Love vs Arranged Marriage

Choose Better One Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage

1000 stories, 1000 reasons and views on love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage. A hot topic and the debate continues…. It’s just about had your cake and know the mantra’s of enjoying it too. Whatever be the mode of your marriage once you are tied with each other, whole scenario change from your carefree life to a life full of responsibilities and adjustments. The hand in hand romance of love marriage weighed down with the responsibility and much more care of that hand. Arranged marriage too weighed down with lots of anxiety in starting. Both love marriage Vs Arranged Marriage has to face equally and stand up in various aspects to make their marriage successful. Lets go through some pointwise meaningful conversation and then decide your own which is Better One….

Love marriage Vs Arranged marriage

  1. Marriage is a bond between couples. It needs patience, trust, understanding and commitment. Love marriage gives a wide scope of understanding and knowing each other well, which lacks in arranged marriage. Whereas in Arranged Marriage it is like imposing one over another. Both the partners are bound to adjust with each other even though they are not feeling comfortable with each other.
  1. Marriage is Eddy which ends up your juvenile untroubled life and starts a new life filled with responsibilities, understanding, commitment and sacrifices. With its pre-historic methods arranged marriages are designed to prevent love marriage type infatuation or interim thinking and have a Strong family support as its backbone to make it successful from every end.
  1. Love marriages gives the couple the freedom to speakout what they are feeling and further freely discussing their views about the way they want to live life. As in case of arranged marriage the two have to give themselves time to understand each other and if they fall short in this whole marriage life gets disturb. Love marriage has the advantage, because the couple already know each other better and their understanding level of each others view to make a better home is good enough.
  1. According to a study and Researches of American psychologist Dr Robert Epstein, those couples who pick the choice of an arranged marriage or couples whose partner are chosen by someone else rather than themselves, feel more attached and love each other deeply as time raise, whereas those who pick love marriages they very soon get disturbed from each other and their love fades with time. The connection among couples of arranged marriage becomes so strong with time that their meter of love and relationship gets stronger and just doubled. The reason behind this is the compatibility factor, which is taken into consideration the most and the powerful support of elders and parents in the beginning of marriage. After all families with their years of experience tie the knots between two of them on the basis of compatibility in various field of interest of their life, which eventually take the relationship of arranged marriage couples to last for forever.
  1. An arranged marriage couples learn to remain happy with what they have got and expect least than in love marriages so life becomes stable earlier in arranged marriage.
  1. In love marriage couples tend to understand each other’s emotions very well, their loving and accepting each other above faults, commenced before marriage and hence compromises are less, love levels are high. In arranged marriages there is a demand and logic of spending more time with each other and also arranged marriages works on compromises most of the times.
  1. Trust, Understanding and adjustment levels are higher in arranged marriages as they are afraid of society and the family, this helps a lot in making their marriage successful. These factors fall short somehow in quite many love marriages to last long.
  1. On the funny side.. Love Marriage is a Procedural Programming Language, it has some set functions, like proposing, going for fun, making long conversation on phone etc. you have to try to fit all functions on the partner you like. On the other hand Arranged Marriage is a object oriented programming language in which partner is fixed before and than implementation of functions begin. In this marriage the function can be added or deleted to make it success.

All marriages are an agreement between two people with a promise to commitment of love. Which one you choose? Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage. Comment your Choice….

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