Online dating- things to remember when you take things offline

Online dating: things to remember when you take things offline

We may meet through dating app or social networking sites, but the real relationship begins only after we meet in real. The transition from online to offline is a little bumpy because you get to see the real person and not just read their words. Moreover as the famous saying goes “first impression is the best impression”,

Here are some of the tips to keep in mind while meeting someone special you met online.


This is a basic thing to keep in mind whenever you meet someone for the first time. Added to it you are going to meet the person you are romantically interested in. Dress comfortably rather than fashionable clothes which you are not fine in carrying with.  To make a better impact you can go with colors that your date likes or any color that suits you well.


Behaving in a good manner may sound like an advice for professional interview but its rather safer to be conscious about it than create a bad impression. When you are on a dinner date maintain table manners and etiquettes.

Well informed

Make sure you go through all their social media profiles, Google their name and view all of them. Know their preferences, likes and dislikes carefully. So that when you strike a conversation you don’t go to topics which are not liked by them. And now this is not called as stalking.


Make the conversations as interesting as possible and keep personal stories out of it. Talk things which your date loves in general, you would have figures out this by your interaction on the internet. Do not make any serious conversation keep it as light as possible.

Avoid controversial topics were both of you might take different stand point like politics, favorite sports clubs etc. If at all you go to those topics and have a difference of opinion just end it by saying that every person is entitled to have their own opinion.

Do not ask many personal questions. Though it may show your interest in them but you do not know when you are going to cross the line and end up poking nose into their personal life. This is your first date and it may be too much to get into their private life.


While you talk really interesting stuff and your date is keenly listening to your talk, don’t get carried away. Do not keep talking about yourself and your perspectives, rather let you’re the other person speak and listen to it.


Give 100 percent of your time and attention when you are with your date. Don’t use your phone or tweet or keep texting. It shows you are not interested in them or this date. However this may not be your exact intentions but it appears more or less the same.


Completely avoid pretending to be a person who you are not. This will cause unnecessary tension in the latter stages of your relationship. Make the person fall in love with you rather than the person you pretend to be.


Give genuine compliments which have a feel-good factor. But don’t keep giving silly ones which will never sound truthful. And when you receive a compliment thank them and don’t go on bragging about that topic.

Don’t like your date

Maybe the person you met online is not what you see in real. Don’t like it? Just finish your meet up with them and leave. You don’t need to leave mid way or be rude to them. Make sure you convey your lack of interest to them, after you have completed the meet up, through a text or call.

Healthy flirt                                            

Flirting is totally ok but getting called as a pervert should be your last aim. Do not pass sexist comments or make it sound like you are looking for just hook-ups.


While being honest and speaking up frankly is a great turn-on but too much of sharing hurts. For example “you look a lot like my ex” or you “look pretty in picture”, statements like this are going to cause a lot of unnecessary tension.

Follow up

If you really enjoyed your time spent with that person let them know at the end of your date or in your next conversation.

Your date does not like you                                                          

You may like them a lot and really get interested in being with that person. Not everything goes according to your plan, respect their feeling and just move on. Do not take this rejection way too hard. Keep trying and you will soon meet your soul mate.

However these are the things one has to follow after while taking your date offline, but make sure you use the right online dating site at the first step. There are various sites developed for this purpose and choose the one with good reputation.

Most of the above stated points apply to first in date in general and not only to the ones which you met through online. But the major difference for online dating Vs the normal dating is, you have mutual friend who can vouch for you. You may have met the person before dating them, so the chances that you know them as a person are higher. In case of online dating first date becomes more of a special one as this is the first time you will get to them in real.

So give importance to all the above stated points.

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