Perfect Birthday Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Perfect Birthday Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Let’s face it: buying a birthday present for your girlfriend can be really stressful, especially if you’re not that good at catching hints of what she would want to get. It’s often confusing and nerve-wrecking, and you just want to make her happy and show appreciation through a thoughtfully picked gift. Here are some ideas for the perfect birthday gift. Prepare to see her warm and gentle smile as she tears up the gift wrapping!

Thoughtful DIY photo album    

Collect photos of you two and make a unique photo album. This is an inexpensive gift she’ll appreciate for sure. You can buy a photo album and fill it up with your photos, or buy a big notebook and make it even more personal. Pick photos from the earliest days of you being a couple, all to the present day. Add captions and comments to each photo, so the album functions as a time machine or a precious photo-chronology of your relationship. Make sure you include internal jokes, so the album truly reflects the essence of your relationship. Even if you mess up (e.g. use too much glue), don’t sweat about it: she will certainly be happy because of your effort. There are many DIY gift ideas you can explore.

Personalized jewelry

You can’t really go wrong with jewelry. To really make it a gift worth her gasp of amazement, choose a piece and have it personalized. See what kind of jewelry she loves wearing (or stalk her Pinterest page), so that you pick the right tasteful type. For example, if it is a necklace with a locket that can be opened, put a small love note inside. If it is a bracelet, have something engraved on the back of it. You can also consider buying her a wrist watch. Opt for a basic color that can easily be matched with anything or buy one in her favorite color. Consult her friends for guidance.


How many times have you caught your girlfriend standing in front of a full closet that’s about to explode and hear her say: “I don’t have anything to wear”? Most women love clothes and simply can’t get enough outfits. Buying her a gift voucher for a shopping spree is a slippery slope: while she may appreciate it, she also might think you took the easy way out and didn’t put much effort into coming up with a perfect gift. It might backfire, so instead – you should try buying her something on your own. Dresses are a great choice, as you can make the perfect romantic gesture. Choose formal yet chic dresses that will go with her personality and style. Make sure she has your undivided attention and she will feel like a pampered princess.

Consider her hobbies

Is she a photographer? Does she enjoy reading? Is she a music junkie? Consider buying her a gift based on her hobbies. Sometimes, we all have to prioritize and don’t have enough money to devote to ourselves. Buy her that camera she always stares at the shop window, a book she’s been meaning to purchase but never finds the time to do so, or a new music player.

Activities you can enjoy together

To really sweep her off her feet, book a romantic getaway. Or buy tickets for that concert she has been wanting to go to. Enjoy a relaxing spa day together or if she’s an adventurer – organize an exciting day for you two. Go mountain biking, play laser tag, go free climbing, etc. Think about what she would enjoy and surprise her with it. A simple day spent together can be just as precious as material gifts: it’s the thought that matters.

Personalised flower box

This is one of the latest trends in gift giving right now. If your loved one is a fan of flowers and unique quotes this is a perfect gift for her. Choose flowers she prefers the most and create an unique quote on the box or just her name with “I love you”. This is a simple yet very personal and solicitous gift.

These are some of the ideas of birthday gifts for your girlfriend. Whatever you buy her, make sure she feels how much you care about her and her special day.

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