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The possibilities of making the kinds of connections you want are very realistic, and many long lasting relationships and marriages have begun via online dating services, not to mention casual relationships as well if that is what you prefer. The possibilities are all right there and waiting for you, but there are a few key rules you need to know and follow in order to find your perfect date online. Download to learn The Golden Rules of Online Dating – 6 essential rules to finding the perfect online date!

Free dating sites

Love: Does It Come At A Cost?

Our lives today mean that we’re so focused on our careers that many of us find the path to true love doesn’t always run smoothly. We’re so focused on other things that we blink and find we’re suddenly in our thirties and the things our own parents had by that age just haven’t materialized. Sometimes it isn’t through lack of trying; sometimes it is just because we haven’t had the time to commit.

More people are turning to dating websites to find their partner, or simply sometimes to find a companion or someone to socialize with. As far back as 2012, it was being reported that dating sites were coining it in the UK alone, with as much as £2billion is being spent on them, by people who were desperate to find the love of their life.

Free dating sites

Love: Does It Come At A Cost?

Not all dating sites are the same; anyone who has used them will know this. There are ones to avoid and ones that have great reputations – but what suits one person really might not suit another’s needs (or their pocket, if we’re talking in financial terms).

You don’t necessarily need to pay a lot to find love, but, if you want to weed out the shysters – the men and women who are perhaps only just after one thing – from the people who are truly serious about finding a long term partner to cherish, you will have to grit your teeth and fork out some cash.

The general consensus is that free sites are not all bad – but…you must be prepared to come across a larger pool of people, and within that pool there might be more than a few weirdoes. That’s the nature of the game.

You’d actually be amazed at how many people don’t use these types of sites safely or are surprised when they run into trouble. Having an idea of the types of sites out there and what they can offer is a good idea – as knowing how to be smart and savvy when you log into them too.

Before you commit, think about your profile too. Think about what you want to say, how you want to show yourself. Choose a decent headshot, or more than one, one really important thing that a lot of dating experts agree on is that your chosen profile photo shouldn’t show you drinking. Many people make the mistake of adding in a shot of themselves in a pub or in a bar with an alcoholic drink in their hand – this is a bit of an unwritten no-no. Use a full face shot, make sure the background is as neutral as possible and smile!

Some sites offer a free trial period, so you can see if you like the way they operate, before you commit. These tend to be quite user friendly and give you the opportunity to see how you can communicate with men or women you’re attracted to.

Lastly, there are paid sites – the ones you must join fully and pay upfront to get the most from. Most opinions seem to agree that these sites will have the more “seriously minded” daters on there, the ones who really are out to find someone to fall in love with.

The choice really is up to you at the end of the day, it doesn’t have to cost a bomb, but – if you want to be considered a serious dater, it might be best to bite the bullet, put your money where your mouth is and pay a fee to find fun and frolics with a like minded person.

Cleaning Your Home for a Date

Getting back into the dating scene, how to clean your home first

Whether you had been in a long-term relationship, or were simply a happy single not looking to meet anyone new, chances are, your home might reflect the comfortable state of mind that you were in. Living alone can lead to these comfortable bad habits, habits you’ll want to break – so it might be time to give your home an overhaul too, and make sure it’s in the best state possible. This won’t only make sure that there won’t be any embarrassment if you decide to invite any potential romantic interests back to your home, but a clean home will also have a positive impact on your mind, helping you to see things more clearly.

Cleaning Your Home for a Date

Cleaning Your Home for a Date

Luckily, if you are one of those people who feel easily overwhelmed by impending cleaning chores, there are plenty of cleaning tips available online. And to make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the most important ones.

Declutter (your heart)

In order for anything new to start, you will have to get rid of the old. This doesn’t only mean detaching yourself from old emotions and memories, but also getting rid of any physical items that might stand in the way of something new. This can be as simple as throwing out all those dresses that you impulse bought, but never wore, or as complex as actually going through every single room and put anything you don’t need anymore into a box. This might also involve throwing out items that remind you of your ex, so don’t underestimate this process, and stay strong. This is also a good opportunity to tidy your flat too, and make sure everything is in its designated place – make sure to use all your cupboards, not your floors, for storage.

