Deluxe Wedding without Breaking the BankDeluxe Wedding without Breaking the Bank

How to Have a Deluxe Wedding without Breaking the Bank

Have you always imagined a glamorous wedding, an elegant venue, wearing a lavish wedding gown, but without having to sacrifice your entire savings for it? If the answer is “Yes”, you’re in luck because now you can have a gorgeous luxury wedding without going completely broke. With a few tricks, your décor, flowers, glamour-inspired centrepieces, the venue and every other segment of the wedding will look deluxe and you won’t have to spend a fortune.

Choose A Destination Wedding

Although a bit unconventional, destination weddings have gained a great deal of popularity over the years, as a way of combining the wedding ceremony and honeymoon in a one beautiful event. If you were in a situation where you had to choose between organizing a big wedding in your home town or going away for the honeymoon, this is a perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Contrary to popular belief, destination weddings don’t necessarily have to be all that expensive and in reality, they sometimes turn out to be more affordable than regular wedding ceremonies. This might mean that you’ll have to cut the guest list a bit, but when you think about it, there’s nothing bad about having an intimate wedding with your close friends and family members, located on a faraway tropical island.

Embrace Your Creative Side

While hiring a professional wedding planner to make sure that every detail of the wedding goes as planned is certainly easier, this doesn’t actually leave you with much space for improvising. Organising a wedding on a tight budget can be a great opportunity to challenge yourself and implement more of your ideas into your day. Don’t hesitate to employ your friends and family members and to take matters into your own hands when it comes to decorations; not only will it be much cheaper, but it’ll also be much easier to leave your personal mark on your big day.

The Invitations

Crafty and creative people, that also have a great handwriting, can save the money on invitations by making them on their own. If you’re not talented in this field of art, gather your friends to help you with the whole process. Consider placing a blank page in the card so the guests could write, or decorate it the way they want to. Later on, the page will be a part of the guestbook, and you’ll have the best memories from the wedding day.

Gold is For Glam

Nothing brings a touch of glam to a wedding quite like gold. Sprinkle the ribbons, jars, candles, or vases with gold details and you’ll have luxurious wedding in a second. A little bit of golden details would be the perfect balance for a simple colour scheme of an entire decoration. Enrich your wedding décor with coffee beans painted in gold paint, put them in vases and give your wedding that chic look. If you prefer a dash of glitz in the décor, glitter is an excellent option. It will add just enough of sparkle to the fancy and special occasion.

White is For Elegance

When you say wedding, we think ‒ white. It’s the colour that represents glam, class and elegance, so having the accents in this shade would give the entire event an ultimate clean and luxurious setting. Look for milk glasses in local thrift stores to create a delicate feel. Tin cans, jelly jars and much more home-made knickknacks will make a wonderful décor. All it takes to turn those little pieces into a wedding décor is a coat of white spray paint. When you add a bit of gold, pink or peach details, you’ll get a fairy tale wedding in a second.

Candlelight is the symbol of lavish weddings, so why not use it in your own. You can buy white candles for a very affordable price. What’s more, you can use them in your wedding, the reception or even both. Not only will they provide a great lighting, but it will make a beautiful decoration as well.

Glam Up with Balloons

Balloons are the perfect decoration for your happy event. You can decorate an entire venue with gorgeous white, black, or pink balloons, and not just that. Consider decorating your wedding car as well, and make it quite joyful. Renting a reliable and luxury wedding car, will make sure you ride in style.

However, when choosing balloon colours, stay away from too vibrant hues, and go for classy white, black, golden, or pale pink. You can have the classy black-tie ambience with a combination of black and white balloons. Nothing can give your wedding the lovely and elegant touch as pale pink balloons. On the other hand, golden champagne shade is an excellent choice for creating the glamourous feel all together. Save the money by ordering bulk balloons in any colour in online balloon shops.

It’s All About Presentation

In the end, it’s not about the size of the venue and the number of the guests on the wedding nor about the date and the dress; it’s all about presentation. If you know how to bedazzle your guests, everything else will be redundant. This can be done quite easily by using a few simple tricks like using extraordinary centrepieces, delicious snacks, proper illumination and of course – making a grand entrance. If you want to add to the whole celebrity feeling, you can even request a complementary red carpet!

As you could see, not every lavish wedding needs enormous budget to be stylish and exclusive. Don’t be discouraged by the lack of money for your big day; if anything, try to observe this as an opportunity to create a unique and personalized wedding day you’ll remember years after.

With just a few creative ideas and a bit of improvisation, you can easily plan the wedding of your dreams on a tight budget. The previous tips will make the planning much easier, and you won’t have to spend tons of money on numerous details you do not need anyway.

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