Moving Abroad As A Single Lady1

Moving Abroad As a Single Lady

The expatriate lifestyle is not really meant for couples only as there are many single expats living abroad and a lot of them are of course women. They have decided to move on with their plans and future regardless of being single or in a relationship, making a leap of faith into a great unknown in a true pioneer way. Going solo does have some challenges that couples don’t really face. Singles have no life partner to fall back to for conversation, companionship and help in terms of finances. The following tips will give you more information on ways you can handle all of this alone however:

Be honest with yourself

After all you would need to know yourself before you move on. If you prefer having many social engagement opportunities, then you should strategize your options and you should consider move on to a location that caters to those interests. If you prefer the quiet solitude instead, moving house to a smaller location will allow you to have a calmer time.

Going where the expats are

As a single you would be better off moving on to a location where expats are more numerous, as this will allow you to have a chance to enjoy yourself with like-minded individuals and people of your own culture or mindset nearby. Sometimes that would be all that it takes to push away the feeling of home sickness that plagues most expatriates and to see the value in a multicultural environment.

Renting before you make a purchase

This is an important advice for singles, as renting for even a couple of weeks will let you see whether your chosen destination will pay off and it if it happens to be the right choice for you. If you believe it is not you can move on with no regrets.

Make a strategy for meeting new contacts

The biggest pitfalls for most expats are the boredom and loneliness that could really become a problem. If you picked a location with expats, then you will have a chance to meet them with a proactive strategy, taking the initiative and finding kindred souls you can connect to.

Start a new project before the departure

As a good way to work on combating boredom before your relocation to a new country and moving house in the process, you should start working on a new hobby. Taking up a sport you can enjoy will also be a good move, not to mention you can also have a nice business plan to ramp up as well. While that project keeps you busy you can still enjoy a good social circle at your new location.

Learning the language

This is something absolutely necessary if you want to live a full life in a new location. Getting to know the local culture and making its language a part of your skill set will make you more than what you already are, opening up new opportunities to make a difference. That way you can handle anything your new country throws at you, knowing you can at the very least communicate efficiently without needing help in the process.

The fine details of moving

You will likely need to enlist the services of a long distance moving company to help ship your personal possessions to your chosen country, so you would do well to check the market for such companies that would allow you to handle the task alone without fail. Relocation companies will help provide a wide range of services you can work with to make for a more foolproof experience in the long run. They can help organize your belongings while you focus on organizing your visas and permits as well as other documentation. The use of relocation specialists will be necessary for expats such as you that plan on a long-term move. Find out whether there will be any customs paid for transporting certain goods, specifically vehicles and electronics as they may incur some pretty high customs fees in many countries out there. In many cases it could be more prudent to buy the items you need on the spot instead of shipping them in, so unless the item is of such importance that you can’t leave it behind, you should likely go for the easier option.

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