Do not lighten the shortness of the nose

The nose is one of the five senses of our body. Breathing in breathing, increasing nasal bone and diarrhea, filling sinus and being allergic is a common problem. Sinus infections cause swelling in the sinus membrane. Due to sinus, pus or mucus is filled in the air space, causing the sinus to stop. Due to this, pain in the head, cheeks and upper jaw starts to cause.

Sinus is a cavity filled in our skull, which helps keep our head light and breathe. Our breath goes through this pouch to the lungs. The dirt that comes with air in this bag i.e. dust and other types of dirt is stopped and thrown out. When the path of sinus stops i.e. the way to get rid of mucus, there is a danger of a disease called sinocytesis. Because of this, your energy decreases, sleep has a bad effect. The power of your smell and taste becomes weak and there is trouble in breathing too.

Sinus disease is a common disease that is caused by infection or allergic reactions. Nasal closure in this disease causes breathing, but most people do not know that this problem can increase in the humidity environment.

If sinocytes may occur

  • There is a change in voice
  • Headache and heavyness
  • Mucus in the nose and throat
  • Light fever stays
  • There is a pain in the teeth
  • Stay tired of stress
  • Swelling on the face
  • There is a complaint of yellow fluid falling from the nose

How to Avoid Sinus

Sinus human body has cavity filled in the scalp, which moisten our head and moisture in air.

Sickness from any infection, long lasting cold, can lead to sinus disorders. The empty space of the bones of the face is called sinus.

There is a problem of headache due to sinus circulation. But the cause of all headaches is not only sinus. Many times the cause of pain may also be migraine and stress.


Steamer or steam

If there is a blockage in the nose, then steam. Turn off fan, cooler and AC while taking steam. Cover the cloth on the head and steam it with nose and mouth for 8-10 minutes. Do not go in the air for 20 minutes after taking steam.


Warm cloth or hot water bottle should be placed on the top of the chest. It gives a lot of comfort.

Onions and garlic

If you are a seer, then onion and garlic will be very beneficial. Add it to your diet. At the same time it can also eat raw.

carrot juice

Carrot juice will help in cure of sinus. It can also mix beet, spinach or cucumber juice.

With no treatment at the right time of sinus, it gradually becomes migraine. Most women are affected by this disease. For the treatment of this, doctors take medicines in the beginning, but surgery has to be done when the illness increases.

Some panacea home tips to open the closed nose

1. If the nose is closed in cold, then take 10 grams of ore in a clean cloth bundle and heat it on the pan. Again, smell of it again rests in cold, the closed nose opens, the dirty water gets out and the heaviness of the head disappears.

2. Take one spoonful honey, half a teaspoon of lemon juice in lukewarm water for a few months, it will balance your immune system and you will definitely get the benefits of allergic related problems.

3. Only two to three drops of garlic juice in your nose, it is a simple home remedy for opening a closed nose.

4. And in the end, I think that the oil of kalyanji, which in addition to death, is to get rid of all the diseases, Insa Allah will benefit in and out of the nose.

The nose work should not be taken from the mouth, that is, jesus is often used to breathe in the mouth because it is called a major disease. If the nose is closed, then in the morning, close the nose hole on one side, breathe it and leave it with the other nose hole. Similarly, on the other side also, long-term breathing and leave. Surely, by the will of Allah, every medicine and every racer will benefit from it, so once you show your nose to the nearest doctor too. Damage is from everything in the world, but God kept it safe.

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