How to Plan the Perfect Candle Light Dinner

How to Plan the Perfect Candle Light Dinner

How to Plan the Perfect Candle Light Dinner

Candle light dinners is one of the most romantic situations to find yourself in, the low lights and sensual music often heightens the mood and feelings between the couple involved and are an excellent way to rekindle lost romanticism in your relationship. Holding a candle light dinner is fairly straight forward provided it is prepared in detail, well in advance. Here are few fundamental ideas to think about when planning a candle lit dinner:

Be Clear on Your Menu:

It should be kept in mind that, although, on a much smaller scale, a candle light dinner is just like any other dinner party and, as such, you should have a clear idea of your food at least a few time before. This means that you will have ample time to gather all of the ingredients that you are going to need and to do a test run of the menu and enjoy it.

Don’t Forget the Wine:

Probably the second most important aspect of the evening, or most important depending on your viewpoint, is the choice of wine available. You should match your wine selections to the menu you curate. This will mean that both the wine and the meal will taste better as they will complement each other. The general rule of thumb is Red wine for red meats, white wine for white meat and seafood. Although there are some wines that will work with the opposite, it is a safe assumption if you are unsure.

The Right Amount of Light:

So now you have your menu and wines sorted, you will have to create an atmosphere. The first step should be too dim the lights to a more sensual, romantic level. Do a trial run the day before you have designed to hold your candle light dinner to see how much light the candles will produce. That way you can always buy more candles if required without turning into a panic. The lighting should be soft and fair level; however you still want to be able to see your dinner and your partner.

Set the Mood with Music:

Moving on from the lights, the choice of music is equally important in setting the mood of the evening. Choosing fast, pumping music will stir the wrong kind of feelings about the evening and may overshadow your efforts. The best choice for music for the evening is to stick to slower, less intrusive tracks. That way, you can easily talk to your partner over them. The purpose of background music is to help fill in any gaps in conversation so that you do not have to be constantly talking, without any awkwardness.

After Dinner Activity:

You should always ensure that you have some after dinner plan for you and your partner to move the evening on from the dinner table. Good examples include watching a romantic movie together, or going for a romantic walk under the stars.

So there it is, from this guide you should be able to host a perfect candle light dinner whilst keeping your EHIC firmly in your wallet.

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