed by giving anesthesia to the patient. A powerful lens is inserted at one end of this device in which the surgeon can see the whole process. Then, the current of the high frequency is sent in this string. In which small pieces of tissues are done.
  • Slowly the prostate hole becomes larger so that the urine is easily accessible. Now this place burns with an electrical appliance to stop bleeding, which we call “cartridge” in the medical language.
  • Clean the remaining tissues and blood particles with the catheter (rubber hose). Sometimes a patient feels stubbornness or some strange tingling while sacrificing urine, which is removed after a few weeks. After this operation the patient may have to stay in the hospital for 1-2 weeks.
  • After the operation, the patient gets treated with drip for 1-2 days and after that he can eat normal food. The patient can do light work after two weeks but should not carry heavy stuff or do heavy work. After 3 weeks, most patients are able to do heavy work too. After this operation, most patients get control over their urine.
  • Occasionally some patients may develop the larynx even after the operation, then the operation can be done again, in which the doctor has removed a lot of the gland.

Therefore, you are advised that if you are unable to recover through normal treatment, then consult with best Urologist in Jaipur, try to remove the disease as soon as possible so that your health can be good. If your information is also suffering from this disease, then by giving this information to you, take the responsibility of being a responsible citizen.

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