(Bubble) bath time

There’s nothing nice than getting ready for a date by pampering yourself and having a nice bubble bath. Taking the time to make yourself feel good gets you into just the right mindset to meet someone new. But to get there, you might have to scrub your bathroom first – no amount of scented candles and bubbles can make up for a dirty bathroom. Use a bleach-based bathroom cleaner and a toothbrush to really clean your bathtub, and scrub those bathroom tiles until they shine. Use warm water and dish soap for the mirror, and scrub the sink with a sponge and a sink cleaning solution – your bathroom will be ready to be your personal bubble bath haven in no time!

 Get your kitchen ready (for dinner dates)

Cooking together is a great date idea, as it allows you to really get to know the other person through a fun and relaxed activity. But if you’d like to volunteer your kitchen for the dinner date, you should make sure it’s clean and shiny to impress your date – and make the cooking process enjoyable, too, since no one likes to cook in a messy kitchen. First, make sure you’ve cleaned every single dirty dish in your house. Next, clean the kitchen sink with a sink cleaner, and all the kitchen surfaces using a sponge or cloth and a simple surface cleaner. Last but not least, make your oven shine – remove the racks and soak them in warm, soapy water, and use a kitchen cleaner for the inside of the oven. Happy scrubbing! We promise it’ll be worth it.

Dust if off

You’ve decluttered and tidied up your home and cleaned the kitchen and bathroom – you’re almost ready now! All that’s left is to clean all the surfaces to really make your home shine and get rid of old dust. Depending on the kind of floor you have, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust from a carpet, and a dry dust mop for wooden floors or tiles. Clean your floor with a wet mop in the kitchen and bathroom, and get rid of any dust and dirt on desks and cupboards – and then you’ve done it, congratulations! All that’s left to enjoy the dating game – you deserve it.

dating tips

How To Show a Girl That You Like Her

dating tips

How To Show a Girl That You Like Her

The world of dating advice can be often confusing. On the one hand, you shouldn’t seem too interested in a girl. On the other hand, you can’t really avoid showing interest at all. So what’s the right thing to do?

Showing a girl that you like her is important, because otherwise she’ll ask herself the question – “if he doesn’t like me at all, why is he dating me?!?!”

In this post, I’ll share several dating tips for men on how to show your interest in a girl, and how to tell her that you like her.

Don’t Compliment if She Doesn’t Deserve It

Let’s begin with what you shouldn’t be doing, and this is complimenting a girl when she doesn’t deserve it. What do I mean?

Men often give women compliments on how they look, or other kinds of generic compliments – such as “You are cute” and “Love your shirt”.

These types of compliments sound fake and seem like you’re trying to impress and bribe a girl using your compliments. It doesn’t work and isn’t attractive.

If you want to compliment and show interest in a girl, do it when she deserves this.

When to Compliment Her

After we figured out when not to give compliments, let’s ask the next question – when and how is it OK, and even attractive, to compliment a woman?

Women, like men, love to get compliments for doing something good – when they “deserve” it. This is actually the basic principle for giving attractive compliments.

Give her your compliments based on her behavior. For example, if she tells you a funny joke – you can say “The joke you told me was funny. I like your humor.”

Or if she tells you something impressive about herself, such as that she studies engineering; compliment her – “Wow, that’s pretty impressive when a girl studies engineering. I like intelligent girls”

Give women compliments that they deserve, and you’ll never be seen as needy or over interested.

Find Reasons to Compliment

Showing your interest in women is important. If you don’t give her any signals of interest It seems like you’re either desperate and ready you be with any girl, or that you only want to sleep with her. Either option isn’t very attractive to women. So you simply must find reasons to compliment her.

Therefore, you don’t have to wait until she gives you reasons to compliment. Instead, you can qualify her, and make her give you reasons to compliment her.

Qualifying women means that you ask or check if she has the qualities and traits that you want in women. So you should better have some qualities that you look in women (beside physical looks), because women are attracted to men who are picky.

