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Kidney problems in children

6 year-old Nishant was constantly upset with fever. He sacrificed urine in a little while and used to cry twice every time. His fever was treated for several months, but there was no improvement in health. When his urine examination and sonography was done on the advice of the doctor, it was discovered that Nishant’s kidney was damaged. It is generally believed that kidney-related diseases make adults only their victims, but children are not untouched by them. Yes, this disease is different from the adults in children. In some cases it has also been found genetically, but there are other major causes also. Let’s see what are the problems related to kidney in children. Congenital defects: Some children are found to be affected during pregnancy only during pregnancy. Careful investigation of mother’s sonography reveals swelling in the kidneys. Swelling in the kidney means obstruction in the urine tube. This type of illness in the fetus can be due to lack of water in the mother’s stomach.

Even if the kidney problems have been found in the family, even infants can be affected. If there is any problem of kidney in the fetus, then it is better to get sonography immediately after birth. Neighborhood Syndrome: Some 2 to 8 year olds have had symptoms of nephromatic syndrome. In this, proteins leak in the child’s kidneys.

Because of this, there may be swelling in the body, lack of urine and sometimes blood pressure problems. The main risk of this disease is infections and inflammation. Its treatment runs longer but it is easy. Occasionally kidney biopsy has to be done.

Carefulness is very important in this case because even after understanding the time-constraints of the child, the child may die. Pissing on the bed: This is a common problem for young children. This problem occurs in 15% of children up to 5 years and remains in any child till the age of 15 years. This problem is also a problem of kidney failure, but it is treated only with medicines.

After 5 years, it is necessary to take medicines. Infections in urinary tract: Infections in the urinary tract often disturb children. In boys it is more in the first year of birth, but girls have been seen more than once after one year. In this disease the child is disturbed by fever and repeatedly discard urine.

The thing to note is that the child cries while sacrificing urine. Normally it is treated as a fever or cold-cold symptom. This increases the risk of kidney damage. Due to late, pus becomes in the kidney, so it is difficult to save the patient.

It is better to have urine or persistent fever if urine tests and sonography should be done so that the patient’s life can be saved. Stones: Although it is amazing, but small children are also victims of stones. Due to this, there is also something different that means that the kidneys have a defect, calcium or other substances in urine, genetics of the family, drink water less or do not sacrifice urine for too long. This disease is more in children who do not go to school to pee throughout the day.

Its common symptoms include severe pain in the stomach, bleeding in the urine and fever. In the families who have already become cardiac stones, they should get sonography by seeing such symptoms in children. Drinking more and more water every 2-3 hours is effective in avoiding this disease. Careful attention can be saved from kidney damage to the kidneys.

Lack of water: Many times the lack of water in the body is affected by the kidney. For example, due to vomiting during diarrhea, the water in the body gets reduced due to diarrhea. In such a situation, due to the decrease in the supply of blood in the kidney, many problems arise, therefore, vomiting – whenever the child’s urine is reduced only during diarrhea, get it checked. Treatment: Treatment of most problems related to the kidneys is possible, provided the disease can be caught on time.

If the treatment is too late, it is difficult to cure the kidney completely. If kidneys are completely damaged then transplantation is the only permanent treatment. If the second kidney is not available, then the dialysis remains as a temporary treatment. Dialysis is also of two types: Peritoneal Dialysis and Heemo Dialysis.

CAPD (Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis) is better for younger children because this does not make any problem for the child doing daily work. General symptoms: Whenever there is a problem in the kidney, some of these symptoms appear in the body: 0 Swelling in the face or body 0 Weight gain not increase 0 Dosage of the child 0 Vomiting 0 Restricting or decrease in urine or bleeding Generally, these symptoms are also seen in other diseases, so kidney disease is not quickly caught. In such a case, prevention is possible only by being vigilant. Investigations: Three major screening of children is essential for finding kidney problem- only in the investigation of urine, sonography and bloodline creatinin.

Some children may also have to undergo MCU (a particular type of x-ray) and kidney biopsy (removal of a small piece of kidney). It is only ok to take help from the child pediatrician or best Nephrologist in Jaipur for the tests at top trusted hospitals through Credihealth website.

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