Looking for a unique wedding style – head to beautiful organic farms2

Looking for a unique wedding style – head to beautiful organic farms!

Show off your innovative ideas for a wedding theme and opt for a style that best matches with your personal preferences. Personalize your invitations to make them stand out and choose a cake in a sharp contrast that speaks for itself. Whether you fancy the idea of a country-themed wedding or you’d rather stick to the classic concept, just make sure to think outside the box and turn a vision into a dream wedding.

Accents of vintage

Retro wedding themes have a special charm couples will absolutely adore. The details are truly astounding and the discreet accents of vintage will make the ceremony look romantic and incredibly original. Consider the Great Gatsby-inspired theme. It is creative, opulent and tasteful. The mere idea for a wedding begins with how the bride feels, or wants to feel on her big day. She will want to be in the center of attention, but she will also want the location to sparkle too. Relaxed luxury accents paired with retro-inspired decorations will transform an average décor into the most intimate and tasteful wedding spot.

Focus your attention on the décor. Use antique books on the tables to help guests remember the 1920s and complement the design with glamorous chandeliers and seasonal flowers placed gently in golden vases. For the ceremony to have a retro effect, the location has to have vintage accents too. Couples can choose a historic mansion for the location. The old-fashioned allure will blend smoothly with the luxury décor accents you’ll be incorporating.

Nature-inspired wedding style

When it comes to choosing a venue for a wedding, the person who usually makes the call is the bride. The location has to match with the dress and general design preferences of the bride-to-be. A nature-inspired wedding ceremony someplace surrounded by abundant vegetation and a beautiful landscape is ideal for couples getting married in the summer. An outside location is airy, fresh and vivid. It screams natural beauty and it will make wedding photos look memorable.

Organic farms may not be your first choice for a ceremony. And yet, these places are full of life. The fauna and flora compliment the décor, so you won’t have to invest a fortune in decorating it yourself. Maintain the organic vibe and design the tables with wild flowers, wooden branches and earthy shades. Deep chocolate brown, violet and light purple are excellent color choices. To make the overall décor look pure, keep the table linens white. If you want, incorporate discreet accents of gold to give the style a royal allure.Looking for a unique wedding style – head to beautiful organic farms2

Mix and match

This season’s best wedding trend is the mix and match concept. It is meant to give a wedding a relaxed, special vibe. Blend beautiful floral arrangements with the table design, and consider attractive vintage crockery and vintage-inspired table cloths made of lace. Blending seasonal flowers with the vintage-inspired décor will give the location a whimsical effect that will wow your guests. An important flower trend is the rustic flower arrangement. Country-inspired flowers like sweet peas, roses, stocks and daisies will give your wedding a special effect. Make sure your bouquet also has one or more of these flowers to create balance and add more fluidity to the whole style.

Embrace the vintage influence and include tasteful elements into your dress as well. Classic draping with white lace at the top will make you look like the most beautiful woman on Earth. Your better half will be lucky to call you his wife for eternity. Looking for a unique wedding style – head to beautiful organic farms2

Dynamic table design

Subtle variations in utensils, linens and dishes make a wedding table design appear more dynamic. Go for the coolest shades of mint green and beige, and make your wedding look sleek and special. Pastels are in trend this season; they open up a space and they give it a fresh allure you’ll certainly adore.

In order to transform your venue into a beautiful, organic wedding location, keep things natural. Floral arrangements should be fresh and the general décor should have accents of lace and silk to create fluidity and emphasize on the purity of the whole event. Make a difference and decide on a style that best matches with your vision. Mix and match, blend old elements with modern influences, and you’ll have a wedding ceremony to remember for a lifetime.

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