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Know Before You Go: 5 Things You Must Have in Your Travelling Bag

Travelling Essentials

Travelling Essentials

In most situations, packing problems are often discovered at the last minute. Sure, you’ve booked the best flights for your budget, and checked online reviews whether the hotel mattress at your destination is free from bedbugs. But after double checking your schedules and appointments, you need to take the time to check if you have everything you need for your trip, safely packed in your traveling bag. With that, here are five things you must not forget to carry in the bag.

1. Medications

It’s easy to keep in mind that you will need to pack clothes in your traveling bag as it’s obvious that you are going to need them. This is unless of course you plan to be in your birthday suit to stand out from the crowd. In normal scenarios though, unlike clothes, medications are often left at the back of the mind. Most travellers do not anticipate that they will need a first aid kit in times of emergencies. At least, you have to have band aids, a couple of Advil or aspirins, pain killers, and some medicines for common colds.

2. Toiletries

The hotel you would be staying in must have its own complete set of toiletries for guests. This must include shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, hand sanitizers, toothbrush and toothpaste, tissue paper, and cologne. However, it will still be best if you have your own set in your traveling bag. Especially if you book in a rather cheap accommodation or will in fact be couch surfing, these establishments are not guaranteed to provide everything. A bag of makeup, contact lens solution (travel size) and deodorant are some of the extras that may be important.

3. Camera

High-end cameras are usually not necessary for casual trips with friends or solo travels because when you are in for a crazy adventure, there are higher chances of losing focus as you need to take care of your expensive gadgets. Hence, even a simple shock-proof point and shoot digital camera is fine. The main goal is to capture the moments as they happen while you’re in a happy trip. Consider bringing an underwater camera as well such as the Canon PowerShot D10 that’s light and durable.

4. Healthy Snacks

Snacks and junk foods are everywhere in the travel destination. To make sure that your healthy diet will be in shape, it’s wise to bring your own healthy snacks. These are great to be eaten while waiting for boarding in the airport, watching TV at your hotel, or whenever you feel uncomfortable eating unfamiliar food in the foreign place.

5. Smartphone

It’s good to invest in a good and response smartphone nowadays. Not only will it enable you to connect with people you miss back home, but it will also guide you in your travel. There are an increasing number of travel apps that serve as maps and guide for do-it-yourself tours. These feature the most recommended travel spots, the cheapest or the most expensive, and even the ones that are closest to your hotel. Think of the smartphone as an answer to your prayer when you’re bored as it can also transform into an e-reader (book or magazine). Just make sure that you bring a trusted phone charger so you can bring the phone back to life when the battery has been drained.


Your traveling bag must be packed with all things you need for rescue. It must be durable and structured in a way that has several pouches. Organize your things properly so you won’t get into panic mode when something is just misplaced. Travel light and pack smart!

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Yyanna Reema Marquez is a student- writer based in Manila, Philippines. She is a student of Business Tourism and love to explore places that offers extraordinary experience. Connect with her on Twitter

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