Choosing Bridesmaids Dresses

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Choosing Bridesmaids Dresses

One of the toughest things about being the bride is planning not only your own apparel (and probably your future husband’s!), but planning at least a basic look for every person involved in the wedding party. This includes everyone from the maid of honor to the best man to the flower girl and ring-bearer. That’s a lot of pressure for one woman to face. Perhaps one of the biggest struggles is just finding a dress that all of your bridesmaids will look great in. It’s likely that the ladies of your bridal party come in all different shapes and sizes, even heights and colors, so it can be very tricky indeed to find a dress, or even style of dress or color, that will be flattering to all of your bridesmaids. Bridesmaids dresses are a key component to your wedding, and of course, you want to make everyone at least decently happy with what they’re going to have to wear, even though it’s your special day. There are several aspects to take into consideration when making your bridesmaids’ dresses selections.

 For one, you have to pick out a style of dress that’s flattering to more than one body type. Some dress styles look completely different on your size two sister than they would on your size twelve best friend. Take, for instance, the strapless dress.

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This timeless classic is a go-to dress for many brides and bridesmaids across the world. They hardly ever go out of style, and the reasons why are obvious. The draping is impeccable, there’s just enough skin shown for it to be feminine, yet not provocative, and it can make almost any woman feel beautiful. However, you have to consider the struggles of a more plus-sized friend and how she might feel exposing much more skin next to women the dress flatters much more. For a more universal style to fit all the different shapes and sizes the gals you love come in, why not consider a high-waisted dress?

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The scoop neckline of this dress allows for more pleasing lines and even distribution. More skin is covered without seeming schoolmarm-ish, and the waistline of this dress can be attractive on your size two sister and your size eighteen cousin. The skirt is long enough that it can fall to an appropriate length even on your taller bridesmaids.

 Another problem you might run into is finding a dress that matches your wedding theme, more particularly, the colors. If it’s important to you that all the colors in your wedding fit a unified theme, then you are entitled to try to make that work, but one thing you ought to keep in mind is that it’s almost impossible to match exact shades and hues. It’s even harder to find the exact style you want in the exact color you want. As you’ve probably already realized with your wedding planning, compromises have to be made for any wedding, and that’s probably going to be true when it comes to the bridesmaid’s dresses.

 You may also run into a problem with constant disagreements on the dresses. One of the more progressive solutions is to allow your bridesmaids to choose their own dresses, especially as they are usually the ones to purchase them, as long as it matches the overall color that you have decided on. Take these dresses, for instance.

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These dresses are both a very rich purple popular in weddings today, but are two completely different styles. One skirt is much longer than the other and suitable for taller women, while the bodice of each is completely different. The draping on each is beautiful and both are that lovely shade of purple, more or less, which allows them to fit within the same theme or scheme, if you will.

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