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6 Smart Makeup Tips for your Wedding

6 Smart Makeup Tips for your WeddingMakeup has become an essential part of every woman’s life. One feels not only beautiful with it but also complete and confident. It is done by almost everyone daily no matter if you are a working-woman, a student, or a housewife. Being dressed up correctly and in the complete makeover is what you check before going anywhere. In current times when it has so much value therefore when we talk about the wedding day which is the biggest day of every girl’s life, you have to be very conscious about your makeup. You should have all the necessary products and all of the best quality. Continue reading

5 Good Reasons Why You Should Never Skimp On Your Wedding Makeup

The stress of planning a wedding is no joke – plenty of things has to be done including the hunt for the best yet budget-friendly caterers, dressmakers, and photographers. Since it’s one of the most memorable events for the couple, everything has to be perfect. Not to downplay grooms but in most cases, the brides are the ones who get really exhilarated about the wedding day. Next to the wedding gown, the bridal hair and makeup are a crucial aspect, though they’re often put at the least of priorities.

With other wedding costs to keep in mind, we cannot blame frugal couples for skimping on these. Some brides opt for cheaper styling services, hire a non-pro makeup junkie, or even do their own wedding hair and makeup to cut expenses. But is omitting the need for a professional hair and makeup artist (HMUA) worth it?

When you look at the numbers, pro hair and makeup may seem a bit pricey. By the end of the day, the cosmetics will still fade so why bother throwing $150 for it? But if you come to realize the pros and cons of having your bridal look done by a professional, the good will knock off the bad. Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t scrimp on your look.

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10 Wedding Veil Ideas To Top Off Your Dream Bridal Look

No wedding accessory says “I can transform you into a ravishing bride” better than a veil.

There’s something magical about this seemingly basic headpiece. Firstly, a veil has the power to turn a girl into a ravishing bride in just a split second. It’s one of the most defining elements of a bridal look. Lose the gloves, lose the sparkly necklace, but a bride is not a bride without her veil.

Secondly, it has the power to make or break your look. It’s more than just an accessory. It is often the last finishing touch that binds everything together.

Lastly, it has the power to evoke emotions. Topping off your head with this thin layer of fabric while wearing your dress is a surefire way to make your mom, sister, and bridesmaids (and even your tough dad and brother) burst out in tears.

With this, choosing the perfect veil shouldn’t come as an afterthought.

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Online Dating Tips

Dating Tips for Successful Dating

Dating is when two individuals interact socially with the intention of checking compatibility for a long term association. Dating may lead to marriage or it could be a casual association. Dating entails two strangers getting to know each other better.

In earlier times, individuals met each other at social gatherings, parties, churches, schools, colleges, workplace, pubs, etc. Nowadays, people are preferring online methods for dating. Whether one is looking for a long term relationship or a casual fling, there are sites which cater to different needs.Continue reading


Flaunt the Perfect Wedding Makeup with the Help of These Bridal Tips

The wedding is a very important event in the life of any couple and the people who will be there to share the sacred feeling that bonds them together. Women are more sensitive than men in terms of fashion and beauty in general. There could not be an event of this type without having something special to wear and a great make-up that might emphasize their natural beauty. Continue reading

Perfect Birthday Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Perfect Birthday Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Let’s face it: buying a birthday present for your girlfriend can be really stressful, especially if you’re not that good at catching hints of what she would want to get. It’s often confusing and nerve-wrecking, and you just want to make her happy and show appreciation through a thoughtfully picked gift. Here are some ideas for the perfect birthday gift. Prepare to see her warm and gentle smile as she tears up the gift wrapping!Continue reading


Bedroom Ideas for Couples

Does your room need romance to be added in its looks and feel? Be motivated by the bedrooms you can search across the web with awesome styles and themes that consolidate debauched sheet material, delicate lighting and every one of the essentials for a genuinely sentimental retreat. Continue reading

stylish hotel for the wedding venue.

Charming DIY ideas to arrange a picture perfect wedding

Your wedding should be perfect; it is one of the few days in your life when all the attention and focus should be on you and your partner. However, getting married has become an expensive celebration. The venue, food and dress alone can add up to thousands of dollars; on top of this you need to consider all the smaller items and the all important honeymoon! Continue reading

DIY Beauty: How to Make Perfumed Body Powder

DIY Beauty: How to Make Perfumed Body Powder

DIY Beauty: How to Make Perfumed Body Powder

DIY Beauty: How to Make Perfumed Body Powder

There are so many scents available in the market. However, there are really times when you just do not know which to choose to best match your personal preference. While some people go out more to find the most ideal perfume to satisfy them, others learn how to make their own perfumed body powder at the comforts of the home. In this article, we will list down steps on how to create a DIY perfumed body powder from things that can be found easily in your own kitchen.

The first step is quite critical since this will be the scent of the resulting perfumed body powder. Choose any light scent that works compatibly with your skin. Then, spray the cotton balls or cotton swab tips about 30 to 45 times. This will make sure that the scent will be totally absorbed by the cotton.

Some people do not want to waste their luxury fragrances to transform them into body powder. A good solution is to look for the same or similar scent that’s cheaper. DIY beauty does not have to be luxurious! Typically, many perfume business in the Philippines do offer a lot of more affordable alternatives to expensive and branded perfumes. Another option is to put drops of essential oils like rose, ylang-ylang or lavender on the cotton balls instead.

If you don’t want your furniture or things at home to be affected by the scent, standing over the sink or near an open window is the best position. The next step is to get an empty large glass jar or glass container with a tightly fitting lid. You can look for containers that are used in bathrooms for bath salts or powders or powder puffs. Note that the design does not matter in terms of selecting the jar, but the size should be at least the standard size of a pasta sauce jar which can hold 26 oz. Drop the soaked and highly fragrant cotton ball or swabs in the bottom of the container.

Moving on, get about two cups of pure, food-grade cornstarch. It will feel soft and silky. You can get this from the baking section in any grocery store. Pure cornstarch makes a great, economical body powder and eliminates the chemicals found usually in commercial powder. Fill the jar with the cornstarch on top of the cotton ball and close the lid securely. But be careful not to fill the jar completely to the top. Just leave about a quarter of the jar empty, screw on the lid, and shake it up vigorously. To keep yourself from being too bored, you may want to sing Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” while doing so.

Once done, the proper safekeeping is to put the jar of powder somewhere dark and cool. Shaking should be done once or twice a day for the succeeding three days. After two weeks of storage, you will get to enjoy the perfumed body powder mixture and you can even give it as a gift to a friend.


We have just shared the easiest DIY beauty recipe to make your personalized perfumed body powder. With basic props and ingredients, you can turn cornstarch into perfume heaven! The good thing is that you do not have to spend a lot to follow the perfumed signature scent powder recipe. It is always cool to have a unique-smelling body powder that is all natural. The light, sheer, and velvety body powder will glide along your skin once applied, leaving the most wonderful scent that suits your taste best.