Top 11 Things Never To Say to a Single Woman

Even Samantha Jones Would Hate It: Top 11 Things Never To Say to a Single Woman

Let me tell you, single ladies rule the world in their own right. We can go out on a Tuesday, take a road trip with friends around the holidays, travel the world, or take up pole dancing without having to explain ourselves.

On the other hand, being single can also mean being lonely sometimes, hooking up with strangers who turn out to be married, going on countless bad dates and being judged for not settling down.

There are single ladies out there who are not looking for a relationship and who are single by choice, but there are also those who despise their status.

BBW dating is one of the ways to stay single without being lonely until the right person comes along or to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest.

Single women sometimes feel like they live in a couple’s world, and absolutely hate in when they hear the following 11 phrases.

  1. “I’ve Got The PERFECT Guy For You”

No, you don’t.

In the life of every single girl there is a perfect guy that you may or may not know about. Whatever the reason for them not being together is nobody’s business but their own.

Single ladies have to deal with condescension everywhere they go because people around them think they need ‘help’. They don’t, believe us, and even if they did they wouldn’t want it from someone who ‘knows’ what’s best for them anyway.

  1. “Don’t You Worry, There Is Someone Out There For Everyone”

Worry? Why do coupled people think single girls are worried about anything? Being in a couple doesn’t necessarily mean you’re happy, and it sure doesn’t give you the right to look down on singletons.

There may very well be someone out there for every single lady on the planet, but that doesn’t mean they are all looking for relationships. On the contrary, being single is a choice many women make to escape the rut that inevitable comes from being with someone for a long time.

  1. “Put Yourself Out There A Bit More”

And for what? To trade in freedom for the shackles of marriage that eventually rob you of any sense of self?

No, thank you.

Putting oneself out there ultimately leads to meeting someone who is looking to settle down, and not every single gal wants that!

And she certainly doesn’t want people talking down to her as if they had life all figured out and she didn’t!

  1. “By The Time I Was Your Age…”

You what? Had everything you wanted or had everything people around you expected you to have?


Not everyone is meant to live the same type of life, and in this day and age when we have so much choice two things can happen: we can get lost without the proper guidance (condescending comments excluded) or we can hurt those people in our lives who have certain expectations of us.

  1. “How Long Has It Been Since Your Last Relationship?”

Just because you’re happily in love doesn’t mean you should rub it in your single girlfriend’s face! Some people are really not good at being alone, and they don’t need you to make them feel bad about it.

Plus, don’t forget that being single at the same time as one’s friends can be super exciting because of all the fun things single gals can do together.

  1. “The Younger You Are When You Have Kids, The Easier It Is”

You don’t say!

It’s unlikely that people who say this think that mentioning a woman’s biological clock will make her feel good about herself, so why do it?!

People should have kids when they’re good and ready without succumbing to the pressures of society.

Also, not everyone is meant to have children and not everybody wants them, and whether someone has them or not has nothing to do with you!

  1. “You Want To Go Catch A Movie With Me And My Boyfriend?”


Unless we’re best friends, than maybe it’s OK.

The trouble here is that most single gals will feel like a third wheel intruding on someone’s couple time, and there’s bound to be an awkward moment or two.

On the other hand, people who’ve been in relationships for a long time don’t see their single friends as intruders and may really want to spend time with them, but in this case it’s much better to go get drinks or a casual brunch than sitting in the dark with a couple for two hours.

  1. “Your Time Will Come”

My time is now, thank you very much, and I do live my life to the fullest even if you don’t understand that.

Not everyone’s idea of happiness involves a husband, 2+ kids and a white picket fence. Some people would rather be single and sell fruit on a beach in Thailand, and there is nothing wrong with that.

By the way, has anyone else noticed the institution of marriage falling apart or is it just me?

  1. “I Just Know You’ll Meet Someone Great Eventually”

How do you know I haven’t met him already, I just haven’t told you because I don’t want to indulge in your condescension?

And just because you have a husband and children doesn’t mean everyone in the world wants that. Some of us are free spirits not looking to get tied down, and even if we were we wouldn’t tell someone like you.

Not to mention a comment like that only emphasizes someone’s loneliness if they are in fact looking for ever-lasting love.

  1. “Maybe If You Stopped Being So Picky…”

No, mother, I’m not picky. I just have certain standards and refuse to settle. You can’t fake chemistry and you can’t be with someone you’re not into.

Or at least I can’t.

Let’s keep in mind that many people are single by choice because they’ve seen far too many times how a relationship can wear you down, and how people end up losing themselves and living someone else’s dream instead of their own.

  1. “Can I Set You Up?”

Well, maybe we can talk about it. Do you:

  1. a) actually know someone who’d be good for me or
  2. b) do you want to set me up with the only other single person you know?

I’d personally prefer to keep my love life to myself and not to have anyone interfere with it, but if your answer is a) I’ll think about it.

Keep in mind that I already know most of your friends and that I’m skeptical, but I’ll give you a chance to shine this one time.

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