So, with this list of traits that you want in a woman, go on and qualify her, by checking if she possesses these qualities.

If you want a girl who knows how to cook, tell her: “Do you know how to cook? Because I love when women make me my favorite meal, which is…..”

Most of the chances are that her answer will positive (because most women in fact know how to cook, and because she will want to impress you), and now you can give her a decent compliment – “Wow, that’s cool. I kind of like you. I like women who are good cookers.”

Showing your interest in a woman while qualifying is the perfect way to tell that you like her. After doing this, she’ll be actually expecting you to ask her out on a date.

Sarah WilliamsSarah Williams is a freelance writer that is passionate about psychology. After several relationships and a LOT of dates, she shares her honest female perspective about dating, sex and men’s health on Wingman Magazine . After all, she is just a hopeless romantic trying to figure it all out.

Conjunctivitis in Adult

Home Remedies and Cleaning Tips for Pink Eye or Conjunctivitis in Adults

Some people might have experienced wearing contact lenses for more than 12 hours in a day and never dropped a clean solution for dry eyes. The result is having pink eyes or bloodshot eyes the next day. This is called conjunctivitis in scientific terms. It is a commonly occurring irritation that should be treated immediately or else it might get worse. If you are experiencing this and have no time to consult with an eye doctor, here are some home remedies and cleaning tips that can help to remove the pink or red eye.

 1. Take Antihistamine

The initial remedy is to go over the counter of any trusted drugstore and ask for an antihistamine. Histamines are the chemicals known for causing pink eye and other allergy symptoms. Our body system naturally reacts to allergens and it produced histamines. By taking an antihistamine, you can reduce the level of histamines and block them completely.

 2. Use Decongestant

In contrast with antihistamine, the way a decongestant work is that they control inflammation. It may stop other symptoms from appearing and thereby help prevent eye tissue from getting inflamed. You may use this in a couple of days to clear the symptoms.

 3. Clean Your Eyes

Conjunctivitis in Adult

Conjunctivitis in Adult

When you take a bath, probably the only part of your body that’s seen in the naked eye must be the eye itself. There’s a different way of cleaning the eye (not by soap and water). It is by wiping the eye starting from the inside corner next to your nose. Make sure you have clean hands to prevent bacteria from festering. Then, pass over your entire eye gently to the outside corner. This is to get rid of the discharge or dirty substance from the tear ducts.

Remember not to touch your eyes with unclean hands as the condition may be worsened and you may be passing on the bacteria to things that other people will touch. Pink eye is contagious and it can infect and spread to people around you or those you often get in contact with. Therefore, it will also be helpful if you do not share handkerchiefs, eye cosmetics, contact lenses and solution with them.

4. Apply Eye Drops

Eye drops are mild saline lubricants that can be put artificial tears because they provide replacement of tears in the eyes. If you are wearing contact lenses in the Philippines, remove them first before applying eye drops. Do not try to wear the lenses again until your eyes are completely healed and back to normal. Applying eye drops is easy and this process can specifically aid in soothing out dryness associated with bloodshot eyes. The same lubricant can wash out the contaminants that complicate or prolong other viral, bacterial, or allergic conjunctivitis.

5. Use Cold or Warm Compress

A handy towel with soft texture can be of help this time for a cold or warm compress. You will need a pail of water. Soak the towel in the water and wring out the excess before applying the towel to your closed eyes. If you are experiencing allergic conjunctivitis, ideally you should use a cold compress and gently put pressure. Else, use a warm compress to reduce swelling of viral or bacterial conjunctivitis. As an alternative to water, you may also use tea bags and apply them to your eyes for about half an hour. Chamomile tea is most recommended for further relaxation.


From time to time, people experience conjunctivitis caused by swollen or dilated blood vessels on the sclera, the white outer surface of the eye. While this may appear as a mild disease, it should not be ignored. There are accompanying pains such as itching, eye discharge, swollen and visual disturbances that come along with it.

