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Jungles of Botswana – get a honeymoon that most people only ever get to dream about

Honeymooning the jungles of Botswana is a once in a lifetime opportunity for many newlyweds. Blessed with several of the world’s finest landscapes and safari experiences, this outstanding African country packs the most surreal wildlife. Avid travelers should know that there are more elephants here than anywhere in Africa; the territories are jam-packed with big cats, wild dogs, rhinos and aquatic antelopes. If you’re looking for an unusual honeymoon experience that screams adventure, Botswana is the answer.

Chobe National Park

Botswana’s fascinating Chobe National Park is a must-see. The game reserve, beautiful elephants, and luxurious accommodation facilities will make your honeymoon truly memorable. To make the most of your journey you are advised to explore the park between June and October. This way you’ll admire the massive congregation of herds, and you’ll enjoy the best weather conditions.

A river cruise along the beautiful Chobe River is a must-try. Explore it on land or by boat, and relish in the varied ecosystem of the park. The forests, floodplains, snoozing hippos and sneaky crocodiles will make the journey both thrilling and relaxing. Bird watching is yet another activity you can’t miss out on.

The Okavango Delta

Botswana’s jewel is the acclaimed Okavango Delta. Esteemed and admired around the world for its spectacular fauna and flora, this place packs emerald-green landscapes that will leave honeymooners speechless. Okavango is located in the Kalahari Desert, and it is a superb destination for those that want to engage in a memorable safari. Also known as Africa’s wonderland, the delta has labyrinthine canals, open floodplains and an abundant vegetation that goes in contradiction with the arid desert that surrounds it. Onsite, there’s a wealth of activities you can engage in.

Honeymooners can opt for a game drive, canoe safari or a romantic boat ride. There’s a fascinating game reserve you need to include in your itinerary – Moremi. It is a great place to watch the herds and admire the opulent animals enjoy the wild. Onsite, there’s camping site; although there are comfortable lodging spots as well for those that want to enjoy comfort to the fullest.jungles-of-botswana1

Kalahari Desert

Kalahari may be an arid desert, but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t have beautiful attractions you can explore. In fact, there’s plenty to see and do here apart from a safari. The region packs many flooded plains and grasslands in the wetter season. The area is populated with wild animals, local people and tourists with cameras in their hands trying to get the best shots at the animals. In spite of having modest amenities, Kalahari can make your honeymoon incredibly romantic; it’s not every day you get to see such impressive landscapes.


Gaborone is Botswana’s capital city; however, it’s not that big, but rather more modern than the rest of the country. Rather unknown by most foreigners, this place is ideal for those that want lodge comfortably on their honeymoon, and then rent a SUV to venture into the wild. There are lots of shopping malls in the area, as well as restaurants and hotels. Gaborone is an urban-like type of city that doesn’t quite match with the rest of the country. Nevertheless, it is an interesting place to enjoy some comfort and benefit from a memorable honeymoon. Mokolodi Nature Reserve is a must-see in Gaborone. Onsite travelers can enjoy a game driving experience as well as lodge comfortably in one of the accommodation facilities in the area.

Kubu Island

Packed with baobab trees, rugged plains and a natural vibe you don’t get anywhere else in Botswana, Kubu Island is an off the beat place of interest. The surroundings are challenging to explore, so you might want to rent a car to make the journey smooth and enjoyable. Wild but serene, Kubu Island is Botswana’s hidden jewel. Make time to explore this place and you’ll be astounded with its beauty.jungles-of-botswana1

There’s a lot things honeymooners can see and do in Botswana. This wild and unexplored country deserve yours attention. It is an opportunity to have the time of your lifetime exploring territories people have never had the chance to see before. Go meet the locals, admire the sights and get to know more about their customs and traditions to feel part of the “family” at least for a couple of days.

By Jason Phillips and YellowZebraSafaris.com!

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