Hey Men! These Are The 9 Things That Women Often Look In You!

Do you know what it takes to impress a lady? Is it the eyes that women find attractive or it’s the color of skin? Despite the years of studies, books, poems, romantic comedies that have tried to tackle the critical subject of what motivates opposite sex, men still fail to unlock the mysteries.

But, folks! Just because you will never figure out what precise goes inside women heads, doesn’t mean they can’t attract any women. Of course, every woman is different, but there are some common traits that they value in men. Here are some personality traits that can make women fall in love with you:

Your Confidence, Not Overconfidence!

The first thing that women look at a man is their confidence! Confidence men will be able to handle dreaded scenarios with ease. No woman wants to be with someone who is socially awkward and mumble.

So, show that you can conquer any problem and can deal with any situation; this will make you look intelligent and attractive. Also, keep a balance between confidence and arrogance and maintain the charm and charisma with elegance.


There’s no surprise that women get attracted to taller men, maybe because they are more acceptable for the women who wear heels.  In fact, a study performed with 455 men and 450 women in an online dating survey found that 13.5% of men only want to date women with shorter height, with 48% women prefer tall men.


Assertiveness is what woman find quite attractive; men look hot when they know what they want and don’t get confused when difficulties arise. Also, he should not hesitate to be the offensive person aside and should not buckle with the challenges. While this attitude comes with ego, men can execute it in a good way.

Stability And Sense Of Responsibility:

Women love a guy who is financially and emotionally stable. They like to be with the man who is well-working, have a sound salary, and have a secure mindset. A guy who has a responsible attitude is the one who is not afraid of having a long-term relationship.

You Come From Good Pedigree:

If a man belongs to a good family, he is instilled with all the noble values and morals. Things like modesty, honesty, and loyalty are what attract women. So, be respectful to everyone and have a good nature.

Women see kind and respectful men as a good human being and a great fathers to their kids, have good etiquette and respect women chivalrously.

A Man Who Is Respected By Other People:

Women love to be respected by the man they love, but they also love to be with the guy who is respected by others.  Also, don’t look for respect if someone disrespects you and your decisions, just walk away from them.

A man who keeps on taking all balms of the things he hadn’t done doesn’t attract women. Do something that you want to do and don’t regret your decisions. Also, no women like a dishonest and unreliable person, be a trustful person and stick to your commitments.

Your Personality Traits:

Women like men who can handle stress with ease and have a better sense of humor. Moreover, women are more interested in men who are passionate about their interests and hobbies. Involve in something like art, kayaking, barbecuing, and more.


Of course, it is said that opposite attracts and what’s not, there comes a time when you look for common ground. Of course, this doesn’t mean being born in the same town or having some food preferences, it simply means sharing similar values.  Never settle on the things for which you need to compromise.

Your Ability To Listen:

Although great confidence is must-have quality in men, there’s a difference between being able to tell that you are comfortable with yourself and in showing off what you have perceived and accomplished. However, a man who listens and contributes to other women is something most women look.

One of the best ways to show that you are absorbing what your partner is saying is through body language. Moreover, having great listening abilities is not a one-way street; your partner also has to be equally interested in what you are saying.

Well, unlocking the things women want can be quite challenging for men, and if you are figuring out because you want to impress your lady love, do check if you have the qualities mentioned above.

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