How Technology Transforms the Dating Area

Casual, Simple and Harmless Flirtation

If potential wooers were to ponder some of the greatest, technological developments that have revolutionized the dating world over the past few centuries, they would primarily mention the genius invention of the automobile. This marvelous progression was first forged in 1886 and obviously replaced animal-drafted carriages for a more pleasant and efficient dating experience. Not too soon after followed the first black and white film in 1888 and obviously the actual movie theater to view these motion pictures in 1895, which created the ideal atmosphere to enjoy a passionate evening with a possible suitor, hand in hand.

Nonetheless, upon the dawn of “Generation Z” in 2001, mobile and wireless technology suffered a massive “boom,” completely altering the fashion in which people converse, get to know each other and meet up without the necessity of face-to-face courtship at first hand. Text messages, free messenger systems like WhatsApp and other online social networks like Facebook have stolen and flooded the limelight of our dating world (from America to Europe). Interestingly enough, now potential suitors have the ability to transmit “smooth talk” immediately without the nerve wrecking delay of a hand-written response via snail mail. Additionally, with the overall casualness of a text message, possible admirers could conquer their “prey” with a higher level of confidence and less initial pressure.

The Manageable and Accessible Appeal of Mobile Correspondence

Nowadays, with the busy lifestyles in which we submerge ourselves on a daily basis, there isn’t much spare time for us to get together with family and friends frequently let alone trying to find a lifelong partner. However, with Smartphone applications like Facetime and WhatsApp, people are able to stay in contact and message each other continuously and without delay 24/7, and for next to no cost at all. In this way, cyber lovers can get to know each other via Facebook profiles and chat about life in general before making a final decision if they’re interested or not. Additionally, they don’t have to stress about finding extra time to meet up, getting an expensive reservation at the most exclusive restaurant, shooing away the “first-date butterflies,” or worrying about physical and emotional perfection. This revolutionized method also goes for already married couples to keep in contact so that the passion won’t burn out!

Online Search Engines and Social Network Profiles Make Getting to Know Us More Thorough and Effortless

With this newfound, voguish advance in technology, it’s much more simple now than ever to obtain both biographical info and unusual facts about people we are drawn to on-line with a mere click on their Facebook profile or a quick peek at their Twitter account. With Facebook, we can view pictures, share how we’re feeling or what we’re engaged in at the moment, display our favorite quotes on life or what our current relationship situations are. With Twitter, we get to know people more profoundly and charismatically speaking since we can upload live videos of what’s going on in our lives, (almost as if we could meet the Twitter members in-person), as well as posting up-to-date statuses and thoughts to reveal what’s happening within our worlds. Moreover, these videos and blogs can obviously be accompanied by recent snapshots of us alone or with loved ones.

Lastly, even though we may not believe it, with the creation of a detailed and complete profile, it will not only help us to design a virtual presentation of ourselves, but also, we will unmistakably want to inspire and attract viewers. Accordingly, we must flaunt our best writing abilities, and at the same time, we will be improving our grammatical skills to include extra colorful details so followers will receive an accurate and comprehensive description of us.

Smartphones Stand Strong in Being the Best Option for Long-Lasting Relationships

With the increasing amount of overseas jobs and travelling for business, many modern-day couples may realize that seeing each other face-to-face every night for dinner isn’t always an option. However, with the help of Facetime and Skype, long-distance relationships are beginning to lose their infamous reputation for being impossible and are starting to become more plausible. With a few simple clicks, we can dial-up our loved ones anywhere in the world (for example from an European country to an Asian country) with Skype for a very low rate with our Smartphones or call them for a video chat and converse live for free! In this way, couples or lovers won’t feel so alone when they are separated for some lengths of time.

Closing Thoughts and Warnings about On-line Flings or Technological Relationships

We must keep in mind that cuddling up and watching a romantic movie and random, gentle kisses are not to be underestimated! Plus, always be careful with what to post and what not to post because it is pretty easy to find out gossip from past romances as well as intimate details via the Facebook Homepage, so what we want to keep private, it’s best not to include it in the “about me” section.

Smart technology is a great advancement for relationships, but it still lacks the in-person intimacy of a classic face-to-face one! Don’t let modern technology steal away much-needed romance!


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