Home Decoration: 6 Bedroom Design Ideas for Married Couples

Home Decoration: 6 Bedroom Design Ideas for Married Couples

Home Decoration: 6 Modern Bedroom Married Couple

Married couples are not the only people in the world who deserve a bedroom designed for royalty. But sure enough, they are ones that need an intimate and private place where they can sleep comfortably and speak their minds with romance. The ambiance of the room truly helps in setting the mood. In this article, we will help you think about six bedroom design ideas for married couples.

1. Perfect Bed

The most used furniture in a couple’s bedroom must be the bed. You can choose either simple or modern design for the bed frame, but make sure that the size would be enough for two people to sleep in. There are cases when the height of the husband is too tall, while the woman is just average. To answer this, the dimension of the bed must always be a bit bigger in height than the height of the taller individual.

A perfect bed would also consist of the right mattress and foam for the couple. There are different types, thickness and colors of foams. For instance, the acoustic foam has features that control noise levels, vibration, and echoes in a room. The memory foam takes the shape of your body. Get the one that you think will fit your needs and personal style.

2. Paint the Walls with Neutral Color

Painting the wall in more feminine or more masculine color may be a source of problem for the married couple. To stay in the middle, it would be best to choose a neutral color. Examples are green, beige, brown or white. Regardless the color chosen, you must make sure to maintain the cleanliness of the walls. Wallpaper is also a sound choice. Similarly, it is not wise to choose flowery patterns or heart shapes for the design and texture. If ever you want an accent wall, you may change the color of one side and make it appear as a contrast but still following the rule being stated here.

3. Put Lamps Beside the Bed

It would be too tiresome if you need to walk up from the bed to turn off the ceiling lights. If possible, choose a pair of lampshades that would spark dim light to bright light. If you want to set in for romance, hit the button for a dim environment. If you want to read a book or work at something, turn the light to the brightest. For the design, you may opt for rustic, modern, playful or simple. Lamp shades on the bedside table may be the center pieces that guests would find interesting upon entering your bedroom.

4. Have a Sofa

Placing a sofa either beside the bed or in front of the bed would offer more convenience and comfort. If you plan to unwind but not sleep yet, the sofa would serve as the perfect place where you stay put. Read a book, eat some snacks, or maybe watch TV programs on it together so you do not end up sleeping right away.

5. Hang Couple Pictures on Walls

A married couple’s bedroom must always have at least one couple picture framed and hanged on a wall. This can be the big-sized picture frame that is placed on top of the bedframe. As a decoration, the couple’s portrait shot makes the room more personal and appealing.

6. Don’t Forget the Pillows

You would know when you’d have enough number of pillows when your spouse starts to react and you cannot move much on bed or on the couch because of these soft things. On the other hand, you should not run out of it. Ask your partner how many pillows are required for comfy sleep. You may not have another set of pillows for sitting up in bed. Be practice and use just the same.


Decorating and designing a married couple’s bedroom must be one of the most challenging tasks of the interior designer because this room is supposedly the most private in the house. As such, the theme should be favored by the couple and not made by anyone else’s preferences. Put your personality into the room and modeling the room should be pretty easy.

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