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Charming DIY ideas to arrange a picture perfect wedding

Your wedding should be perfect; it is one of the few days in your life when all the attention and focus should be on you and your partner. However, getting married has become an expensive celebration. The venue, food and dress alone can add up to thousands of dollars; on top of this you need to consider all the smaller items and the all important honeymoon! Increasingly people are looking for alternative ways to create the picture perfect wedding; the following ideas may help you find your own inspiration:

Your backyard, a cottage or the most stylish hotel for the wedding venue?

If you have a big enough back yard to accommodate the number of guests you would like to invite then this can be an excellent money saving option. Your back yard probably already has an abundance of decorations; simply use the natural scenery. Lights hung from trees and rustic, log benches can make it a romantic, memorable occasion.

A cottage-inspired wedding venue might also be an excellent choice. This trend is one of the biggest of the season. It exudes freshness and appeal, and it will surely make guests feel like home. Invest in vintage-inspired accessories, and give the cottage an expensive vibe with chandeliers, glass tables, and bright candle lights.

Your chosen venue may not be as easy to find as the biggest hotel in the area. To make sure your guests find you create your own signs. These should be made in the same style that your wedding is themed on. If it is a back yard wedding use large pieces of bark with writing on to direct people, a beach wedding could have signs coated in sand or shells.

The Cake

Many couples are moving away from the traditional three tiered wedding cake. It can now be a much simpler affair which reflects your personality and eating habits. A one tier sponge is as acceptable as a mountain of cup cakes or even stacked cheese!

Reception decorationsReception decorations

These decorations are often overdone and take over the room or outside space. Ideally this should be kept simple; not only this is a cheaper option, but it actually suggests style and sophistication. It is in keeping with the ‘less is more’ theme which is very popular at the moment. Paper lanterns will look nice in any venue as will simple balloons; but, mix the two together and it will become gaudy!  Keep it simple to maximize the effect.


You can alter your cuisine depending upon your choice of venue. For example an outside wedding could be the perfect spot for a large barbeque. Alternatively you may wish to provide a finger food buffet. There are also fun other options such as a food van or even a pizza oven where everyone can make their own pizzas! Using an alternative cuisine does not mean you cannot hire caterers; it simply provides alternative options; most of which will be cheaper.


The centerpiece is an essential part of the wedding day; they adorn each table and help to set the atmosphere and style. They can also be a good way of creating a keepsake for specific people! The centerpiece should reflect your theme; an outside wedding can be as simple as a wildflower in a vase. Alternatively you may wish to take a bowl and fill it with sand and shells.  You can then set candles into the sand and even sprinkle glitter over the bowl and the candles.essential part of the wedding day

Candles are also a good option; they can be decorated with paper, glitter, tinsel or even cocooned into a bed of flowers. The possibilities are endless although you may need to consider whether you are likely to light the candles at some point during the day or night.

Finally you can opt for something completely different, such as an old book or a porcelain figure. These can be decorated in your own style or simply placed in the centre of each table.  Each table can be named according to the centerpiece on it and each one will be unique. There is no limit to the options that you have available; all it takes is a little effort and a little thought!

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