If the pain does not go away after a few hours, you can still monitor the progress and stay away from places where there is a lot of people. You can request for a leave of absence from school or the office for the meantime. Conjunctivitis should be cured in about three to five days. If the pink eye does not improve within that duration after you have done these home remedies, it is really time for you to visit the doctor.

Ways of Finding Love- Ethnic Dating

Ways of Finding Love: Ethnic Dating

Ways of Finding Love

Ways of Finding Love

There is no way of accurately predicting the place, date or time when true love will make an appearance. It could be on a day you are looking your best or on a day that has tested your patience to the maximum. Still, if you are single and are ready for love, you can do a lot more than just wait for life to bring you love. You can make love happen for you by taking concrete action. The perfect start to this love quest is to figure out what you are looking for, the physical attributes, qualifications and social standing a potential partner absolutely must have. You may also want to spend some time thinking about the preferred background of a future mate. Continue reading

online dating

Why Ethnic Dating Is More Safe?

online datingThe chances of crossing paths with potential partners, without any efforts on your part, are limited. Even making a conscious effort to meet interesting singles does not guarantee that you will meet the love of your life this way. Ethnic dating tilts the balance in your favor, as connecting with potential partners from your cultural group can bring the partner you are looking for right into your life. Be it Haitian women, Albanian women or Pakistani women, signing up with a site dedicated to a specific ethnic group helps you connect with singles from a particular ethnic background. Armenian singles can improve the chances of meeting a romantic partner from the same culture through Armenian chat.Continue reading

How to decide which online dating category is right for you

Online Dating

Online Dating

A dating category simultaneously works in your favor on two levels. On the one hand, it opens the doors of romantic opportunity by helping you get in touch with singles from a particular category that you have in mind. On the other hand, you can further refine the search by choosing to connect with singles with particular attributes and traits from within that category, and narrow down your search or broaden it by choosing to connect with those based in your vicinity, a city of your choice or a preferred country. Ethnic dating sites bring singles from the same cultural background on a common platform. This makes a romantic relationship and a life-time commitment with a potential partner from your own culture possible.Continue reading

How to Create Perfect Online Dating Profile

Online Dating Profile

Online Dating Profile

Registering with an ethnic dating site has the potential of being a life changing decision, as it will bring you in contact with singles from your own culture, who are there looking for love and in many instances, commitment. Connecting with singles from a specific ethnicity is possible through sites dedicated to particular cultural groups. Italian chat helps connect with Italian singles, whereas, getting in touch with Greek singles is easy with greek chat.

The results you can expect from your ethnic dating experience depend on many factors. Whether it is Indian girls dating or Jamaican men looking for love, a crucial factor that significantly impacts your chances of success is your online dating profile.  Your profile is what potential partners see and base their initial opinions about you on. Continue reading

Choosing Bridesmaids Dresses

choosing bridesmaid dress-1

Choosing Bridesmaids Dresses

One of the toughest things about being the bride is planning not only your own apparel (and probably your future husband’s!), but planning at least a basic look for every person involved in the wedding party. This includes everyone from the maid of honor to the best man to the flower girl and ring-bearer. That’s a lot of pressure for one woman to face. Perhaps one of the biggest struggles is just finding a dress that all of your bridesmaids will look great in. It’s likely that the ladies of your bridal party come in all different shapes and sizes, even heights and colors, so it can be very tricky indeed to find a dress, or even style of dress or color, that will be flattering to all of your bridesmaids. Bridesmaids dresses are a key component to your wedding, and of course, you want to make everyone at least decently happy with what they’re going to have to wear, even though it’s your special day. There are several aspects to take into consideration when making your bridesmaids’ dresses selections.Continue reading

How to Pack Light for the Long Journey: Top 5 Must-Haves 

Top 5 Must-Haves  for Long Journey

Top 5 Must-Haves for Long Journey

Packing your luggage for any trip is pretty much an exciting task. However, sometimes especially for long journey, people tend to pack more than what is required or needed. There are many ways to pack light and some people must be really adept at the art of it that they turn it into a skill. With a little planning and organization, you can also do it. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to pack lightly for a long journey.Continue reading

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