Design for Young Couple Bedroom Design Ideas

Bedroom Design for Young Couples

Designing a stylish and expensive space can be a hard if you are a couple just starting out with career or having a challenging time making ends meet. Instead of purchasing designer pieces for your bedroom, there are other ways to make the ambiance and overall look and feel special. In this article, we will explore some great ideas and you don’t have to hire a professional interior designer to make your dreams come true this time.

Go for One Accent Color

To complete an elegant bedroom design theme, you will never go wrong when choosing one color accent for the entire room. Regardless if it’s light or dark, it will be nice to pair the chosen color with white for a perfect harmony and balance of peace and quiet. The backdrop, carpet or flooring, decors, and bed covering or comforter sheets are among the best items to highlight for a good coverage of attraction in the room. If you are placing carpets, do remember to maintain and clean them well or get carpet cleaning Adelaide.

Look at the Bright Side

Choose the portion of the house where you have large windows as this will brighten up the mood and overall ambiance of the bedroom. At the end of the day, what’s important is how you position your fixtures and stuff. Since the bed would be the primary piece in the bedroom, having a grand view of the city for a relaxing time with your partner would seem most ideal. You can watch the stars and lights at night or appreciate the sun’s wonderful light in daytime. You can also choose to have a sliding door where you can access the balcony for a romantic moment together after a tiring day of work.

Keep it Sensual

If you are not a fan of bright lighting, you can rather opt to have a sensual vibe in the bedroom by putting up well-lit desk lamps on the bedside tables or nightstands by the bed. A sphere bolt of light can make the space look neat against a really bright wall paint color such as pink, red, orange, yellow, or peach. Match the color of your wall paint or wallpaper to the color of your bed mattress or bed cover.

Personalize the Design

You can be each other’s artist and paint a silhouette or draw a caricature of one another or your favorite landscape and then frame the pictures on your bedroom wall. The bedroom must be bursting and reflecting with your personality as a cheery young couple who’s ready to take over the world. Let the framed pictures be a reminder of that. You can also write your favorite quotes and hang them up for more positivity in the room.

Opt for Minimalism

Living together as a young couple does not always have to be extravagant. Living a minimalistic life is possible and the bedroom can be a true living form of that. Simply arrange the space with an ample-size bed with comfortable mattress, dressers, and a nightstand to give a “home-sweet-home” atmosphere. Putting a coffee table and chairs on the side will also help uplift the sense of coziness.


The bedroom is one of the areas in the house where you should feel most comfortable. As such, designs to be made should be pleasing to the eyes and coziness should as well reflect your personality and vigor as a young couple. With these design ideas, you can transform the look of your bedroom into a livable and breathable space to take pleasure in.

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