Just Got Married: 5 Things You Need for Your Starter Home

Just Got Married -5 Things You Need for Your Starter Home

Just Got Married -5 Things You Need for Your Starter Home

The list of things to think about in a marriage does not end at the wedding reception. After the ceremony and the celebration with friends and family, couples go to their honeymoon destination and then settle down in a home. Starting a new home is never easy if not without a proper guideline. In this article, we will list down the five things you needs for your starter home aside from the basic pieces of furniture. You may use this guide to avoid unnecessary purchases in the initial weeks or months of your stay.

 1. Mattress and Bedding

Your bed mattress will stay with you for a decade or more, so it will be best if you get the best mattress available in the market. Moreover, mattresses are one of the highlights in a home since most people stay on their beds for at least six to seven hours sleeping while others use their beds even as a study table. Check the level of firmness, measure the space of the bed that the mattress would fit into to know the size, and then test out the mattress before buying.

 2. Electric Fans

 If your budget is not enough to purchase an air conditioning unit, the least you have to get are electric fans for your home. The best type to go with is ceiling fan as this will incur the lowest energy while producing the most circulation effect of the air surrounding you. As the house is still new, taking advantage of natural air is also good.

 3. Security Alarms

Keeping your windows open is good but make sure to watch out for pests and burglars. The best you can do is get and install security alarms in your home. These gadgets serve as great investments to guard your property and the people living inside. Security alarms will also help to give you a good night’s sleep while knowing that you will be notified at once when there are intruders in your area.

4. Energy-efficient Appliances

You will need to purchase appliances such as refrigerator, washer, dryer, and television set for sure as these are considered basic. Unless you are getting and staying in a fully-furnished house, you are likely to shop and choose your own appliances. It will be wise to go for those energy-efficient units to lower down electricity bills. For instance, think of buying a fridge with inverter as an investment for the future. Although the selling price is much higher than those regular fridges, you can save more in the long run.

5. Lights

When moving to a new house, check the lights system. Make sure that the wall switches are connected to the electricity line that activates the lights on. You can never live in a house without lights (and just rely on candles and the sun) for so long.


 A newly wed’s home may not be completely filled with everything they can possibly get in a lifetime since they are only starting up. Bu with these five property essentials, you can now proceed with all the other things that you need to maintain a convenient and good living place. Check for new stuff on a quarter or annual basis and soon you will an expert when it comes to buying home essentials.

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