Essential guide towards getting hooked up at the holiday party in office

Essential guide towards getting hooked up at the holiday party in office

Essential guide towards getting hooked up at the holiday party in office

It has been seen that nearly 24% of the Americans tend to hook up with their coworkers at a holiday party. This is the season that everyone looks forward to, but indulging with the wrong ones could be a strict no. It might happen that by taking alcohol, disaster in any form can strike.

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There are some people, who had been fantasizing even before the holiday spirit began or being drunk. It brings out their romantic moods even more. 24% office goers, with 27% being women and 42% being men between age 18 and 34, try to get hooked up with their coworker, especially during Christmas, New Year and workplace parties. In case, the individual has plans to seduce someone from the same or other department this holiday, then, there are no off limits to the place if he/she is limber and creative enough.

Copy room: About 10% of the employees are said to use this place. It is the least crowded place, especially during holidays and couples can easily get into a romantic mood here. However, with plenty of movies promoting such scenes, this place is likely to be filled up with others having similar plans. There are many ways that both of them can enjoy the presence of the other.

The Boss’ Desk: Around 10% of the office goers have idea to use this place. Even though the office of boss and his room is not the place where any employee would like to go during the office hours, but, it definitely can provide a wonderful opportunity during parties. However, it is a risky proposition, since if caught in the act; there are possibilities of being canned. This place is huge enough and with a big desk and comfortable background, by far presents the couples with plenty of the room space to have their fantasies to come true.

Mailroom: About 16% of the office goers prefer this place. In case, the individual gets bored, he/she can go through the mails present there. There could be chances that someone might be interested in checking a new mail. This is a comfortable place, where both the couples can comfortably make love to each other.

Conference room: Around 18% find this room appealing to make love. This is because of the presence of huge table, plenty of chairs and enough space. Rather it would seem like to be a sort of furniture carnival that would provide chances for sexcapades. But if anything goes wrong here, then, the room would be a reminder, which will embarrass the individual for a long time. But the amount of space that it provides helps both to have their own way to enjoy their presence in a big way and drive them mad.

Taking the colleague home: 74% of the office goers love to do this. This could be a dream come true. But if there is a family around, neighbors having a keen eye for minute things taking place in the surrounding, or asking the partner to leave early the next morning could a tough task.

In fact, there are plenty of love tips for her and love tips for him, which when followed properly can help them to make their office fantasies to come true.


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