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The possibilities of making the kinds of connections you want are very realistic, and many long lasting relationships and marriages have begun via online dating services, not to mention casual relationships as well if that is what you prefer. The possibilities are all right there and waiting for you, but there are a few key rules you need to know and follow in order to find your perfect date online. Download to learn The Golden Rules of Online Dating – 6 essential rules to finding the perfect online date!

Essential guide towards getting hooked up at the holiday party in office

Essential guide towards getting hooked up at the holiday party in office

Essential guide towards getting hooked up at the holiday party in office

It has been seen that nearly 24% of the Americans tend to hook up with their coworkers at a holiday party. This is the season that everyone looks forward to, but indulging with the wrong ones could be a strict no. It might happen that by taking alcohol, disaster in any form can strike.

Party at the office

There are some people, who had been fantasizing even before the holiday spirit began or being drunk. It brings out their romantic moods even more. 24% office goers, with 27% being women and 42% being men between age 18 and 34, try to get hooked up with their coworker, especially during Christmas, New Year and workplace parties. In case, the individual has plans to seduce someone from the same or other department this holiday, then, there are no off limits to the place if he/she is limber and creative enough.Continue reading

7 Corny & Creative Ways to Dump Someone

7 Corny and Creative Ways to Dump Someone

7 Corny and Creative Ways to Dump Someone

When it comes with dumping someone the ways are endless.  The problem comes with finding the best way.

In the dating world there are, and will always be, break-ups. Whether you are online dating, or conventionally dating, you’ll probably experience a break-up in your life. “Nearly one-third of all Americans have experienced a breakup in the past ten years” (Fetto, 2003). Most people who date experience several breakups in their life, most of which are difficult.  It doesn’t matter how many breakups someone goes through, they usually don’t get any easier, and sometimes they even get harder.Continue reading

Secrets of Happy Couple

Secret of happy-couples

Secret of happy-couples

Are you keen to extract some advices and suggestions that can make your relationship work or can infuse happiness in it? Well then to all your surprise there is no such magic wand or tips that can spice up your relationship overnight and make it going, instead it needs smart efforts from your own very end to rejuvenate it over the length of time.

Be it any color, shape, size, but when you see the two holding hand in hand and promising eternal happiness to each other, you just know it’s just nothing but the perfect couple.Continue reading

Top Marriage Advice Before Getting Married


Marriage Advice Before You Marry

Bible – the word of God say that is not good for man to be alone and in the same way, it is not good for woman to be alone. God has a good plan for every creature whether man or woman. Don’t let your heart be troubled; it is God’s will to bless your marriage, so all you need is to walk into the plan of God for your marriage. I believe you are dreaming of a fulfilled marital life and that is one of the reasons you are reading up to this moment. Read my friend, God will surely make your dreams come true. God will also help you to have a peace-filled home here on earth. Are you willing to avoid the mistakes of so many people in the past, if yes then consider the following points below:- Continue reading

Great Ideas on How to Get Your Love Back And Get Your Marriage On Track

The Trauma and Hurt of Marriage Breakup


Great Ideas on How to Get Your Love Back

The hurt and grief of a marriage breakup can easily be one of the most devastating events in someone’s life. The amount of pain and loneliness that you are feeling right now is relative to the strength and depth of love that you feel for your spouse. This means that if you didn’t really care about your spouse you could easily go on with your life and the breakup wouldn’t be having much effect upon you or your life at all right now.Continue reading

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Relationship-and-Dating-Advice-for-Single-and-MarriedI am happy to welcome you dear reader to Singles and Married Blog. This blog is meant for both singles and married. Our mission / goal is to encourage and advice the matured singles to get married and teach the married how to enjoy their marriage life. There are so many questions on the lips of our youth concerning love and relationship, sex and marriage, dating and courtship, parenting and divorce etc. We hope to use this medium to touch lives of many people by answering some of these questions as the spirit of God direct.

Continue reading

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