Explore Africa - when & where

How a safari honeymoon can be a perfect blend of adventure and romance

Safaris are memorable travel experiences that can’t be compared with any other type of travel adventure. There’s something about the African desert that lures people in – the wild animals, luxurious resorts, wealth of attractions and rides on fancy jeeps will make sure honeymooners have the time of their life. Couples usually want to enjoy memorable travel experiences; they want to see the world but they don’t want to go to the most trivial travel spots. If u you don’t want to be like everyone else, a safari honeymoon is exactly what you need.

Explore Africa – when & where?

Africa is a vast continent with lots of amazing countries, cities and attractions for its avid travelers. Those hunting for a memorable safari experience should plan their trip throughout the months of May and September. During this time of the year the weather is not that hot, and since it’s not peak season, safari packages come at convenient prices. As far as the best destinations to check out, Kruger National Park packs some of Africa’s finest resorts. The private game reserve prides with state-of-the-art amenities, extra activities for couples, as well as spectacular sights of the natural surroundings.

Just because you’re traveling in the wild, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to camp with the leopards. Africa boasts with lots of hotels and lodges; however, for your honeymoon to become an unforgettable travel experience, the best resorts Royal Malewane and Sigita Lebombo and Boulders. These are all positioned in Kruger National Park.

Let the adventure begin!

Africa packs spectacular travel destinations for a safari. But then again, if you can’t afford to spend a fortune on a package, you are advised to travel off-season. Most camps are open and available all year round. In the quiet winter months of May through July the weather is cool and extremely pleasant. Admiring the animals is a lot better because there aren’t that many tourists to scare them off. In term of price per package, Samara Private Game Reserve in Eastern Cape has deals that start at $160/night in the off season.

In case you can’t afford $160/night, you can opt to lodge in owner-operated lodges. These camps might not be that luxurious, but they’re convenient, comfortable and flexible. Traveling with your spouse to remote African regions requires some sacrifice. You won’t find 5 star hotels in Zambia or Botswana; nevertheless, these places pride with the best camping sites and local cottages where the locals will make sure you feel at home.

Explore Africa - when & whereSafari & beach combined

Who says you can’t enjoy a memorable safari experience and at the end of the day head to the beach? When it comes to spectacular activities, places of interest and attractions, Africa never stops to amaze. To get the most of these two worlds you are advised to rent a car; this way you’ll be at liberty to stop whenever you want and go wherever your heart desires. Begin an itinerary from Johannesburg and head into the wild hunting the big five.

Stop for a few hours in Hwange and Kruger National Park to admire the wildlife; then make another stop in Mozambique to get some sun and take a bath in the ocean. Finish off your adventure with Victoria Falls, in Livingstone, Zambia. This world heritage site is truly breathtaking, and it will definitely make your honeymoon seem truly memorable. Swim into the Devil’s Pool – which might seem dangerous and intimidating, when in fact it’s perfectly safe. Victoria Falls are famous for their sheer natural beauty and grandiose size (the biggest in the world).

Cape Town

You can’t plan a trip to Africa without checking out its most developed metropolis – Cape Town. This city has something for everyone, including trekking route, safaris, cultural attractions, wildlife, and more. Cape Town is dominated by the stunning Table Mountain; at the base of the mountain we have the acclaimed Kirstenbosch Gardens, a national park with thousands of species of flowers and plants. In fact, this huge botanical garden is an excellent trekking spot for the most adventurous voyageurs.

Those hunting for a safari experience while in Cape Town should check out Sanbona Wildlife Reserve in Western Cape; a territory with 3 main lodges available and a camping site. The reserve is at a 4-hour drive from the capital and it prides some of the most spectacular landscapes and African sceneries. Sanbona is a semi-desert setting that will allow honeymooners to get a closer look at Africa’s big five animals – elephant, lion, leopards, rhino and buffalo. If you’re looking to enjoy a luxurious stay in Sanbona, the best accommodation facility is Dwyka Tented Lodge.

Garden route & the winelandsGarden route & the winelands

South Africa packs extraordinary places of interest and outdoor attractions. However, there’s nothing quite like Garden Route. This territory is actually famous for being the most beautiful drive in the country. Honeymooners eager to spot the wild animals at least once should book a room at Waterhole View Bush Chalet, where there are high chances to see zebras and buffaloes, as well as amazing surrounding landscapes.

Cape Town is additionally famous for its winelands. These are exquisite wine-producing regions packed with delicious bistros, luxurious resorts, and of course, fine wine varieties. After an adventurous safari experience across the country, it’s time to relax over a glass of wine surrounded by the most peaceful and colorful surroundings. Constantia Valley, Stellenbosch, and Franschhoek are three of the most famous vineyards in the region.

A safari honeymoon to Africa is everything you need to enjoy an unforgettable trip with your better half. Enjoy the adventure and go into the wild; meet Africa’s animals and then head to the big cities. Explore the national parks and reserves, have some good wine at the vineyards, and last but not least, choose the best resort to lodge in. Make reservations in advance and try to avoid the peak season; this way you’ll save a lot of cash, but you’ll still enjoy the best honeymoon.

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