Moving Tips as a Single Parent1

Moving Tips as a Single Parent

Separations are much like a divorce in many ways, as this is one very serious situation when kids are involved. One hand you will have to handle the emotional mayhem left from the separation, but you will also need to focus on positive experiences, which can be a lot to juggle as you need to adapt to the new situation. It will take some work, but you can make it happen as long as you keep yourself calm and collected. In most cases when parents separate one of them will leave the home and this will have a major impact on the children. Relocation as a single parent can be a really difficult task, but each case is unique in itself, so you will need to answer a few questions before you move on to the actual task of moving house:

Staying in touch

At the point of a separation or a divorce where you need to move out and keep your friends and family close by. Invite them over for a dinner or share the plans of what you want to do. Friends and family will be extremely important during that time and you may greatly need to depend on them for emotional support. At a time when your partner is no longer there, you will have to depend on someone else to make this transition easier to handle. Friends and family will have ideas you can use concerning new homes, neighborhoods and other chances for you to handle the new situation in a way that would sit well with your child’s needs.

Finding movers

This will take some research, looking for quotes and comparing prices for moving house. When you handle relocation as a single dad or mom, you will need professional moving help if you want to pull it off professionally.

Talk to your kids

Before you deal with moving house, you would do well to talk to your kids about what is happening so they can better adapt to the new situation. Decide what you want to tell them and how by getting together and discussing the situation. Keep the arguments between your partner and yourself as to avoid confusing the kids and making things worse. They will understand the changes, but now will not be the time to handle this discussion as you will need to handle the smaller parts of the job and organizing everything.

Organizing the move

If you are a single parent, planning to move out of your old home and to handle the moving process will require your full attention, but it happens to be a multi step process. Planning on relocation means you will need to decide where to go, looking for the right home and leaving the current one behind. Taking care of mortgage, utilities, canceling any and all subscriptions that need to be done with and more will need to be done in advance as well.

Choosing moving services

It may not be an easy task breaking up your common possessions, as sharing costs on utilities and looking for a new home. Relocation during that time will be better handled by the movers rather than trying to take things on alone. Moving companies will often offer disconnection of appliances, packing materials, moving large items such as pianos, transportation of cars and motorbikes and a whole lot more. Decide what you really need the movers for, and then work on researching several companies to find the right one for the job and move on with it. It will not be an easy task to take care of your kids fill time, having a job and paying the bills at the same time alone, so even if your partner is helping with the kids, you will still have a hard time. Spare the efforts by taking the time to spend with your kids, while letting the movers handle the job itself.

Getting quotes

Ask for an estimate to make your time easier, finding the right moving company to handle your needs. When you are moving out alone and you simply want to take care of the kids and their needs, you will do well to look for more options to make it work. As a single parent this should be a priority so you can handle the tasks ahead and to make your finances work better in the long run as well. Look for multiple companies and find the one that works best for your specific needs.  More quotes means you will have a better chance to handle it all in a fairly cheaper manner.

Arranging the moving process

Discuss the time and date of moving house, but take time to allow your kids to see the new place and what it will look like in the time they spend there. Show them the fun places they can visit and create a good feeling for the move that is about to happen. This should take away the stress of the situation and it will give you a chance to deal with the job without failing.

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