[Bride to Be] 5 Tips to Fit in Your Wedding Gown

The bride must look her most beautiful in her wedding day. In preparation for the big day, some plan ahead of time and try to lose excess fats to fit the wedding gown. Others are challenged to go to the gym and maintain a seriously strict diet, as hundreds of guests will be remembering how the bride would look like. If you’re a bride-to-be and want to look your best, here are five tips to fit in your wedding gown.

 1. Plan Your Diet in Advance

5 Tips to Fit in Your Wedding Gown

5 Tips to Fit in Your Wedding Gown

Just as mentioned in the intro, diet planning for at least 12 weeks before the big day is ideal. Crash dieting is worst because it will only make you gain a lot more weight right after you cease controlling your intake of food. It is also bad to stop eating and starve yourself. You might lose energy and die from doing that. Start writing your target weight and this should be a reasonable number you can work on. Record your daily meals so you are sure you will get to the goal.

 2. Transform New Habits to Lifestyle

Desperate measures can’t be obtained when you don’t change those new habits into a lifestyle. Think positive and make the process of eating a balanced meal and eating enough fulfilling in your routine. You can have a “cheat day” to add variety to your life, but limit these days to once a week at the maximum.

 3. Consult a Dietician

Do not be so hard on yourself to lose all the weight only to fit the wedding gown if you have only a few weeks remaining. To stay healthy and safe, the best thing you can do is consult a dietician and take his advice. You will learn that genetics also play a role and in some cases, a person can’t lose as much fat as she can because of how the body type is supposed to be structured. Be realistic and give yourself an ample amount of time as well to work on what the dietician tells you. If there is not really enough time, the way to go may be liposuction Philippines.

 4. Control Your Calories

It is a general rule in dieting to monitor and watch out for the calories from food you eat. A simple ratio to follow is 70% lean protein sources, 20% complex carbohydrates and 10% from good fats. Still, the number of calories to be consumed per day varies depending on the height, weight and age of the person. If the doctor tells you to only eat food worth 1,500 calories a day, then that’s the number you should abide by.

 5. Do Cardiovascular Activities

Diet won’t suffice if you want to be fit for the wedding day. Exercise helps to build stamina and muscles more. By doing daily cardiovascular activities such as running, brisk walking, swimming and other ball games, you can burn more calories and also increase your metabolism at the same time.


There’s nothing more motivating for a woman than to look pretty in front of everyone in her wedding day. This will be the body that will be captured in photos and videos and will be shown to your grandchildren and friends in the future. May your upcoming wedding serve as a strong and great inspiration for you to tackle your weight and fit into the wedding gown!

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