How to Enjoy the Wedding Planning Process More with Your Fiancé


How to Plan Your Wedding with Your Fiance

Wedding planning is notoriously known for being time consuming, stressful and overwhelming.  Wedding planning, then, usually makes couples tense and irritated, when the exact opposite should be true. Planning the event to celebrate your love and start your life together should be fun and exciting, not stressful and overwhelming. There is a lot of pressure on couples today to create the perfect wedding, but what matters most is the happiness of you and your fiancé.

Instead of going into the wedding planning process thinking that you will be miserable the whole way through, think about wedding planning as a positive experience and find ways to make wedding planning fun for you and your fiancé. Even if one or both of you think that wedding planning is boring or silly, you can still make this a time to bond with your fiancé and create a wedding day that everyone can enjoy. Here are some ways that you can enjoy the wedding planning process more with your fiancé.

Address the concerns of a reluctant fiancé

Often, each couple has one person who is not very excited to jump into wedding planning and one who is. The person excited about the planning can be overbearing and the person not excited about wedding planning can be discouraging. Talk with your fiancé about why you or he/she is not excited about planning the wedding. It might be something simple that you can work out before you even begin your wedding planning process.

Talk about your specific visions for the wedding

Everyone has thought about specific things that they think make a wedding beautiful. Talk with your fiancé specifically about these visions and find out what you need to do to merge them and make as much of both visions happen as possible. Making these visions become a reality may take some help from your wedding party, so be sure to reward them with great gifts. You can find unique groomsmen gifts that will show them that they are appreciated.

Pick a specific budget that you will stay within

Every couple has a budget. A lot of wedding planning problems between couples start because they were both not clear on what their budget should be. Make sure you create a definite budget with your fiancé that not only includes the total amount you want to spend, but the highest amounts you are willing to spend on each aspect of your wedding.

Bring both of your personalities and interests into the wedding details

Wedding planning, as mentioned before, can become very one-sided. Make sure that not just one person’s personality shows through in the wedding plans, but that both personalities and things that you both enjoy are a part of the big day. A great way to ensure that both parties are happy is to make all wedding decisions together. You can also compromise on certain wedding details to include both you and your fiancé’s personal style.

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